World of Tanks || Best Free to Play Tank?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Pantera. Today I’m talking about why playing the Pantera on my free to play account made me realise how awesome is!


World of Tanks online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% , a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Speaking of general, today I got to general for the first time 😀 we were the attackers and we lost with 14 hp on the third objective, that’s the closest battle I’ve ever seen!

  2. Anyone interested in a T55A account?

  3. this game is still not ded yet?

  4. Pobut's Crackerbox

    3:23 Isn’t exposing urself a crime in the UK, too?

  5. Why would anyone pick Centurion I over Pantera??

  6. Who else ceased playing wot?

  7. wg will nerf it after this video

  8. Mind if I ask how you got female crew on that?
    Im pretty sure I heard a females voice when you let the audio threw

  9. I can’t get this tank to work for me. The gun depression and pen are wanting and the loading mechanic is taking time to get used to. I think it can use a few small buffs, or at the very least make it easier to unlock the upgrades.

  10. Morgan McAllister

    At what tier do you think it’s no longer viable to play with a tank with a 75% crew? You’re clearly not going to be able to avoid hiring new crew members and starting them at 75% if you’re playing for free. So at what tier are tanks no longer playable with a 75% crew?

  11. Never got people drowning themselves after all you could have got a few extra rounds of damage ???

  12. Autoreloading should not be a thing.
    It’s an stupidly overpowered trash mechanic which is super strong even if you fuck up the whole point of autoreloaders.
    If they make them the way they are right now, they should at least be super inaccurate so that camping is impossible.
    These Progettos are really what ruins Frontline and are not a fair and thought through mechanic.

  13. hey brother you never review the vanguard I wish you can do it for us

  14. wow, i was actually the 3k thumb up, rng is on my side tonight.

  15. “Something special” = OP

  16. I just gotta put this out there but have any if you noticed the toaster has 90° of gun elevation?

  17. I really wonder how would it fare in a t10 match.

  18. Tankgamefan[MNYQ77]

    Always interesting game play, tips & info QB. Is there really a mechanical pulley driven shell reloader, spring loaded or is it hydraulic built in this line of WoT auto reloading tank cannons??
    I like wot. But sometimes the newer tanks from recently added nation lines seem fictional or overpowered to compensate for a tank line that might be realisticly weak. Hopefully your holiday was good.

  19. Potassium Cyanide

    Next: best p2w tanks

  20. Potassium Cyanide

    Like we always get into t678 battle in t8

  21. Abhijit Mukherjee

    Random thought – WOT will look gorgeous with Ray tracing !

  22. WG:” next nuff targeted, thanks QB”

  23. there was a time when the premium tanks were worse than the regular ones … gg for p2w WG ^^

  24. Walk on home boy

    Anyone no just me
    RIP Dimebag Darrell

  25. The AT8 is a great tank destroyer. The only issue is it is when you have the top tank. That AT8 didn’t have the top gun.

  26. tell best p2w tank. pay to win!

  27. this auto loader loads so fucken fast woah

  28. Since win does the reticle turn green to let you know you can penetrate? That sounds a little like legal cheating?

  29. This tank is very powerful in the front line game…

  30. I wasn’t able to get the Progetto 46, probably cause the Marathon was.. Impossible back then. I’m a very average/slightly below average player so Marathons are impossible
    I thought I was gonna suck at the Pantera and/or hate it. But its actually a really fun tank. Don’t tell my T-44, but I think I like it better than the T-44. It’s also wonderful in Frontlines

    Love the Vid QB

  31. QB, you call the Panther/M10 a coward, but you use the P.43 bis on your team, when he was ALIVE, as cover. That doesn’t just make you a coward, that’s is also a douchebag move.

    Good replay. Bad sport, QB..

  32. I love the p.44 pantera. One of my favorite tanks. My problem is I tend to play it as if it is a heavy. LOL

  33. Poor old AT-8 using the stock gun. Not fun. There is nothing more they could have done there 🙁

  34. How is the TS or t5 event going I hope it’s going well for you it’s nice you’re willing to sit up hours a day grinding a tank just for entertainment for others I respect that

  35. Hey QB, what’s your take on the Panther II? Personally I really struggled started this line but once I got the Panther I I adored it and I think of the Panther II as the best T8 tank.

  36. there are so many better F2P tanks. russian meds for example

  37. On Console the Italian Autoreloaders got a -27% Nerf to it’s Damage Per Minute (Even the Progetto 46) so not a good option for us. I love the Standard B despite the nerfs and got my first mark. Without Food (We don’t have Super Equipment), Standard B reload is 45 seconds and Progetto 65 is 54 seconds.

  38. **Laughs in Italian**

  39. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell & Vinnie Paul

  40. QB: Pantera = Best F2P Tank

    Me: I beg your pardon, sir! I do believe you have mispronounced “KV-2”.

  41. That poor at8 using at2 gun, the pain…

  42. M7, but it is secret.

  43. I just got the strv103 o my first ever tier 9 on my free to play account. Do u have some tips for me?

  44. Where is the TS-5 mission marathon

  45. U can use a rammer on the auto reloader.

  46. why didnt u make this vid half year ago, Ive been grinding myself for GWE 100

  47. Say no more QB, WG will nerf it

    Or maybe you should stop doing tank comparison so WG will not know what tank to nerf

  48. Ironic indeed that in his pick for best f2p tank he shoots the hell out of a comet right out of the gate. Oh how times have changed!

  49. 74000xp more and this tank will be mine

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