World of Tanks | Best Replays | KV-5 The Animal

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Source: Maxwell – Screen Reality Games

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World of Tanks is the greatest team- massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into tank battles with other players from all over the world, picking from an arsenal of more than 200 historically accurate armored vehicles from America, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

This includes a flexible upgrade system that allows you to swap between authentic vehicle parts and weapons so you can craft a tank to your style of play. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, breach enemy lines with all-purpose tanks, use the force of heavy tanks to eliminate opposing armored forces, or become a sniper with long-range howitzers, each type has its own advantage and can be extremely effective when operated by a true tank ace.

However, becoming a great tank commander alone isn’t enough to win. In World of Tanks, it’s all about teamwork. Victory is achieved by combining your combat skills with other members of your team and being responsible for your role on the battlefield. Only together will you achieve victory.

Music: Zombies Theme by Big Nic


  1. LOVE the KV-5 replays Max! I have been OBSESSED with Warships, but watching
    people have fun in tanks I LOVE such as the KV-5, makes me want to go out
    and play a few rounds!

    Just waiting for 9.15 to drop to rebuild my mod pack… Because I KNOW 9.15
    is going to totally screw up the mod files again, due to the fact that it
    is moving to CoreEngine 3/5 (I forget which number) – and as a result will
    FINALLY BE using DirectX11!

  2. if the at15a knew what he was doing he could have ended that game, but, he
    didn’t. gg

  3. Why not help the T34 and keep a nother gun in the game?

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