World of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lolz & Fails Ep 3 | Funny Montage| Child Friendly

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Source: Sir Havoc

We are back World of with Great clips of Wins, Fails and Lol moments epic montage, Inspired by the Great Nemetepst!!!!

►Submit Replays Too… Make Sure you Tell me where the action starts
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Used In
►MinnesotaBurns’s Music
►Kevin Macleod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
►Minuro -187
►Stepcat – Jitterbug

I decided to imitate his style quite simply because it made me laugh and I thought I would have great fun it (which I did) I know there are improvements to make so stay tuned and join me as I make them.

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  1. top work pete

  2. Nice work man! I love all your videos! Keep it that way!

  3. Hhahhahahaha…. saw the epic arty battle from your last vid… still
    awesome when watched again… and again… :D

  4. Did I… Oh my I believe i did… The impossible… Has been achieved…
    Was that a… There’s no way… An arty kolobanovs… How even… Those
    kills… Can i get that lucky once… Please…

  5. nice and fun but please leave the farts out?

  6. Love these. Keep it up.

  7. can someone help me out with the songs that start at 4:00 and 6:14 ? ,
    awsome series and rlly fun videos :), thank you

  8. can you give me a link with you”re mods?

  9. pls give me a link with your mods

  10. pls give me a link with your mods :D

  11. pls give me a link with your mods :D

  12. report spYderA for drowning

  13. I am the M12 that used the force, thanks Sir Havoc

  14. Sit havoc I’m sure I have 1 or 2 clips for you, and also speak to ragged
    tooth about his ram kill of a certain streamer / YouTube on his live stream

  15. Hello Mr. Sir Havoc, was there an Old Greg clip in your video?

  16. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    I just wonna tell you a big thank u SirHavok for making this videos.My day
    was awful I took 12/20 in the Ancient Greek test and I am afraid to tell it
    to my parents.At least this video made my evening a little better .

    A big thank u continue putting smiles in viewers faces

  17. unsubing sorry bro

  18. At ~4:10 I was like – whaaaat?! Isn’t that John Lee Hooker? And that timing
    at ~4:50 – Here comes the music! Nada, the track ate the shell! XD

  19. Myself in the Obj. 704 in 5:35. 😀 Thank you, Sir Havoc! :)

  20. That AMX-13 one happens to me all the fkin time

  21. That AMX-13 one happens to me all the fkin time

  22. sir havoc what happens to the face reveal and game play

  23. Where are the morons?

  24. once in wot uni field commander training me and another kv2 were forming a
    stair line up on a wall when I fires a split second too late at an enemy as
    my comrade drove in front of me resulting in a 1 shot tk into the back of
    his turret

  25. Sir Havoc – as always a great mix. Like the music, the comments and the cut
    – triples the fun 🙂 keep up the good work. Whenever something as funny as
    this crosses my games, I will send it in!

  26. 1 am right now. XD

  27. I have a dream that one day my pz4h blind snip will get featured. :'(

  28. Damn it someone beat me!!!

  29. first

  30. first :))))

  31. first :))))

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