World of Tanks || Big, Dumb and Tonnes of Fun…

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Today Quantumkiwi is going show off the relic of a T8 Soviet Premium Heavy the KV-5 which was just rentable on the NA server! Big, Dumb and Tonnes of

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. QB the term you’re looking for is baby goggles

  2. QB can you watch 1 of these live so you don’t know what happens?

  3. Got my second mark in this tank finally

  4. I have seen 16 KV-5 in 1 game. I was one of them :P

  5. So little aiming and so many accurate hits. He is either the luckiest
    driver or is using “interesting” mods…

  6. To…much….premium….ammo…..!

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  8. Im tired of the rental crap. Facing hordes of the same tanks driven by low
    tier players really screws up the battles.

  9. Everyone seems to forget that the KV-5’s ass is 140mm only on its lower
    plate, the middle plate is 230mm. The largest part of its rear however, the
    upper plate, is only 90mm.

  10. Gold shooting Bonanza.

  11. Talking about Alphadamage for Tier 8 Heavys you forgot the Caernaven, which
    only has 240 if i recall correctly, but good pen and DPM

  12. Two weeks before, Wargaming NA also gives 2days rental B2-740F to all the
    players. This kind of reward totally hurt the new players who try to grind
    their new tanks especially tier 4 during the weekend. Either selected to
    tier 4 match with all B2-740F or consecutively entering to tier5 and tier 6
    matches. Rental KV5 given also decreasing the quality of high tier matches
    due to the Large amount of new play who play KV5 in high tier matches. I
    admirable WG EU never decides this awful missions.

  13. I did 7,5k dmg in a O-Ho useing durp gun and lost… Check it out

  14. i have submitted a 2133xp game in kv5 but idk why it’s not shown there:(

  15. I remember when this first came up with the lowe, i was to poor to buy the
    lowe so bought this to do premium games with 2 allies to cash grind, i was
    mocked for buying the KV5 instead of “the awesome lowe” by all, till i
    trolled through everything with the glorious tank.

    People underestimate this tank so damn much.

  16. Hey Mr quickybaby, I just had a hilarious and lucky game with my kv2, how
    can I send it to you and have any chance getting your attention? 

  17. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    awesome credits.btw i make 200k for 6h.with tier 5 arty.nice video
    why not have rental weekends for EU servers?

  18. That so called “weakspot” on the hull aint that weak. Its as thick as the
    proper armor and its rounded so… that means you need to hit it square on
    and at high tiers nowa days its not the easiest job at range so your theory
    is kinda flawed. And I cant evrn begin to comprehend how many times prople
    try to go for that turret and just fail.

  19. QB, why would you ever choose a replay that there is nothing but load
    premium rounds and shoot everywhere he wants?
    The only tank that you need premium rounds to against is IS-6, and other
    times he could just use standard rounds and shoot their weakspots…(I think
    that is why weakspot is weakspot right?)
    I can agree when you get to the right position to shoot someone in their
    weak and you just dont want to miss the chance, therefor you load premium
    to increase your chance to do damage.
    That’s alright cause that’s what you deserve when you get into the right
    But what I saw in this game is “Oh…I think I’ll just load gold and fuck
    everyone so I dont have to worry about the bad pen in my KV-5! Even though
    they already showed their weakspots to me! Well I guess I’ll just fuck
    No skills confirmed.

  20. What a Joke.
    Notice how lucky he is every time. He’s almost always firing on the move,
    not fully aiming, or spamming gold at areas you shouldn’t be shooting ex.
    mantlets, UFP of Lowe.

    What a joke, gold spamming player.

