World of Tanks || Beware of Flying Tanks

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World of Tanks – . Today shpaQu91 going to have to while carrying his socks off in the the Object 430!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Prankstergangster 22

    QuickyBaby, why are you not coming to arsenalen in sweden in November this

  2. I was thinking of getting all 3 russian mediums and I still couldn’t make
    my decision. Could you give some advice please?

  3. what was that horrible stutter early on from?

    Also, i cant say it threw the game, but in my early plays in WOT i had a
    match on the exact same map where a T2 Light went somersaulting off the
    side of the hill in center, landing on his tracks in the marsh to be taken
    out by a shot to the rear by yours truly in the Cruiser III … i only wish
    i knew how to save replays at that point, because it was priceless >.<

  4. that’s me thx m8 for featuring me :D

  5. “Watch this! Hold my beer! Gonna make this tank fly!”

  6. that scorpion kill was awesome.

  7. Could you do another video on the KV-2? If not, then a tank below tier 8
    that is not very popular…

  8. hey QB have you seen the ‘Monster Mash’ on console. Special abilities to
    the Panther, T71, KV5, and OI for Halloween. Looks like a bunch of fun

  9. Once I was on a map which name I can’t remember, anyway, I was in my
    SU-122-44 and I was under a cliff, thinking I was safe momentarily, but
    then suddenly a wild AMX 30 proto appears and he tried to jump on me,
    instead it was like that B-C moment and he lost all his HP. Then Jadgtiger
    drove down as well, but he lost his track while doing it and I was able to
    lock him in place and shoot his tracks. I guess I did almost his full HP
    worlth of damage. So that’s 2 tier 9 tanks taken out with tier 7 tank xP
    anyway I ended up with 5 kill’s and something like 3500-4500 damage done.
    So GG xD

  10. Worth noting that those ‘wings’ on the front armor are only 40mm, meaning
    most larger guns overmatch them.

  11. no. what I want is a birders medal ar a raider.

  12. tbh I wouldn’t mind being a fail clip lmao

  13. tortoise dpm can be pusht up to 4500+dpm

  14. I was hoping for a tank with wings. hah

  15. The arties could have wrecked him when he was shooting the grille. Also why
    on earth is he sidescraping against arty when he has 350 HP?

  16. Hii QB, 🙂 can you tell which tank is better ..??? Tiger 1 or Tiger (P) ??
    thank you :)

  17. I once got Colobanov’s medal in my Cromwell for running away. It was an
    Assault map and we were defending and at one point I was alone against 9
    tanks or something and there was under 1 minute when they finally started
    to cap. So I ran away and won and so got Colobanov’s :)

  18. i am just glad russian tanks aren’t OP at all

  19. Nice job BatChat i think that his team would be angry at him XD

  20. hello I just had an 1v5 game in my IS and I wanted to watch the replay 🙂
    but when I open it nothing happens could u help me or even make a video
    about it ? Thanks :)

  21. a friendly drowning himself with 20sec on the clock to win the game, the
    only 2 enemy that left just started capping, the only thing friendly needed
    to do was stay alive and win but no he drives into a lake

  22. QB replays site not working? At least for me.

  23. Best case of “they should have won, but they fucked up” I have seen, was
    back in the days when it was new that you could fall off cliffs, where I
    was in a 1vs 3 situation, and I came across the three enemy tanks stuck on
    the side of a cliff, unable to shoot back at me. I most kindly solved their
    problems with some of my AP ammunition. :)

  24. QuickyBaby’s reaction when that bat chat fly over
    ………………………… well me too, that was ridiculous, man,
    imagine that bat chat would have survived that fall, GG

  25. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    quickybaby what is your reaktion om Jingles and Rita getting maried?

  26. That’s kinda sad that the Batchat died from that fall. You’d expect lighter
    tanks to bounce a tad or roll on the lid and probably back over, not just
    spontaneously combust.

  27. I liked this replay only because shpaQu91 havent used Premium Account, and
    made some profit… My oppiniom is that WG should really lower those tier
    IX-X tanks shells and repairs to help those without prem. acc to have smoe
    fun in those matchups :D

  28. FPS drops :D

  29. Is the Object 430 better or the E50 M?

  30. when you see a unicorn doing the same thing as that batchat did loosing
    like 200 hp and when you complain he sais your jealous…

  31. Well, looks like I don’t get any notifications about your content
    anymore… hmm I have to catch up with myself now 🙂 #QBvideomarathon

  32. 12 kills in a tier 10 battle, insane especially since he played very
    aggressive. Amazing replay.

    and lol that Batchat could have easily turned that battle and this would
    have been very different outcome. That action replay was hilarious as well
    haha :P

  33. Nice video man but do u know Ritagamer and Jingles are getting marrieed ?
    😉 check his latest video fast. <3

  34. hmmm damn first 3 to 4 min did u get some really good frame drops :)

  35. Does any body else take a shot, every time QuickyBaby says ridiculous?

  36. I tanked like 6/7 enemy tanks with my kv1 from one corner stoping the from
    pushing, in the end i blocked 2100 dmg and i managed to do 1000 dmg but i
    died, but the funny thing is that i was the only dead tank all the other 14
    players did live :D

  37. definitely some dumb moves by the enemy team.

  38. Hey Quicky. You should do a video on how to be a better player in WOT.

  39. For every cliff dive you see that works, there are probably hundreds that
    don’t work :)

  40. QB, I don’t know if you know about this, but another youtuber named Chems
    (11k subs) just made a QSSF (QuickyBaby’s Super Special Forces) clan. I
    just wonder what you think of it, its fucking weird

  41. can I add you?

  42. what mod shows the colors on the players name

  43. Fatal Centurion music

    A long time ago when I was in my sturer Emil I had a enemy artillery fire
    he at me and splash for most of my health so I turned around loaded he and
    splashed him for all the hit points he had ?

  44. quicky baby i tried to install your mod, you said that every thing inside
    the res mods folder is safe to delete so i did that and now my game doesn’t

  45. Posted the same replay than Kieffer et Koukof. But one hour after their

  46. You just got a new sub and a good replay

  47. thaaаanks bro

  48. T-55 is one of the most used tanks in world.East G. was under Soviets at
    the time when T-55 was produced so its Soviet tank that is only difrent
    model deported in Germany.

  49. hello can any one help me …. wen i try to see my replays this show up

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