World of Tanks – Best Quote Ever

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Source: Anfield

Who’s salty here,


  1. coolhun? You mean colon?

  2. No, best quote ever is:

    “The clouds the graphics on the clouds r so bad and there so important
    because if the graphics on the clouds r good utilities helps u win the game”

    As said by some guy in my Twitch chat when arguing about the importance of
    upgrading the in-game graphics.

  3. more dank memes pls

  4. so now u do troll videos?

  5. Anfield you purple tryhard…

  6. anfield do you not know how green screens work?

  7. Nice montage! People, pls just get happy and take your lithium before going
    into battle!

  8. Jesus, this guy reminds me of the idiot who spent 1/2 the match berating me
    for daring to grind through the tier 6 skoda and kill him when he had 200
    hp left. My favorite quote of his was “I’m not mad, you’re just bad.” (he
    did zero dmg in amx 12t in a light tier 7 match)

  9. Yo press C to turn off double chat

  10. More of these silly funny videos pls 😀 I love it

  11. Blocking more damage ?
    More like taking more punch then throwing a punch :p 

  12. now everyone spam that guys chat with “Who’s salty now lol”

  13. Like this if the video gave you PTSD

  14. Wait he blocked more damage in his VK 72 than you did in your 50 B? You’re
    shit bro

  15. Unfair plane, he kemp bush.

  16. Game is not about blocking or doing damage (controversial XVM) its about
    winning that’s all.
    Salty wtf… lemmings think of new words plz lolz ….. and try to win :)

  17. yeah, yeah, tanks, but..let’s all just take a moment and frown upon the PC
    I mean that sjw was despicable..

  18. Warpack confirmed

  19. lol it’s like the lights rushing for the base in encounter, and capping it
    after 3 minutes. 0 damage done, 0 spotting but”hey, i did more than you, i
    won the match!”

  20. blocking damage confirmed better than doing damage.

  21. Who’s salty here, lol

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