  21. these rental weekends are really fun i make alot of credits and i was using
    the kv-5 to complete heavy missions as well

  22. No the rental KV5’s didn’t make as much as other T8 premiums… Yes 5 kills
    to get it.

  23. when is the kv5 going on sale? i really like the tank, and would love to
    get one. i want to own every single KV in the game, and this is the only
    one i’m missing

  24. Spend money to earn money, Premium account

  25. Don’t care for watching players spamming premium everything

  26. KV-5 radio operators, “I live, I die, I LIVE AGAIN!”

  27. It breaks the matchmaking, and it is a cruel tease to play a tank that
    there is no way to buy without getting a package. They should make the
    rentals purchasable for gold (maybe if you play a certain number of games
    in them or something)

  28. looks easy with those auto aim mods we see him using rofl

  29. QB… nobody wastes med packs on radio operators…

  30. I love fighting these in my t54 proto.

  31. It really was not fun playing during that weekend…

    I don’t really have any interest in the KV-5 myself, and I really would
    have liked to grind some of my tier 6 and 7 tanks. But if you were trying
    to play in the tier 8 matchmaking spread you were almost guaranteed to get
    a tier 8 game with loads of KV-5s. A lot of tier 6s were completely
    unplayable for the whole event.

  32. QB i had over 11 kv5s on my team got i do some nice farming in my SP but i
    saw some kv5s with under ten win8.

  33. Like they lay out of your program

  34. I got the rental and used it to test the KV-5 strong spots and weaknesses,
    is a perfect tank for reverse side scrapping, and even the mediocre gun is
    pretty good (i always go full masochistic with Howitzers). so If WG release
    the KV-5 on an special offer i could buy it.

  35. This rental was awesome for me. I had a monster game in my M103 – 7700 Dmg
    and my best XP ever. I think there was 5 or 6 KV-5s a side. Easy XP .. felt
    kind of bad for the KV-5 players.

  36. Wasted so much gold ammo in this game. He would’ve made so much more by
    shooting HE and even AP instead of bouncing/missing all those gold rounds.

  37. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    oh btw the jadgtiger 88 is getting a speed buff that it realy needed to 38
    man thats gunah be awesome. now its not a slow slug anymore

  38. 1:51 you said kv-2 rental

  39. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    there are tier8 standard heavys that can make more money then a kv5 in a
    tier 9 game.
    like tiger2 cearnarvon and vk4502a. those things have dirt cheap ammo with
    good pen, high accuracy quick aim time. there shells cost 250 creddits a

  40. Screen Recording Software , pls

  41. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    kv5 is just pure garbage of a tank.
    easily the worst premium.
    i bought a kv5 so i know what its like. its armor is meaningless for its
    weakspots. its got nothing going for it. quicky you saying that WG removed
    due to popularity but i swear its becuase this tanks is simply garbage, a
    disaster on tracks. kv5 will get wrecked by tier7 heavys like tiger t 29
    the japanese heavy at tier7 let alone tier8 .
    the kv5 is the japanese tier6 heavy but at tier8. the tiger2 lower have the
    best heavy tank guns at tier8 they dont care about kv5s armor. plus tiger2
    gets better frontal armor on the hull and turret. the tiger2s cupola is not
    even much of a weakspot which a kv5 cant pen..

  42. the KV-5 rental is in my garage expired, when i click research on it
    through the garage it says i need (x) amount of gold to buy it, if i keep
    it in the garage and don’t remove it would i be able to purchase it with
    the gold?

  43. You know…Used the KV-5 doing reverse angling…

    Technically completed HT-15 for the Obj 260…9k blocked. 4 k done. Died to
    a T-54 mod 1…

  44. KV-5 sucks that gun sucks but the armor so good

  45. 11:56 look at that guy below that one it says like 7900 somthing that’s
    higher man. You said this video was the highest..

  46. QB nobody heals radiomen they are useless

  47. “Outskilling a whole team in kv5″… I just lost my marbles. Good job man.
    Killer game. I guess you deserved it considering the 20+ apcr rounds you
    fired. Average VILIN member 10/10

  48. i would love for them to give inexperienced players tanks they dont know or
    what not, as its like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun ie free

  49. No one heals a radio operator in a Kv 5 QuickyBaby do you even Kv 5 bruh!

  50. Mr. Puertorican007

    This guy is stupid WTH does he exit sniper mode right before firing????
    Such an unefective way of pening shots, if the tank moves right after you
    exited the sniper mode you’re screwed cause it just won’t go to the spot
    you wanted to hit. Hey dumbass stop trying to look flashy while firing the
    canon, you had so many shots that would have gone in if it weren’t for your
    stupidity. Plus you only pened so much of those auto aimed shots is because
    of that dirty premium ammo

  51. For just £2 a month you can save these poor KV-5 radio operators from their
    cruel working conditions…dont let this carry on, donate today

  52. Hey QB, I’m getting my first tier 10 soon and I was wondering if you could
    do a review on the FV215b? Thanks!

  53. They stoop occasionally put it up for sale. Once a year or so.

  54. quantumkiwi ??? maybe some SEA players making replays yay i feel so proud

  55. The guy was just kicking puppies. Seal Clubbing… He just fought against a
    bunch of retards just pointing and clicking. That IS6 could easily pen him
    with 175 mm pen. People just point and click.

