World of Tanks – Best Buds

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Todays’ features a tale of forbidden love between OnTheFritz in the AwfulPanther and an M44 teammate he struck up a fruitful relationship with during a random battle on the Karelia map. Teamwork, kids. It’s not just for Navy recruitment commercials.

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  1. “Panzerbeobachtungswagen Panther”

    Where is the Problem?

  2. Why do people play a game with premium ammo?

  3. Yep, Aufklpanther was a bad tank, but when you got into those opportunities to ram something, oh boy. So much fun when you one shot ram kill a full health amx 13 90 (when it was tier 8 and had 1100 hp), ram kill an E 100, and ram kill an IS 6, making him call hackusations that a light tank shouldn’t be able to ram kill a heavy tank.

  4. Hee hee! Setter got “Settered” on fire!

  5. armored cupcake

    wehere are the thicc lady dimitrescu vids jingles
    you know you can smack her with spatula

  6. Nice to see tanks working together well!

  7. i actually enjoyed playing the “awful panther” when it was in the tech tree!

  8. got my first kalobanovs on karelia, capped north side in my tier 7 light against 6 enemies.

  9. the arty did a great job real teamwork

  10. Dave Quaschnick

    I would Swear the Awf Panzer used to be a tech tree tank. Why? Because I have (had? lol) one and don’t recall Buying it. Although it was a non paper tank, so I might have bought it for That reason.

  11. actually Jingles … it works exactly like that 😛 (the German words)

  12. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    The panzer pamper? That’s captions for you 😁

  13. Am I late to the “actually Jingles, this is exactly how German language works” party?

  14. All these posts about how Germans CAN just string a bunch of words together brings a tear to my eye as I fondly recall German class.

  15. Actually, the longest German word was Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz .
    It was a law. It is no longer active.

  16. I mean I work for Hapag-Lloyd and that German company is an abbreviation for a really really long name. Ready? Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft und Norddeutscher Lloyd.

  17. The reason this tank is in the game is that it looks absolutely awesome. Seriously. Best-looking tank in the game if you ask me.

  18. Krister Berends

    Hey Jingles. In German language wordbuiling works exactly like that. Donau- Rhein- Schifffahrt(=shipping)- Kapitäns(=captain)- Patent(=patent)- Urkunde (=certificate). ;-DDD

  19. “zusammengesetztes Hauptwort”

  20. I know that everyone hates Artillery, but when I see a great pairing of of Artillery and teamwork, I get ridiculously excited.

  21. LEX Maximaguy87

    You forgot the..whatthefuckshitisthispanzer panther…

  22. Rudi Rüttger

    I love seeing the enemy scouts kill themselves at the start of the round!

  23. actually Jingles: Aufklärungspanzer means just the category of tank. In this case it’s literal translation is scouting tank and Panther just is the Model…

  24. The only Raider medal I ever received was in a stock KV2 before I even knew what a Raider medal was. I was unhappy about being behind everyone as they swept the whole side of the map and getting 0 shots off, so when they rounded the end of the map and took off even further ahead, I just capped. 0 damage, never spotted, 100 cap points. What a crappy game to have in a KV2.

  25. What was the name of this tank again?

  26. Alexander Volkov

    Give it an upgrade… Wheels, now bare with me. Similar to the french tree with the annoying wheeled vehicles, be allowed the howitzer without wheels but not compatible with the wheel upgrade where the gun is used shown above. Have trade offs, some being memes XD

  27. A game featuring arty without the words ‘scum’ and ‘bag’? What magic is this?

  28. 8:25 well actually Jingles, -7 over the front, -10 over the side and -4 over the back… Never change mate

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  30. Germany dictionary has quit.

