World of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lols & Fails | Inc 20k Sub Giveaway Results | Fun Montage

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Best Wins, Lols & Fails | Inc 20k Giveaway Results | Fun Montage
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Music Used In Video
►OMFG – Hello
►Party Troll – D1ofAquavibe
►The Happy Troll – (griefing theme song)
►Dutty Moonshine & Kid Kasino – Everybody

I decided to imitate his style quite simply because it made me laugh and I thought I would have great fun making it (which I did) I know there improvements to make so stay tuned and join me as I make them.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic :


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  1. btw Sir Havoc the name is tivis9 not (Tivis9)

  2. alexander kofferato

    on stalingrad is a place you can fly with your tank too 🙂 and himmelsdorf
    you can drive in a house *scary

  3. I don’t get it. i got 2 ammo racks in a row i with my is-7. all your clips
    were low tier. am i missing something?

  4. One more reason to dislike (dare we say hate?) Arty!!

  5. hilarious, that flying pz 1 c oh my Gosh!!!

  6. lol that guy from the pz 1c is sending that clip to every contests GG to
    him the clip has already been featured on honest gaming channel lel

  7. Thanks man I didn’t think I had a chance on this. and congrats to everyone
    else who won!

  8. Hello
    i’m the executive officer for the Clan SwissArmy. we are just 16 people in
    our clan and it isn’t crowing fast… so i wanted to ask you if the player
    from our clan could come in your clan? because we would like to play some
    clanwars and stronghold battels. most of the players are from switzerland
    and germany, but we can speak english so i don’t think that it’s a big
    deal;) pls answer
    best regads

  9. no kv2……. terrible vid ?

  10. But who won the Rudy?, that is what i would like to know and Congratz to
    the winners.

  11. Congrats to all!

  12. Nice video m8.
    And thanks for the great stream with MisterCro.

  13. Laughed my butt off at that glitched Pz. 1C ram kill xD

  14. Really thought my m44 clip would have a shot at making this video since I
    got ambushed by an enemy m44 who fired HEAT which got absorbed by my tracks
    then I killed him to win the game, anyways congrats to the winners of these
    tanks :)

  15. got to be honest; the winning clip wasnt very good imo. but its your call.

  16. Havoc If you like these kinds of video you should also check out
    OneAndOnly016 on youtube,
    his editing is OP as hell!

  17. awww the Pz4H blind snip didn’t make it :'(

  18. totally thought my Jagdtiger will take part in this…hit lower plate on
    T95 that was on hill..bounced him and killed obj. 416 behind the hill

  19. That flanking matilda XD

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