  56. KV-5 would be fun without gold ammo..or prem ammo if you insist on not
    calling it gold. But with gold you just see how every asshole is emptying
    their pockets at your tank as soon as you show up. Oh and arty will focus
    you all day too, so not worth it sadly..not because of the tank

  57. Good thing I own a Kv-5 lol. # FEAR THE RUSSIAN # RUSSIAN ARE OP

  58. I had a game with 15 total kv 5s

  59. I just completed HT mission 15 with the KV5 for the HTC Concept…. give
    noobs a high tier tank they never have seen before = mission done

  60. Lmao this guy is using a aim bot look at his crosshair when he locks on to

  61. I stopped watching at the 1 min mark because he had gold noob rounds loaded
    from the get go in an already OP tank… ugh

  62. KV-5 video with no ramming? Something wrong here!

  63. 8 KV5’s? I’ve had a 26KV5 game

  64. i’ve used that KV-5 and i didn’t like it… that tumor for weakpoint
    frustrated me so many battles that i just stopped playing it… i love my
    other tier 8 tanks suchs as: RHM, IS3, 50 100….

  65. I got the kv 5 by getting 5 kills. there crappy tier 3 rental tank a few
    weeks before was harder to get then that

  66. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche


    also there is not one vehicle i auto aim so much on as on the kv5... for
    some reason it works! mostly cause my brain has enough issues driving the
    thing backwards or hiding my r2d2!

  67. lol got my ht 15 in this

  68. kiwi is on my wglna team :3

  69. this guy is in my league team

  70. “This sign was placed in honour of “Qwinzor”, a guy with a big heart and an
    even bigger bank balance.”

  71. I tried it out, enjoyed the credit earnings but I’m just not ready for Tier
    8 on PC even though I have the KV-4 with a 57% winrate on Blitz. I tried
    playing it like the KV-4 but that R2D2 turret really lets it down.

  72. Week end rentals are shit and war gaming really need to stop it. Not
    because of skill or anything but because it fucks up mm when u grinding the
    same tier as the rentals are.

  73. I farmed quite a bit of damage from those big fawks in my Artillery

  74. Good job VILIN screb. :v)

    Though seriously nice match mate.

  75. haha! I loved it, I made so much money and I got all of my SPG missions
    done farming damage on KV-5’s!

  76. I know for a fact that I didn’t birth that thing!

  77. The T-150 eats KV-5s for lunch as does the M36, M18, KV-85 and just any
    other tank with a decent gun. And gold ammo is not required to do it. I
    passed on the “rental” KV-5 on the NA server and don’t regret it a bit.
    Great video by the way. Keep up the excellent work.

  78. Yeah that was and stupid weekend full of idiots playing kv5 in tiers 8 and
    ruining all MM saturday and sunday was ugly so i dont see nothing special
    in this kv5 one time i manage to made 16k damage blocked in my kv5 and 7k
    of damage and carry my team that is more extreme than this

  79. I’m probably going to play more and more AW and less and less WoT,
    goldspamming being one of the reasons…

  80. I loved this weekend. My Borsig set many fires.

  81. I love playing on the Test Server…… you see russians telling me to suck
    obama’s dinger and russians talking poop about US and russians firing
    heat… AHHHHHH the perfect vacation. The test server is the way to go if
    you want a break from your world of tank server.

  82. I don’t like easy rentals. Giving people with 8 battles total an
    opportunity to play tier 8 makes life harder for experienced players. Now,
    something more challenging, like 15,000 damage or 50 kills, that would be a
    bit more reasonable.

