World of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lolz & Fails Ep 4 | Funny Montage

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Source: Sir Havoc

We are back to with Great clips of , and Lol moments epic montage, Inspired by the Great !!!!

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I decided to imitate his style quite simply because it made me laugh and I thought I would have great fun making it (which I did) I know there are improvements to make so stay tuned and join me as I make them.

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  1. why did you have to get rid of the quicky baby thing it was funny and he
    probably got the joke lol.

  2. qb got reckt yea

  3. Should it ever be possible to ammo rack a tank from the front!??!? Poor
    T-10! lol

  4. Dis…moar of dis plz

  5. That was fake QB….

  6. good one, as usual.

  7. Jose Maria Escobar Bordamalo

    Great video as always, keep up the good work!

  8. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Y u heff to be med? Iz only a game…

  9. My jagdtiger ricochet kill still not there..:/


  11. Sorry for repost guys had to make some minor changes, hope you enjoy

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