World of Tanks || Beyond the Call of Duty

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. Today PL_Ro3ert going beyond the call of duty in the the .

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  1. I hope you enjoy this epic game by Ro3ert!

    FV4005 II Tech Tree Showcase live now!

  2. 7:22 GUYS IS IT JUST ME OR DID THE SHOT GLANCE OFF OF THE GROUND AND HIT THE BACK OF THE AMX 50 100?! Slow it down to 0.25 speed and you’ll see it that is magnificent OMGGGGGG. Never seen that wow…

  3. Wanna hear a joke, you man-lovers?

    Read More

  4. This guy is good, like deliciously evil good.

  5. 3:28 a tier IX medium with 260 pen cant pen a tier VIII heavy…hmmm weird 😉 .

  6. This guy is using an aimbot QB

  7. 7:20 anyone else see the shell change direction?

  8. yes….tech tree is back

  9. r u one of them…..yes I am a pay to win bastard whos bought a Chrysler and loves wargamings greed

  10. These are the videos I want to ser quickybaby!

    This player had good map awareness, knew how to work with team mates, and knew how to use ammo. Didn’t spam gold shells but rather actually aimed for weak spots. These are the ideal replays and ita great to know you finally featured one.

  11. That was some awesome commentating there QB. You are so professional.

  12. PL… well at least he isnt like the other pl retards that i meet in the game. XD. but anyway good game play by him

  13. areyouoneofthem means are you one of the noobs

  14. Does anyone else seem to notice how unreliable the AMX 30 prototype’s gun can be? You’d hit 2 shots and then the third won’t even land in the same postcode.

  15. 6+3=12 LOL

  16. Aaaactually Mr. Quickybaby the tier 9 German tank destroyer is the Wt auf Panzer 4.

  17. what is so bad about his speaking failure? happens sometimes even the best guys 😉

    and why are u thinking he uses an aimbot when he clearly does not? i mean i couldnt figure out he uses one (and most of the time Aimbots are very obvious)

    so get ur shit together people pls 🙂

  18. “Robert does have a slight advantage with the fact that his Self Propelled Gun has died and the enemy’s Self Propelled Gun is remaining”

  19. 309 alpha damage? Wow I never knew!!

  20. isnt that aim lock he is using illegal?

  21. 2:25 “all those mobile autoloaders including an ISU-152”

  22. I want to see a crazy arty game

  23. I had to watch this back to see it. His reticle was near the tanks but not on them when he auto-aimed at the tanks. It was a good game but I’m not sure it had anything to do with his skill when it comes to aiming, but more so that he has good awareness because he doesn’t have to aim himself.

  24. The wt Auf pz4 is the new wt Auf e100

  25. can u make tvp vtu review?plz~~~

  26. Him not firing HE at that almost dead IS3 and WT auf Pz4 annoyed me. T_T

  27. Auto aim bot DETECTED

  28. Anirban Chakrabarti

    French tanks were designed to retreat to paris everytime some other tank pointed it’s gun at it

  29. Auto aim cheater

  30. Jack [ YT ] featuring youtube

    i came here from call of duty to find a better game than call of duty.You earned a sub.Mr.Quickybaby.

  31. Babis Partsalidis

    aimbot user

  32. He uses the illegal autoaim cheat/hack sad…you shouldn’t publish that kind of videos.

  33. just love this tank:D

  34. The t26E5 pinged the map where the arty is but he didn’t realise

  35. 3:35 so satisfying to see that tank get raped like that.

  36. Hans_von_Twitchy

    I dislike using late-invite dynamic platoons to pick up semi-fraudulent medals. I wish you’d stop encouraging it.

  37. And he changes his focus on rather dangerous tier 9 td, waffenträger auf e100. ~quickybaby

  38. ladies and gentlemen, we got a true proud kurwa warrior

  39. So if you aim you fail to hit a target, but if you auto-aim you hit a tank. Something is wrong with this game !!! Get more premium ammo and auto-aim is the name of the game.

  40. Well march Islam whereas rush script activist herb counter

  41. 3 Caernarvons in one game, what sorcery is this

  42. clonetrooper1137

    umm… WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?!? XD WT auf E100!?!? Lol I’m pretty sure they removed it lol.

  43. clonetrooper1137

    Check the video at 6:30 and listen to what you say lol

  44. 2:22
    Type 4 Heavy = Mobile Autoloader? XD

  45. Dino Čaljkušić

    5:19 autoaims ISU-152 in base without actually putting mouse on it.. so this guy is “cheater” 🙂

  46. What is beautiful about autoaimed shot?! No skills, either you hit or not, I would remove autoaiming and then we would see who has skills!

  47. “moisien”?? “Máussen” is more of a translation..
    Also, there is illegal mods usage in game….. Good on you for casting a cheater game and not realizing it..
    Honestly, HALF the shots in the game are aimboted..
    Also, auto-locking outside of the sillouete of the tanks is sooo PRO!

  48. the way player shoots through the bushes would suggest he might be using tundra cheat…. noticed on 8:50 and few more moments that were suspicious at the least… He doesn’t even try to look test enemy contours … just points at the location like there’s not bushes and shoots. But i might be wrong. Last night watched few videos from famous Russian wot vloger where he was explaining how cheats work on 9.19 and this replay looks like one of these…

  49. 309 Alpha sure ^^

  50. Not Auto-Aim, just a normal fair game, what you saw is just a bug popular in Replays…

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