World of Tanks || Best Starting T10 Tank?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m answering one of my most frequently asked questions: which T10 should I first?


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Sooooo
    1. High Alpha and high pen
    2. Heavy tank armor
    3. good speed and concealment
    4. really good gun handling/aim time
    5. good reload
    6.its Russian……
    ……..but it’s not “overpowered”? i call bull…..

  2. Best tier 10 is some OP soviet heavy, my first tier X will probably be the E-50M and E-100, as my only tier 8s are Panther II and Tiger II, high tier is really hard to play though..

  3. Well, damn I went for the E5..

  4. The reason I’m going for the 14@ instead of 430 u is because of the mobility

  5. Going for this tank so long…. n u want to nerf it???

  6. E5 line i think

  7. 2:51 I suppose you will know more about accuracy if you take out your very experienced crew and your premium consumable ?

  8. It’s just a better 113 smh.

  9. Great so we can expect to face more of these…. WG need to do something to reward players who still play their crap t10 tanks like enhanced free xp or cheap premium ammo.

  10. Decrease mobility and rate of fire. Make it play like a heavy with its benefits being a small profile.

  11. My first T10 will be probably K-91.

  12. Made in Russia

  13. Alexander Agustine

    I hear they gonna nerf it… which is sad really !

  14. How about a tank giveaway QuickyBaby! I want a tier 10, perfectly this Obj 430U

  15. QB glad you discover it! I personally made a post on the forum 1 MONTH ago claiming this tank to be OP! But u know I am MR NO ONE .. so my opinion doesn’t count.

  16. Oh yeah yeah

  17. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    Rip 113 feels bad 🙁

  18. I’ll just say.. E 100.. tank me later ?

  19. stop crying noobs this is stalınıum

  20. i just unlocked my first t10 ,the E-100, a month ago and i don’t do too bad in it. iam not a good player anyways, but as a 50% W/L player i still do 50+ % in it. thanks to QB’s recent video about the e100 😀


  22. want to learn nothing about the game mechanics? Play ruski

    want to learn everything and if you make an mistake you will get punished play light tanks. (Except german they suck)RU 251 not than and m41 90 GF)

  23. And wich tier X Td is the best and wich the worse.

  24. WoT needs to rethink the whole game. The gold rounds destroys the game, what is the purpose of armor if some just can press the “2” key and negate that. But then again, the very heavy tanks should have weak spots that you can pen with your normal ammo. The balance is very delicate in the game and making just one change will swing the meta heavily. So there have to be a lot of changes on all levels, both to the ammo, but also to the armor profile of many tanks.

    But if this game doesn’t change soon, it will loose players, and that will happen faster and faster.

  25. Yokosuka 343 battalion

    Yeah and someone pls tell me why those “different overpowered tanks” are 95% made in russia……
    And accuracy does matter because u need to snipe the “weakspot” of type 5 heavy……before he derps the hell out of u

  26. 430U usually bully my T44 and I sold my t 44.

  27. shame the 430{t9) feels like trash to play for myself 🙁

  28. nice ammo load out dude

  29. Its sickening that they are ruining the fucking game with these soviet broken tanks. People fucking lost their shit when the T110E5 was in the meta, most people just prefer soviet bias I guess.

  30. When will new modpack be released?

  31. My first T10 was the WTF on E100 🙂

  32. Should i get the 430u or 140? 140 is cheaper and good but idk

  33. Do you know which tank has the highest win rate in the game at 65.5%? Object 279(e). Now guess what are they buffing next patch…

  34. 6:39 aimbot?

  35. Rheinmetall Borsig

    I still prefer say it IS-8, btw why wg renamed it? Following the rules of history?

  36. My first was IS-7. All was nice if there where goldspaming alltime.

  37. the 4 lowest t10 tanks in wn8 are all german, thx wargaming da da da russia blyat

  38. Yet, you still load HEAT for a tier 8 heavy tank… Like its gun and armor are not enough, you need that “extra shell velocity” ? to go through its armor. HEAT and extra combat rations should be banned on that thing.

  39. Cmn guys its a free tank everyone can get it, doesnt bother me unlike op premium tanks

  40. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    people cannot have fun huh? nerf this nerf that, shut up, the only thing that need nerf is Obj 268 v4 , this shit made a lot of people quit the game, it is a bad move by WG from he start to even put this in the game

  41. Maybe I am wrong, feel free to correct me if necessary, but the certain way to fix light armoured mediums (non autoloading) such as Leopard 1 could be in HP pool. It is not necessary imho to have any corelation between HP of SPG/LT/MT/HT. Btw. I´m happy to get my first ace tanker badge with Obj. 430 U (1439 XP), standard ammo, Ruinberg. 😀 Only reason why i have wr of this piece about 53 % is that I am constatantly pushing it to the edge and waiting, what else I can or (more often) cannot survive….So overall in hands of an average like me: OP? YES, TROLL? YES. FUN? >>Hell YES… 😀

  42. My first tier ten is 121.

  43. Weren’t you the one saying that obj 140 is better? This tank is the best, even though i am a noob in in and i have 46% win rate…it is soooo fun:))

  44. AdmirerOfGreatThings

    I thought the IS-7 was a very good first tier 10, for me, very forgiving with it’s bouncy frontal and once you understand how to play it, it’s a very big game changer.

  45. If you want proof my WoT name is Arcoreus.

  46. U blocked your teammate Defender from shooting, what a sob…

  47. I think it would be wrong to buff or nerf the 430U as for once this tank seems to be a more correct historical depiction. Instead, I would support the idea of only a 0 or -1 match making if a 430U is entering a battle.
    In terms of tank design the 430U was ground-breaking. For the first time soviet designers had managed to put a heavy tank’s armour and firepower on to a medium tank’s chassis while keeping the mobility. The 430U led to the 432 which a few years later entered service renamed as T-64 in very late 1966. It is out of question why tier 8 tanks (designs from early to mid 1940) don’t stand a chance against a 430U. Basically, 430U players play an early T-64.
    But who plays WoT for the sake of historical accuracy anyway?

  48. Remove arty

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