World of Tanks – Best Game Ever

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Source: Jingles

Okay, maybe not the best game I've seen, but I'm old and my memory's not what it once was. Certainly the best game I can remember!

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  1. We need more stray videos, been really enjoying those !

  2. God damn very nice

  3. 1:05 yes I do but it’s more so that I know the book doesn’t have a cheesy or terrible ending because if the big plot bomb is on the last page it usually means the story isn’t all that well paced or written

  4. Tbh the arty is so badly nerfed now it’s a joke, 300 damage from 5 hits he should have been dead. Last shot was nice, but rest of battle was just Meh.

  5. “M44 short range, can’t reset.”
    Jingles moments.

  6. Wow, what an ending! Talk about adding insult to injury. Well played.

  7. Did one of the tanks on left team suicide?

  8. the last few seconds showed what Spotty is made of.
    to have the certainty of winning by capping and knowing that you can still attempt a final shot with a reasonable degree of success…

  9. Fantastic commentary on this one. Timing was exquisite

  10. All the medals, yep best game ever, nice find Jingles

  11. 3:05 Bold claim from the Progetto seeing how he’s the only person in control of his tank, but maybe I’m missing something.

  12. Genius game – I thought his meandering would cost him that win….

  13. i am not playing WOT so hard to imagine if 2000 EXP is a lot or not. A video to explain??

  14. M44 can easily shoot that entire map. Not a short range arty. Were you thinking of Bert there?

  15. Yes, it is like the friendly M44 said. How bad it is to have 9+ kills and LOSE the game.

  16. The only game I would say came close to this game was the OI EXP game a couple years ago you posted where they got 14 kills stuck in a corner where none of the enemies were able to pen them

  17. anyone surprised the best replay jingles remembers is in a top tier russian tank…

  18. Gottem

  19. What a game!

  20. This is where I’ll type my comment.

  21. jinlges that the T56 was doing was trying to block Spotty’s shot with his gun. he blocked one which is why Spotty got hit another time

  22. I had the best game ever played

  23. I was actually about to skip to the end until you said not to. Ok Jingles, challenge accepted…

  24. That was the most nail biting endings I’ve ever seen

  25. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    The best game I remember from Jingles is a KV-2 with the old platoon system, in tier X and being the best in damage done

  26. I mean, the M44’s name was BraveSirRobbin. You would have thought he would run away quite early and often.

  27. Bartholomew Macaluso


  28. Daum that was crazy and daum impressive

  29. Impossible House (Maryland Star)

    Not the best but it was nice. In my heart two best games sharing top spot, one was leopard 1 , other one was bat chat

  30. Amazing. Love you, Uncle Jingles!

  31. Pretty evenly matched teams, too, aside from Spotty. Relatively even XP all the way down the leaderboard. I think Spotty’s team just had trouble finishing the enemy tanks off.

  32. You over estimate our expectations of you Sir Jingles. We have very low expectations indeed.

  33. My congratulations to spotty! Well played.

  34. what a jaw-dropping blindshot.

  35. Some of us read the second to last page of a book first, to provide some context.

  36. Many kinds of best. There are the nail biters, best teammates (rather than playing 1v29), highest X – (I do kind of like the preserves high EBR matches, that your spotting can get some damn high x.x), best clan battle, etc.

    For mid-tier, this seems to fit into the most decorated kind of match. I enjoy how the two tanks worked with the arty to try to even the playing field. Other teams would have given up faster yet these last 4 players left standing by their cap, they went down swinging and probably maximising each of their impacts. (Am I too cynical to think most other teams would throw the game when its 4 vs many?)

  37. The mechanic that 100% is not 100% if the enemy gets there too within 5sec has allways been a source of joy in WoT.
    Just imagine a race where the second runner reaches finish within 5sec after the first one – so both have won (according to WG).
    Nice ending in that case but if the M44 would have entered the green cap 4sec after the ISM it would have been a draw eventhough the ISM would have finished cap first.
    gg Dimitry, gg

  38. Brilliant!

  39. Jingles? Clickbait? I’m drunk and even I’d never think of it. If jingles says this is the best game ever than it danged well is. Full heckin stop.

  40. you’re forgiven for calling the M44 an M54 mister supreme gnome overlord Sir.

  41. Dang spottry. wish I was as good as you are. Holy heck good job.

  42. Jozef Chocholáček

    Well, Jingles, M44 isn’t a short range artillery, definitely not on the Pearl River map. I usually camp around my team’s base with it, and it’s no problem to hit the opposite team’s base.

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