  83. Is there a list of which tanks are retired and how they were given out? As
    a fairly new player, I’m somewhat curious about these tanks and there’s not
    a clear history for me to follow.

  84. I like the rent a tank events. I tried 4 rentatanks so far and have bought
    one that I usually enjoy. I personally think the Kv5 can be a good tank for
    the right player (not me). I am very happy with my M56 scorpion. It can
    snipe well and hold its own around corners or over hills. I would never
    have even looked at it had it not been free to try.

  85. kv-5 bully ? drive a kv-5 in front of a ISU-152 with BL10 🙂 bully

  86. Well, had fun with KV-5 ramming people.

  87. Spraying gold as a boss

  88. “Outskilling a whole enemy team” – why do people put titles like this for
    their replays? You had a great game, that’s undeniable, but it’s
    irritating. Maybe it’s just me, who knows

  89. kv5 it’s perfect
    it has no balanced armor but this create more advantages than disadvantages

  90. for what does he need that amount of gold?

  91. That rental was really nice just because I got to train my KV-1s crew
    without having to retrain them to the KV-5.

  92. i do feel like these ruin the matchmaker a t8/9

  93. I like the fact that QK has more prem shells loaded than AP and HE combined
    by like a factor of 2. Let the game ruining begin

  94. One popular tactic that KV-5 drivers use is to drive BACKWARDS! This covers
    the huge radio turret, which has 20mm less armor, and the back plate can
    always be angled.

  95. 8 is nothing. try 16

  96. I hope that if they rent out any other tanks they are tier 5 and below

  97. It has been glorious, playing tier IXs and having six or seven KV-5s on the
    enemy team. And they are being driven by players that do not have any tanks
    higher then a tier V. Those KV-5 drivers have been getting an education.

  98. 2:26
    Prime opportunity for a ram kill in the KV-5…noob.

  99. I hate rental system..

  100. There aren’t very many KV5s in that game for a NA server last weekend, 15
    wasn’t unusual.

  101. It time for the Beast

  102. There are two types of KV-5 drivers. Noobs that fire all HE and suck balls.
    Gold spammers that fire APCR and suck balls. The third lesser known group
    are those who are actually good at this POS tank that fire AP

  103. IncredibleEtableBaby

    The Caernarvon has the worst alpha damage of T8 heavy’s with only 230dmg
    per shot.

  104. It’s a bad tank

  105. @QuickybabyTV I was wonder if you could post me in my t71 and doing almost
    6k Damage I posted it in your website thanks

  106. i did 6.5k and blocked 6.5k took 1600 dmg ht 15 done!

  107. I really have really enjoyed the rental system for the past few weeks. It
    has been a great taste of the premiums and it has been really good for
    certain missions such as mt 15 for the scorpion weekend.

  108. I also use auto aim a lot, and I am good with it, you just need to know
    when to press the button and when to wait, of course you cant hit
    weakpoints, but when you just need to hit the enemy quick, its useful.

  109. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Well I guess it’s how you view it really. In one way, this was the best
    weekend to farm, ever. To view it the other way, yeah you have a whole
    bunch of tomatoes on your own team, too. For me, it’s just a chance for me
    to carry harder hey.

  110. The KV-5 weekend was glorious. KV-5s are visible from space, blind as bats,
    easily penned by Tier 7/8 German TDs (among other things), and have so many
    HP to nom nom nom. Of course if you’re not careful, they can drive straight
    forward at you until they finally see you, shedding HP all the while, and
    still have enough left to murder you.

  111. I love my Kv 5 I bought mine last Christmas!

  112. Nice cheeky bit of skill ammunition here… Fair enough he needed some of
    it, like against the is6 for example… but against the rear of a kv5? And
    to hit the cupola on the front of a kv5? Just shows how willing people are
    to use skill ammunition and waste precious credits…

  113. thought that extra zoom mod was banned on NA server

  114. who thinks it would be cool if WG replaced the radio operator turret with
    an R2-D2 during the release of star wars the force awakens? I think it
    would be fun

  115. Got it as a free rental and milked it for crew training and prem credit
    farming. I wouldn’t buy it even if it were still available. Unless you are
    top tier this thing is food for 8 and 9 guns.

