World of Tanks – Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which Dhizi voluntarily chooses to play a British light tank and does well enough to make us wonder how spectacular his score might have been if he’d been in anything NOT British.

Also he’s an extremely good egg and snappy dresser. Watch and you’ll see why.

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  1. so like 45 seconds ago this video didn’t exist? yeah right.

  2. Legends say if you are this early then jingles may reply……

  3. Hi memes

  4. The Tank Commander

    First comment! Hey Commander Charlton, sir! Heard anything from Quickybaby yet? Sorry, can’t tell anyone why! Only time will tell ?! If you’re not sure, ask The Chieftain (Nicholas Moran). Good luck, no spoilers, and LONG LIVE THE KING OF THE GNOMES!!! -The Tank Commander

  5. People saying they’re first, mommy gonna be so proud of you guys.

  6. Come home. See this instantly pop up.

    YES! …. YES!

  7. Hey… I know this guy. Hes a good dude, play with him occasionally.

    Also the British light tanks arent bad. The sum of their parts is better than the stats indicate.

    • You might like them, and that’s okay. We all like a shitty tank. But you can’t say they’re good, cuz they’re not.

    • Avalon as always you’re saying the stupidest thing imaginable. I thought I could ignore you on Reddit but now you’re on YouTube.

    • @NightWatch707 Aww its so nice to have fans. Especially ones who are bad at the game.

    • @Jyuppiter They arent bad though. Thats sort of the thing. There was a lot of whinging about them being bad (mostly from clickbait CCs like Quickybaby), but the actual reality is theyre small, with good view range and camo and theyre better thant he sum of their parts. Their DPM is low on paper, but their effective DPM is fine, since 99% of games arent knockdown drag out DPM fights. Their guns handle well enough when youre doing what youre supposed to (ie sitting still), and their mobility is ok. They have high (for light tanks) penetration, meanign they can actually use their effective DPM. They arent bad. The problem is people just want light tanks to be tiny pew pew mediums and these arent that.

    • @Avalon304 Yep. It’s definitely you. You already started telling people they’re bad just because they disagree with you. Goddammit, does this site have a block function?

  8. Jingles, lets be honest

    Nothing is hard when looking at the British lights

  9. Greetings from across the pond Jingles 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day.

  10. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    Ooh La La Last time I was this early, the US still had a sane president.

  11. need to do assignment…. oh, new Jingles video!

  12. 9:55 Random Chewbacca noises in the background

  13. Btw free hong kong

  14. think youve used this tittle three times now

  15. All brits getting triggered coz brit lights are shite

  16. The players name in chat is blue…

    • Howdy! That’s me in the video. My name is blue because I was using Aslains modpack — I had ‘colored names by rating’ enabled, and I was ‘Cyan’ skill labeled so my name shows up in that color. You’d see that one of the tanks at the start advertising his clan was ‘red’. Just a mod that helps me identify who on my team I know can hold their weight in bad situations.

      Although, i’m actually by XVM statistics, PURPLE, I just had WTR rating enabled at the time due to a mistake and i’m cyan on that!

  17. 3 minutes 30 seconds of legendary British disappointment. Ah, Jingles. Never change m8. We love it as much as your heavy chuckle. And much more than British light tanks.

  18. Wargaming has to be the dumbest company in the history of the planet you know you have a bunch of British spokesman that do it for free , and your make their new light tank terrible. Making German light tank adequate brought to you by wargaming.

  19. what a lad <3

  20. I have fadins in the days where i had stug III G

  21. Is playing british lite tanks the same as bashing you head against a wall for an extended period?

  22. As a fan of Greek Mythology I must say that watching the Chimera nearly burn to death was both ironic and funny to me at the same time. Regardless, kudos to Dhizi for showcasing a great performance and good sportsmanship in that battle. As always, I thank our Gnome Overlord and I’m looking forward to the next upload.
    -salt miner #9532

  23. When I started watching this video, it was under 40 views. By the time I was done, it was over 1400 views. I guess a lot of people have notifications turned on for his videos.

