World of Tanks || BIG BULLY

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – . Today Roboplayer1 is going to show why the new T10 tank destroyer big bully of a T10!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QuickyBaby Hey quickybaby, its everyone.

  2. Can anyone explain meaning of t.t. showcase

  3. QB SHAME ! Tanks is op and you have lost your stance as someone who can be trusted

  4. QuickyBaby Would it have been possible at 9:56 to fire at the rounded area protecting the cannon causing the shell to ricochet down and causing dmg?

  5. exactly! Unsubscribed immediately. Kissing WG ass with this 0 skill needed biass.

  6. QB, you’re playing a broken game…

  7. 9:00 E50M was weak there.

  8. SUOMI!

  9. Monster armor, good gun and that speed? I wonder how does WG define ‘balance’.

  10. FU WG.. seriously? wow… and look at how much money he would of lost if not premium…

  11. I’m honestly considering unsubbing considering how much he promotes this bullshit, as a member of the WG community team he has a fucking RESPONSIBILITY to let WG know that people are fucking pissed and these tanks ruin the game yet he does NOTHING and just keeps repeating what WG asks him to “The tank is fine there is no problem just flank it” this is getting fucking ridiculous, doing shit like this and saying its not op makes you lose all of your credibility. I have been subbed for the better part of a decade but I cant take this anymore.

  12. Every time you do the samething, you show a replay and the the player dies in a loss,Fuck I hate that !!

  13. The frontal armor of this tank is “decent”. Really QB ? Decent ?

  14. suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  15. So this tank has more armour than the Badger while being fast as a medium tank xD wtf

  16. This tank is……


  17. This tank is broken.

  18. that’s a monster tank. I had my ass handed over to me by one of those….

  19. I don’t mind the Obj. 430U tbh, at least it has a weak lower plate. The Obj. 257 is not OP either tbh (sure it has side armor but just don’t shoot it and shoot the lower plate or overmatch the turret). But this tank is just stupid, they should have left the 263 where it was and buffed the SU-101 and SU-122-54….done

  20. How can one say that this tank isn’t op? Another cancer for the gameplay…yeah TD should be able to RAM E50M like a rocket and go 2vs1 with other T10 tanks.

  21. if is7 had obj 140 mobility and badger dpm. even then qb wouldnt call it OP. Period. i wonder why. reasons

  22. Good Job wg…

  23. Killdozer remastered. Where did “this tank will suck due to bad accuracy and viewrange” crowd go?

  24. You are just licking wg’s ass with this video

  25. VK 45.02B was considered “broken” by WG because it had strong upper plate and even stronger lower plate but in return was riddled with weak spots and paired with mobility that makes E75 look like Ru251, so they “buffed” it by making his lower plate meh and added 20mm side armor that ultimately serves no purpose whatsoever.

    Apparently these standards don’t apply to Russian tanks since what we have here is a TD with great mobility, great gun, no weak spots and lower plate that puts old VK45.02B to shame. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also added Obj 705/A to further shit on all back mounted turret tanks because you know, they have the only tank that can sidescrape whilst being 100% immune to anything but HE.

    Might as well just sell my VK45.02B…

  26. So it’s a better armored and more mobile Jagdpanzer E 100?

  27. 7:14 I can tolerate OP on tanks like E25(prone to ram and he damage) or tanks like type 5(slow, easily outmanouverable) but THIS IS WHERE I DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND AND SAY…DEMON!!!!

    Seriously though this is fucking too much this part of the video pissed me so much you can do whatever the fuck you want with the tanks give them as much armor as you want speed or anything else…but…this…is simply too much wg, disgusting.

  28. So how can this tank has so much armor and still be that fast ? that makes every other TD nearly useless

  29. Every time I see one of these things it literally just charges fearlessly into heavy tank battles and breaks down the opposing team. It’s ridiculous.

  30. since the last patch i play arty and type 4/5 only and dont give a shit about my stats anymore as soon as i see one of the new russians i just focus them because shits broken

  31. The state of wot depresses me.
    “The penetration, while it’s not terrible at 293”
    Oh yeah just barely acceptable. Gotta have at least 350 to confidently go through those Russian dreamtanks

  32. Taking trash!!!

  33. shishx the animal called this one “The Abomination”. It’s the perfect description.

  34. Just another reason to stop playing this ridiculous game.

  35. it’s a great best….better bully than OBJ 263..But still 263 it’s still good..I have it and really enjoy it as armor is still amazing, reload it’s quite long but overall I really enjoy OBJ 263 and can’t wait to get this OBJ 268 4 beast…:))

  36. Fast, maneuverable and practically invulnerable from the front without TD premium. Course its not OP…

  37. Remember folks WG has a history with tank destroyers. My advice research this TD at your own risk.

  38. just a tank salesman I watch someone like foch he tells Truth you just suck up wots ass

  39. QB your information is wrong, this TD can be penetrated in lower plate with 200 pen and that tower that you said is unpenetratable. Please check out Pro tanki Yusha video about it, its in russian but you dont really need to listen to it, just watch


  41. I’m sorry… You don’t find this OP? You really must enjoy licking WGs ass QB… This thing can’t be penned anyhere frontally unless you load that spicy tier 10 HEAT that still doesn’t have 100% chance to pen.. and this bs tank meets tier 8s.. Stop sucking WGs dick for money and say shit thats true in this game so the game doesn’t keep shit like this

  42. Still GG though

  43. very balanced tank :))

  44. This is why I don’t enjoy QB’s reviews I don’t think there has been one review he has said truly a tank is broken and op

  45. Tier 8 tanks are going to enjoy playing against this tank.

  46. he lost because he’s the only bully in the team while other team has many bullies..! 😉

  47. quickybaby, you are pathetic, why dont you admit its overpowered as fuck

  48. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    “But look at the armor model, it’s absolutely fantastic. Even the cupola, it looks like it should a weak spot, but it’s not.” QB that’s precisely why it makes so much fuss, and probably very rightly so. Plus this thing is incredibly mobile for the armor layout it gets.

  49. cant wait for QB to say we dont have coridor meta atm in wot… since according to him this piece of shit is not OP

  50. From durpy tank to OP tank , Roboplayer1 2018 :d

  51. Croatia wins lol

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