World of Tanks | Best Ever Wins, Lolz & Fails Ep 5 | Funny Montage

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Source: Sir Havoc

We are back to with Great clips of , and Lol moments montage, Inspired by the Great !!!!

►Submit Replays Too… Make Sure you Tell me where the action starts
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Music Used In Video
►Ahrix – Nova
►Different Heaven – OMG
►Lensko – Sarvagon
►Jim Yosef – Firefly
►Pull up your Jeans

I decided to imitate his style quite simply because it made me laugh and I thought I would have great fun making it (which I did) I know there are improvements to make so stay tuned and join me as I make them.

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  1. I really enjoy these videos Havoc. The funny faces and voice overs are
    hilarious. Thanks.

  2. Great video, as always!

  3. This series of videos, Sir Havoc, is one of my favorite that you do. Oh and
    btw, I used your link to sign up for Armored Warfare a wee bit
    ago–excellent game, really been enjoying it. Thanks mate!

  4. am i the only one who finds the fact that the T28prot on the T49’s team is
    called “U_S_S_R_forever” and he’s in the “SOYUZ” clan funny?

  5. i got an awesome blindshot in my oi it was a nice game aswell tho can i
    send it?

  6. I don’t understand the point of that M41 clip. There was nothing special
    there. Killed two tanks with a fast light tank that does 1500 damage per
    clip. What’s so special about that?!

  7. RIP HVC-X most of the active players moved to a different clan

  8. Love these. Keep up the good work.

  9. Larry Fisherman aka Nut

    yup… and my epic blind shot in arty to arty without any after shot fog
    you didnt get in this episode… maybe i will try again

  10. Holy crap! you included my KV1 blindshot kill! Thanks alot Havok! I have
    other cool replays I can send u!

  11. Wait was the tank in the second clip taking damage from another tank or
    being stuck?

  12. Oh no,You forgot the SEMTEX! at the MT-25 clip and I am pretty sure Allah
    was disappointed that he didn’t blew up with 59-16.

  13. Third!

  14. The Tenacious D clip is hilarious. Maybe sometime you could work in some
    Old Greg. Love you replays keep up the good work.

  15. Stijn Hernalsteen


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