World Of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lols & Fails | Funny Montage

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Source: Sir Havoc

World Of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lols & Fails | Funny Montage
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Music Used In Video
►Benny Hill Theme Remix-(Construct Products)
►Odjbox-Otto Croy

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  1. 14:30 That JPe100 was OverThrill 😀
    Im sure that i have heard that name before.

  2. too much arta faggot shit thats ruining the game

  3. feels a lot like pine gaming, but great job, only some audio adjustments
    and it’s going to be an awesome series :D

  4. I’m sorry Havoc, but this kind of video has been done exactly before, with
    a similar title too. And no offence, but as you pointed you yourself, you
    are not a pro at editing and the other 2 youtubers i’m thinking of in
    particular did it better.
    Still, good attempt, but I’d stick with what you were doing before. :)

  5. how did you get the sniper view on arty

  6. Chuck Norris drives a KV-2 LOL

  7. great feedback guys I think these sound adjustments will help me original
    vids as well as this series, THANKS

  8. Was a nice video, but the farting sounds are annoying… also, did you copy
    the music and some of the sound effects from Overmind87? And i think you
    should only put the memes in ‘special’ moments, not all along. But this is
    your first time so don’t worry :)

  9. Sorry, i managed halfway before the farting, the tourette syndrome and the
    music ticked me off so bad i didnt want to watch anymore. Plus its not
    funny. Perhaps you could stick with what your good at, and leave humor to
    people who suck at the game…

  10. The most memes ever seen in a WOT vid, and plz link the mods you’re using?

  11. its like another version of jinles’ series i like it

  12. Really really BAD SFX. Sorry

  13. You realy need to work on the sound edit.

  14. Like your videos but this one was terrible – dont want to watch a video
    full of fart noises thanks. Please go back to your normal more classy style

  15. A great success! Cheers :)

  16. Did nametepst made this?Or did u Havoc?

  17. what are names of these songs?

  18. RIP earphone users

  19. so funny well done Pete BTW this is nuclearnut44 from the live stream

  20. That guy in KV-2 wtf awsome video just keep up

  21. laugh out loud funny!

  22. Love these vids :)

  23. nice one !!

  24. Loved Chuck Norris in the KV2 :)

  25. That KV2 sound effect lol

  26. Lol, KV2 was so funny :-P

  27. i lolled so hard

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