World of Tanks – Best Tank Ever

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The tier 7 US the best tank there has ever been in . Go on, change my mind. I dare you.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Howdy Jingles, hope you’re having a good day 😀

  2. Yay what’s up Jingles

  3. I stopped playing WOT a while ago, but man, I rocked the fuck out of the T29, and it was, and is my favorite tank. It’s so fucking good.

  4. Nathan Grant Hall


  5. The grille is :O

  6. Last time i was this early, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ was still a thing

  7. Christiaan le Roux

    First 3 mins ?

  8. I’ve just got my t29. I love it, I’m good in it but the win rate is like 38%.
    Yet I suck in other tanks and have a 78% win rate

  9. What???
    Not the Tog???

  10. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing”

    There goes my username *groundpound69*

  11. You do know those ears were not originally on the tank and they put them on to nerf it

  12. The thicc-ass mantlet was the best thing about this tank.

  13. It’s a tank for noobs

  14. Russian Number Generator. Must be in Stalinium tenk for full damage rolls.

  15. Nah Jingles, don’t forget the amazing vehicle that is the Black Prince…

    • Yes shooting the tracks straight on does damage to the tank. That’s an amazing feature. Oh wait that’s actually very very bad

  16. Guys can we just start a random conversation in the comments?

  17. lol loading gold for arty :/

  18. Kv3 is much better than the t29 on almost every front.

    • You mean kv3, kv4 is tier 8

    • Thank you but a kv4 is like a tier 7 tank until you fully unlock the tank

    • And the KV-4 is T8 not 7 so he better be … better. On paper at least.

      Don’t play anymore for some time already, maybe it changed again, but last time i checked slow heavy armored tanks were most times at disadvantage against the ammount of gold fired and the mobility advantage of tanks like the T29. Even in T10 battles i would rather have taken my T29 than the KV-4 .. as much as i still love my KV-4 from back when i unlocked it years ago.

    • @mrnice81 the kv4 is fairly mobile for it’s weight. It’s no Oni or oho with 20-25kph limit and it has a respectable p/w. The kv4 suffers from the tiger ii syndrome where the turret armour is not that strong on the mantlet

  19. As an American I can reliably say that the T29 runs on apple pie and bacon. A lot of bacon. And it fires cheeseburgers.

  20. NAMELESS AOI あおい

    Me: Anything Russian
    Boffin: Actually……
    Also me: *opens up hack client and enables God mode* you was saying

  21. What’s up my dudes?

  22. I’m really impressed by his choice at the end to throw APCR against a machine with 40mm of armour at most.

    Other than that minor questionable decision, I have to congratulate him on a game well played

  23. Actually Jingles the best tank would be the T29 firing Gold ammo for the rest of eternity.

  24. Omg 35mph, that would be broken

  25. Must be nice to get a top tier game

  26. I mean kv-2 is better tho

  27. The best tier 7 heavy tank?
    Pff stupid question!
    It’s the e-25 of course!

  28. Play Blitz, the two best tier 7 heavies are the Tiger I, and Tiger P. The Tiger P has monstrous armor and a 5.5 second reload. The Tiger 1 has the mobility of a medium and can do the circle of death to many tds and slower heavies, including the T29, and has a 5.5 second reload. Both are also amazing at firing on the move. You can reliably hit weak spots at full speed.

    • I remember playing the Tiger I on PS4, it was the only tank I didn’t sell after getting the next tank in the line. Amazing gun, performs incredibly well at long/medium ranges and has enough HP and DPM to brawl with lower health heavies. Only problem was the hull armour, but at long range with sufficient angling it performs well enough. Also if you get hull down the turret can be surprisingly tanky. It’s no T-29, but it’s still reasonably tough.

  29. Last time I was this early random acts of violence was still a thing

  30. T29 and T32 is really good ones! T32 wins IS-3 easy! so easy to hit the ontop of turret weakspots 🙂

  31. Jingles makes a great point, the T-29 is the best teir 7 heavy tank in the game. I largely agree with this point. There are only 3 other teir 7 heavies I can think of that could contest the T29 for the top spot, the O-Ni (derp), the KV-3 (can side scrape and has good turret armor) and the Captured King Tiger (literally a Tiger II at teir 7 with long 88mm gun.. yes it’s a premium…). It would be kinda cool to see an elimination round contest with those tanks the winner claiming the top spot for the best teir 7 heavy.

  32. It’s Wednesday my dudes. Where’s Uncharted?

  33. T29 is best firing 90mm APCR rather than 105mm

  34. I once sniped the cupola on a T29 with the 152mm gun on the KV-2 with AP and shaved half hes health of.

  35. Yeah, my first kolobanov in from t29 also

  36. T29 is in the game like this so people shooting at it have to use gold amunition to do damage . everything war gaming is ptw cancer . and most big chanel get $$$$$ to promote war gaming cancerous money grab . change my mind

  37. The stress in “Emil” is on the “E”. Because it’s German, not French.(Appreciating the correct pronunciation of “Grille” though, Klaus Kellerman can’t get that one through his thick Germo-Italo-Canadian head…)


  39. The T29 still is one of the best T7 tanks… but the T7 matchmaker is such a pain with all the buffed T8 and T9 tanks. The gap between T7 and T8 is just insane.

    Little sidenote: The roof armor as well as the roof armor of the hull can get overmatched by 122mm guns. So if they know where to shot you they will always pen.

  40. Not when I get consistently stuck in tier 9 games with my T29!

  41. Actually Jingles, the first shot against the Emil was an AP shot, he pressed 3 once to make sure his NEXT shot would be HE, wich we all could see, was a bad choice 🙂 I’ll let myself out..

  42. Imagine what the Foch´s could be without the rangefinders….

  43. 7:11 He didnt load the HE, the AP was loaded and thus the damage….the shot after that was a HE shell

  44. I agree that the T-29 is the best tier 7 heavy tank. It was probably the easiest tank I ever 3 marked just because it is so easy to play. I think it has the best gun of any tier 7 heavy tank because it is very reliable with it’s 198mm of pen, 320 damage and decent DPM. Even a bad player shouldn’t have any issue doing well in this tank because all you have to do is go hull down or at least find some rubble to hide your hull. Also it is a pretty good reverse side scraper! It’s large tracks, decent side armor and front mounted turret will allow a good player to soak up a lot of rounds into the tracks when side scraping.

    I always perfered to be in a tier 8 match because that means there is more damage to farm. I’ve had several games that I did around 6k or more damage in my T-29. But unfortunately I stopped playing WOT about a year and half ago because the player base was just way to stupid and Wargaming kept adding tanks like the wheeled vehicles into the game. So now I’m a diehard PUBG player!

  45. Random Cat On The Internet

    me being a tier 9 or 8 as TD just click num2 twices to pents a hulldown t29

  46. Don’t be silly Jingles, the best tier vii heavy is the King Tiger C. Since we all love Prime and WG loves ?

  47. Uh actually jingles he didn’t have high explosive loaded when he shot the TD he had selected it for the next reaload so that damage roll is normal 7:22

  48. But… What about the TOG 2…?

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