World of Tanks || Between a ROCK and a HARD Place!

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World of Tanks – Maus. Today the heaviest tank in the game is going to find itself between a rock and a hard place!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Bert_the_Cosh ziggybass

    Great game well fought. The biggest tank but still played better than his high tier enemies. Yes and bound to the 1 key I think..Im grinding for my Mouse now!

  2. No shopping Please

    Stop showing this shit, jesus fucking christ

  3. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    NEIN NEIN NEIN lol (9k dam 9k block 9 kills) =P

  4. I love when you guys use a German tank! Hahaha…secret Nazis.

  5. Don’t want to take away from that player but the enemy team were dumb as shit.

  6. Arties are very weak now

  7. for all you people bitching about gold rounds, you aren’t any better….. this is what “pro” means on this game. the only thing he didn’t do was sitting in the back sniping…..

  8. So a baddie try hard from ZOO that spams nothing but gold in the super heavy meta that is NA, GG you’re not good you’re just broken

  9. TX Toptier Super heavy with 100% gold yeeeeeh…. no, shit replay

  10. If you had XVM for this battle, your whole screen would be red

  11. olmocap el ESCAPEITOR

    Did that heavy tank mission on my E-75!!!!!!!! 7000 blocked and it was a hard time…

  12. Love these bots. Whining about premium ammo. Jesus.. Are you gonna ever grow up? Does it matter? He didn’t even need it in the battle, so why does it bother you? If you wanna go cheap do it.. Nobody cares. It was a lot more about luck than premium ammo. Really. If that’s pay to win as you like to call it, even tho it costs credits only, why do you use any kind of repair kit, vents and stuff, camo or the standard shells? Huh? Is it not pay to win? Why don’t you sit tracked until you get killed? It costs like 5k credits or so. That’s pay to win, isn’t it?

  13. Krystian Grzesik

    I’ve no problems with people shooting gold. Sometimes it’s for the best. many people still don’t know how APCR and HEAT rounds work, so we can use it to our advantage 🙂

  14. Could you please address in future video’s your opinion on Hesh Rd’s. Ridiculous they can roll up to 1800 or more in a single hit. Yet, they nerf arty to almost nothing..

  15. Tangled and Happiness

    The heaviest tank in the game and in the world till now.

  16. Now that is how you play the Maus..good job

  17. Ouch – 50k loss…with a premium account, no less! I guess thats why you don’t spam premium ammo…

  18. General Gao's Chicken

    A dumpster dreamed it was a tank.

  19. why do you call the tank “mouse” when its called “maus”?

  20. more like commander_Spam

  21. What ist that for a camo? looks pretty cool

  22. lol, poor TVP with 248…
    what about 30B 🙂
    Gg to this player but… golds on 50B/TVP? we’ll say that it’s for the mission

  23. jordy van de ven

    ive still got a replay of me getting a kolobanovs medal in an arty 🙂

  24. Great game, well played, but i think even i might have been able to do well here.
    You need to remember its selfless players like this Mouse who work hard to try to keep the game free. There is no point in getting upset if he would have penned anyway. Actually id recommend for your health to not let any moron on the internet upset you

  25. Dont they have gold in NA server?

  26. Lucky gold noob, literally. Maus is underpowered not only has weak cheeks but also the turret travers speed is terrible. Big T10 pinnata to shoot.

  27. 5%… Sure WG when we have these players who don’t bother shooting AP at two tiers lower tanks…

  28. I just had 10.4k blocked in type 4…Too bad i did not have any of the blocking missions :/

  29. Ya dn’t have to read the comments.

    Everyone (literally) is talking’bout spaming gold ammo xd

  30. No luck, just skill

  31. Nobody:
    Maus: Gold

  32. One of those games that is impressive on paper

    Then you realize its just a Maus player, top tier in 3/5/7, on a city map, firing all gold, and the enemy tier 10 heavy is a 50B…
    Maybe if he the 50B or a Kranvang or even an Obj. 140 this would be fine but… seriously…

  33. RIP E-100, until buff anyways

  34. Tolakos Green Love

    A classic battle in WoT, imbalaced, unfair, full of gold and b*llshit! GG!

  35. Could’ve easily had exactly the same result without all the gold spam. Pathetic.

  36. Bruno Ramos Solis

    Nein, nein, nein

  37. Lol i love how salty this comment section is over gold but no one realizes that hes a shit player fighting bots in a 3,5,7 game no one notices that there is not a single good player on the enemy team i can tell even with out xvm if you play NA you know there wasnt a single good player on the enemy team lol

  38. I’m glad you’re not letting me down QB

  39. HT missions are cake with the Emil/Kranvagn. Sit on a ridge and stare into the soul of your enemies. I had a JgPgE100 sponsor my mission completion with probably 6-7 bounces. That was a riot

  40. Wargaming/ “Ivan we need to make more money”

    Ivan/ these capitalists will spend money on anything. Let’s buff the amour and nerf premium ammo so they need to fire premium and require more shells to kill a tank. Then they will spend money on premium accounts. This will make “our”game better.

    War gaming” Ivan brilliant have some vodka!

  41. I just realized he fired all apcr

  42. Hey quicky baby are you ever gonna show case the mercenary tanks?

  43. 2% stock 98%money down barrel..

  44. Maus got 248mm pen. That’s tier VIII pen.

  45. An other stellar group of players too stupid to cap out.

  46. Commander_Gold ? Great game tho

  47. Oh my god….stop bitching about Prem Rounds. FFS! You all should be pissed at the AR-15 player who did crap all game then all he did was bitch. Is there anyone good in AR-15?

  48. nein nein nein?

  49. Salt production bout to be so high, they might even let a few out of siberia

  50. KillingGhost 115

    I almost did that mission in my is3a but couldn’t sadly had over 8k that mission is very hard I just watched the t55a I love the t54 and I know both guns are the same if you choose the one with 201 pen

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