  116. i would have taken arty and just clicked on those newbies

  117. ooooquantumkiwiI know him

  118. QB, i wanna buy my first premium tank ,so can you tell me what tank is
    better : AMX CDC or T26E4 ?

  119. easy damage so much apcr +alot of noob kv5s

  120. World of GoldspammingTanks

  121. The Anonymous Patriot

    That stupid rental thing is why I stayed away from Tier 8 in My IS-3
    because every 100 game noob was driving around a KV-5 and it seemed like
    most of them were on My team.
    Same with the Scorpion Rental, I stopped playing My E25 bc of that during
    that time.
    HOWEVER I went on a Seal Clubbing Spree in My M4 Sherman during the RAM II
    Watch the next one will be a Tier 9 Premium rental. No IS-8 for Me!

  122. 5:14 what are you talking about XD

  123. Record for KV-5 is 7564 damage.

  124. Auto aim works well when you are sure youll pen anywhere. Its faster to
    auto aim and hit center of mass than usingyour mouse.

  125. Great work as always Quickybaby. I thing rent-weekends are superfun to try
    out diffrent tank lines which your not aiming at for the moment. Also its
    lots of fun to meet both inexperienced and proffesionals tankers at that
    kind of matches, sort of love-hate relation to rent-weekends. Hejdå Magnus

  126. QB please read this!!! You don’t know the struggles of the caernarvons 220
    alpha damage! Get it right

  127. yes quicky, I’m the mother of a KV-5…

  128. E75? VK45B? they cant even pen an E-50

  129. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is not drek

  130. actually you can pen the is6 roof with the standard rounds I’ve done it
    countless times, of course at point blank range as I face hug him


  132. This weekend was pretty bad with tier 8 matches overwhelmed by folks who
    had no business in tier 8 heavies let alone the KV-5. Thumbs down.

  133. most damage Ive ever got in the KV5 is 5840

  134. Samuel Giovannucci

    I spam played the KV-5 they game me. My crews got lots of XP and it was fun
    to pwn the new players in their KV-5s. The most I saw in one game was 20.

  135. Daniel Sedlarević

    I’ve never played KV-5, but I think I’ll stick to my E75.

  136. I have a KV-5. Used to be loads of fun until WG decided to put in UNLIMITED
    So show us a round where the player DOESN’T sprem spam. Seeing someone make
    it work with that 167mm pen is much more fun than point+click sprem.
    Any round where the player would LOSE CR without premium account when using
    a premium tank ought to be disqualified from being shown on those grounds
    Just dumbs the game down, but, looking at a lot of the teams on your and
    other replays, it seems that battle’s well and truly over.

  137. If WG removes the KV-5 I will genuinely be depressed.
    Please do not even think of that QB.

  138. where can i send you a replay?


  140. Gj quantum kiwi. It’s good you didn’t have to face my T32, I was using this
    event all weekend long for my once crappy face TierX all the time now had
    good MM for 3 days tank. Many 1K or better base XP games last weekend thx

  141. quicky are you planing jokes like the ,, the kv 5 is hiding his droid
    behind another kv 5 drois ” or do you just say it while watching the replay

  142. nice gameplay with the donkeys and the goldspam with the useless tank

  143. A friend and I had fun this weekend with the KV-5s out there. We loaded up
    our IS-6 tanks and bounced them all day, rarely losing to these KV-5 tanks.
    Had lots of fun farming damage on them.

  144. its just unfair >.>

    the europian server never gets those events.
    every 3 events they have we get only 1 or not even 1 sometimes….

    but i rlly like the rnt idea ^^

  145. cool bro

  146. You got windows 10 :D

  147. It shouldn’t be allowed to buy nor rent tier VIII prems until tier VI has
    been reached and you start to know what the game is about. All these new
    players just end up wasting their tanks and screwing up their team.

    Then again, WG needs to make money somewhere…

  148. Yes this was a great weekend on the NA server all kind of matches with
    fresh KV-5 meat to feast on. I earned my Master in my ISU-152 Bl10 doing
    over 5k damage, 8 kills and 2500 XP. Thanks Wargaming pls feed me some more

  149. Weekend on NA server = time to play strongholds and CW. Random matches had
    up to ten KV-5s on each side driven by tomatoes who had maybe 1K battles
    and their highest tier was 5. Utterly unplayable.