  31. ATL South Productions

    I think this is the first time in a while that the gnome overlord has blessed us with a solid Mingles-Ships-Tanks-Ships-Tanks video lineup for a week

  32. if i spotted an enemy tank i never ping it…coz the team SPG will never pay attention to it, they prefer to hit target of their own instead of priority target. SEA server when the SPG player plays Artillery for the sake of playing it. i’ve seen 4 kill SPG…with just 100+ dmg done….and that thing is on the bottom…my VK3002D have more exp earn less dmg done but mostly earn from spotting dmg, coz im always upfront but i never ping due to team are too incompetent. so im just playing for the sake of earning exp and credits to unlock the next tank, i dont even care about winrate anymore. i just kept repeating the loser streak and jump into the next match. i didnt even notice i won most of the time…i just play WoT like im doing my job for the sake of the salary and work till by leaving hours. once i done the daily missions and bonus. quit and play other games to rewind and relax.

  33. I got raider medal 2x in tanks that are not even in the game anymore!!

  34. Jingles: “Stop recycling words into new words, Germany”
    Germany” The boat on the river Rhine……”

  35. M44 theme tune = mission impossible

  36. So you know how a Fridge is basically a Closet that cools things yeah?
    So what it does or what sets it apart usually comes first. And then you put the regular Nomen, and you have your new, very descriptive might i add, word.

    cool = kühl
    closet = Schrank

    Therefore a fridge in german is a Coolcloset = Kühlschrank

    Works the same with these tanks

    The Panzerbeobachtungswagen is a Vehicle = Wagen which spots/watches = beobachten other Tanks = Panzer
    Therefore it is a Tankspottingvehicle = Panzerbeobachtungswagen

    Although “Panzer” could also mean that it is armored itself In that case the translation would be Armored spotting Vehicle Panther

    You can do this with as many different steps as you´d like but they have to be in direct relationship to one another.
    The Panther is sepparate in Panzerbeobachtugnswagen Panther because it´s not actually a Panther, but thats its name or designation.

    You could also have a Pantherbeobachtungswagen that would be a Pantherspottingvehicle.
    So you can chain any words together as long as the next word you put is in direct relation to the word before.

    There´s a meme that describes the workings of this grammatic rule pretty well.

    This is a Flammenwerfer
    It Werfs Flammen

  37. I had forgotten about raider medals completely, but I haven’t been playing wot for years now..
    I kinda regret for not sending in the one and only raider medal I have ever recieved in world of tanks, cos the way I recieved it was such comedy gold.. I got it on T95 in prokhorovka just by camping in the base a bit and shooting at the hill, then just driving straight through the map in the middle and camp the base.

  38. Harald Lorentzen

    Remember playing the M44. Nice SPG with relatively speaking good speed for artillery. ROF is pretty good. Liked that one, is one the few SPG’s that is not utter garbage when it comes to mobility.

  39. #Jingles I have 2 Raider Ribbons and 2 Fadin’s Medal’s one in my 2J back when it was a troll. 25k games 53% win rate and I haven’t played for 12 months and before that I had a brake for 3 years

  40. JINGLES!!!!!!!!

  41. Oberweserdampfschiffarthskapitän“
    Hell we can do !

  42. 40 ton “light” tank

  43. sooooo…. does anyone else want to hear Jingles orate a football match?

  44. Funny how most of Jingles WoT videos arty are scum sky cancer. But today they are a team member.

  45. Yes, it does work like that.

    On the other hand, your resilience it epic.

  46. We germans like to name the bullsh1t we create in a way that every idiot can determine what it is for ^^ (and at the same time give enemy translation attempts a cryptic new word to suffer brain aneurysm over….two flies with one slap as we like to say)

  47. Actually the saying goes “horseshoes, handgranades and atom bombs”

  48. ” The dicker Max is not capable of spotting?” Excuse me? I’ve had 3k spotting games in my dicker max. I’ve had games where i did NOTHING but spotting and won easily. The dicker max, while not the fastest tank, nor the best concealed, has a base view range of 400 m. Put a cammo net on it and a pair of binos (hell, even coated optics work), know your way around the map with some dominant bushes, like on the map being shown here and there is NOTHING that can hide from a Dicker Max’s view range. Provided, of course, the player is half decend and has at least one ball.

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