World of Tanks || Best Premium Ever?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Is the Rheinmetall Skorpion the best premium yet?

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World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. this premium is expensive right ?

  2. Best premium is m 41 90 GF.

  3. i whoud love to play with scorpion but i dont have 500 battles and i cant
    enter gw i created new acc my was hacked

  4. lucky you i dont have money for scorpion and i cant even get t6 i play alot
    and i just cant get jg panzer

  5. does this pref mm?

  6. My WN8 is getting better, but i don’t know why. I’m playing like shit.

  7. It’s a shame how much expensive a tank, robbery and greed WOT’s

  8. First game in this tank lasted less then four minutes and I got myself a
    Mastery Badge… I really wish I had money to buy this tank.

  9. WG needs to stop shitting out premium tanks. Fix issues that have been in
    the game forever and stop putting out a premium tank every other day it
    seems like now.

  10. If your tank is “open” you get a free vent

  11. Ok lets do thing. best tier 8 prem? maybe. better then. the other german
    tds? yes except equal to the borsig. best prem tank over all. i think not.
    the entire berlin pack is super competitive plus come with bia crew. also i
    think the t28f30 gets over looked a lot too.

  12. so.. whats his job?

  13. oh, i’m early, lets make a joke…

    skorpion is shit :)

  14. well op vehicle…. good things is that i can buy it whenever i want and
    second really good thing is that i can use my HE rounds more often cuz
    there are not many players who knows somethig about camo, bush, crew….

  15. my xvm hasn’t activated in 5 days, it says I’m in a queue.

  16. The most credits i got,is from my is6 i did 6k dmg and got 250k
    credits…with premium.

  17. DON’T buy this tank yet because it’s alost sure that it will get nerfed
    just wait at least one mounth

  18. Just destroyed one on the EU server, 2 vs 1, it was on full health against
    my comet on half and a t34/100 on a sliver of health.
    Useless on close combat if it faces more than 1 opponent because well big
    gun with paper sheets for armour, a fucking ninja behind a bush with that
    gun he could snipe across the lake 400+ meters didn’t miss once and whacked
    3 of our tanks.

  19. This tank is literally better than all tier 8 German TD’s. a turret, it’s
    fast and gun has not the best Dpm but the best accuracy and second to best
    aim time. Basically a super fast medium with a non snapping gun but better
    Dpm and gun stats than all other tier 8 meds.

  20. It’s already out in EU bzw

  21. Wow, 7,3k DMG.. I have managed only 6k in my own Borsig. Unfortunately as I
    am not playing it well, it does not look like I will be improoving that

  22. Michael von Hirschmann

    My E 50 has an accuracy of 0.28m. That tank actively chooses to miss. Still
    my favourite though.

  23. Does anyone know when this is coming to the ASIA server?

  24. what is lemmings gusy ? when he said lemming train

  25. Dear Quicky, please sell this OP Tank for us…..and you might as well
    bring Jingles with you.



  26. Damn you, I am doing a video on the Skorpion G now and you already took it
    away xD

  27. Danilo “Charlie123” Charlie

    wow man i so wanna play wot now but i cant im on linux

  28. “pike on up”?? WG gave you one you lucky walrusclubber

  29. RoagerDawk GamingV


  30. 그레 모리메이크업

    My tier 8 premium tank is T34 AND SUPERPERSION if I spelled it right and
    the yeah and in the T34 I got 198,981 credits and 6189 XP WITH with with
    premium it was double credit and XP

  31. will the skorpion be added into the premium shop

  32. My T8 premium tank is the my favorite tank in the game the T-34-3 <3 I've
    ever get 100K credits without premium account and ammunition ^^ !

  33. Brace yourselves, Nerfs are coming.

    Unless alot of people buy it and then WG wont touch it other than remove it
    from the store

  34. MelonCube // The Turtle

    What’s Ikezors channel if he has one.

  35. Pay to Win

  36. The amount of retarded people in this world is seriously stupid. Give me a
    sexy like if you agree :)

  37. So this is a leopard (the tier 5 light) chassis with a waffle tractor type
    turret and a massive gun

  38. jingles better als you ?

  39. Federico Di Liberto

    Dat blind ammo-rack…

  40. what GPU is he giving away this year?

  41. Is the upper right hole in the gun shield part of the hitbox or can you
    shoot straight trough?

  42. Oh great another OP paper tank! like the game doesnt have enough already

  43. im poor, nuff said

  44. £51 for Skorpion! Bundle £112!! Fucking joke!

  45. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    i hope it comes to blitz

  46. 136k is about the highest i have gotten in a premium

  47. Never played the Type 59 myself, so I think I’d have to say that the
    Type or the Skorpion is the best prem, in their own ways. I can definitely
    tell I’d like the Skorp better than my T34, armor or no. Just so much more
    flexible and a way better gun. I wonder if they’ll take a trade-in…..

  48. communicate? jingles has the same map you do. at least that is what he says
    when he abandoned the tiger.


  50. There is no “best tank” in the game. Every tank is best where is a good
    player behind it… I enjoy playing with TD’s but I dont like this tank.

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