  24. WG is saying they are monitoring the British light tanks and they ARE “performing” and they ARE “conpetitive” Which is a corporate way of saying they are shit and they know it.

  25. The premium senlac is good I like it a lot although it isn’t better than other tier 8 lights

  26. He could’ve just gotten the fadin’s medal, the top gun is a pretty common medal, I personally have a lot of them

    • I could’ve, yeah. But in the end, that Kanonenjagpanzer was the reason my team survived on the southeast flank, so I felt like he deserved to get a top gun! And i’ve gotten Fadins and all the medals before, they’re nice to have, but I really think that when you fight and do more than 5x your tanks health, you did a service on my team and if I can get you a medal, it’s all yours.

  27. That’s a battleship gun, worthy of a Somali pirate speed battleship

  28. Bad view range. Bad damage and average reload gun, with a low ammunition bank.

    WG insist that Brit Light Tank is a good line.

    *Geez, just admit that it’s a bad line and fix it already. Players get a good line to play, and WG restore public confident. Win-win* . XD

    If you are afraid of overbuff, maybe increase the amunition bank would be a good start. That way, they can be a poor man UK Medium tank at least. 😉

  29. How is this different than the Cromwell being better than the next two medium tanks in the same line?

  30. Dilophosaur sniper

    ninety six person to like

  31. And that’s why you just take the kill and be done with it. If you have to give it to someone, they didn’t earn it.

  32. come play guild tower wars in *Tree of Savior* if you want fun team actions with us jingles

  33. Dear good sir Jingles,
    When are you going to do one of those there traveling the world videos? I really enjoyed starting your channels videos from the beginning and how you went looking for bygone machines of war in museums or just on public display. Either way I still enjoy your videos and have since re-enlisted in the salt mines only to find that the dept. of health &safety (and jingles sanity) have closed most of the mine and the rest has been unionized.

  34. With friends in artillery, who needs enemies?

  35. As an arty player, I always prefer to die for the enemy artillery than to die to an enemy tank.
    Even more if I can deny a medal to the enemy tank.
    Yep. That’s the return for all the “love” shared against arties.
    If you hate us… don’t expect to receive other feeling back.
    But if you enjoy all the team work we’re trying our best to do… then you will receive my joy in return.

  36. Killed by being poked repeatedly in the ass by a needle. That’s gotta suck.

  37. I would have taken that Fadin’s medal totally guilt free

  38. Was that last Arty round fired before or after the gesture?

  39. A jingles video ! A WoT epic scout tank video ….. Must…Not…Reinstall WoT. Must resist….

    Shit I know I’m gonna reinstall *sigh*
    Fuckng arties though right

  40. WG say it is a Battleship gun, and it is true after all all navy ships have a small arms locker 🙂 or to be more generous anti-aircraft guns. What a line, I have been drawn back to WOT with each British line until this one, I just could not face playing them. Funny thing is the previous line me and some mates came back to play WOT for was the Polish, which had the amazing use free xp or premium ammo because the stock modules where so bad and the upgrades painful to get. Not really making it easy to come back WG 🙂

  41. The issue with WG is: Spreadsheet says everything is fine and players dont know a thing 😉

  42. Wot needs more people like that instead of the constantly name calling 12 year olds

  43. Oh yeah the battleship guns best joke by WG this year
    but hey they give those tank the battleship guns reloard im sure the alpha damage is on his way as well……right?……..Right!? Kappa

  44. With Claus Kelleran doing the Biggest Asshole competition, it would be something if Rear Admiral Jingles started the Good Egg Competition. Hats off to Dhizi, may he be rewarded for his galantry with a giant buff to his British Lights.

  45. I think the LTG is worse than the Setter ^^

  46. jingles! could you play more Dawn of Man?

  47. BrItIsH lIGhT tAnKs WiLl FeAtUrE hIgH aLpHa DaMaGe
    **cough cough** yea right **cough cough**

  48. Setter? Don’t you mean Sh*tter?

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