  150. I found this weekend of KV-5s to be amazing, I didn’t bother driving a KV-5
    myself, but I took my good ole’ T32 out for several spins. Had tons of
    monster games ripping apart those poor abominations one by one.

  151. i played during the kv5 rental weekend…. got stuck in a match with 10
    kv5s on each team on malinovka, the highest Wn8 for all the kv5s was 488
    they all drove straight through the field on malinovka and i was so happy
    because i was in my rhm =) 3min later every kv5 was dead

  152. There were soooooo many noobs this weekend but the funny part were that the
    teams were better than usual I also got to slaughter kv5s in my AMX 50 100

  153. Just what I wanted to see – sealclubber spams all gold at tomatoes.
    Quickybaby sure knows a good game when he sees one.

  154. KV5`s mother: “Well, better then the Japanese…”

  155. He must have a illegal aim mod cause soviet tanks and accuracy on movement
    with auto aim you know like water and oil

  156. hahah LOL! “SNS CLAN IS MY old Clan! and i know *FRY*

  157. Radio operators on KV 5 are not dying. They get obliterated.

  158. first

  159. Would you like a video of my E75 doing and blocking 7,000 damage against

  160. Quantumkiwi you Awful auto-aiming skreb. GG nonetheless ;P

  161. was I the first comment? lol

  162. I hate the rental weekends…also I own the kv-5 and I wish they would have
    given some sort of thing to you (the owner) like a few days prem or some
    amount of gold…

  163. While being a very nice game it showas why i am about to leave wot for
    good. Load all the gold and run a premium account. Its almost like

  164. 1:49 : KV-2 rental?

  165. Still shit tank, so easy to take out? A tank isn’t goodg just because a
    person had a good game in it

  166. Gold noob

  167. KV-5 sucks !! :-P

  168. +QuickyBabyTV Ahh swiss cheese joke, good one Quicky!

  169. I think the rental weekends are a good idea, but at the same time it does
    mean that a person should not play a tank that is two tiers below during
    the period, unless they are very comfortable in their lower tier tanks of

  170. I had my 2 best games ever at tier 8 this weekend farming off the KV5
    noobs. The biggest game I saw was 13 KV-5s. Nobody hiding the weak points.

  171. Did you see unicum-flowers at the end? :)

  172. YAMAHA “Stig46” Stig

    Много в команде кв5 и у противника тоже

  173. when is this special on the EU server?

  174. This is probably a test to see how having experienced an uncommon tank
    affects the chances of people buying it in future sales.

    If people get disillusioned about it there is less likely to be a flood
    every time it’s on sale.

    I am suggesting the Hype 59 next.

  175. Alexandre Schossler

    my impression or they are using warpack?
    for example:

  176. nothing but a gold spammer

  177. the only weekend i thought i was pub stomping in tier 8

  178. Can you guys please stop complaining about apcr/heat rounds? It is really
    getting boring, and if you never had shot “gold” rounds…….

  179. I understand that the KV-5 is a dumb tank (or you could say kinda the same
    for the E3 video of last week), but I would prefer to watch good gameplay
    over the big numbers.

  180. I understand that the KV-5 is a dumb tank (or you could say kinda the same
    for the E3 video of last week), but I would prefer to watch good gameplay
    over the big numbers.

  181. As long as the rental tanks aren’t paper tanks that have to kemp bush to be
    useful, it’s not the worst thing to happen. Honestly, matchmaking for
    random battles yesterday was still kind of bad, even after the KV5 weekend.
    I’d put it up to the 3x first win bonus they’re giving for the whole week.

  182. Ah the KV-5, perfect for roflstomping lower tiered enemies, but an absolute
    living nightmare when facing an E-75 or ST-I. That ugly Soviet Mammoth got
    a special place in my heart though <3


  184. antb quatrevingtquinze

    A player above the average that spamming gold ammunition at inexperienced
    players in tier 8 tanks. Nothing outstanding…

  185. I played tier10s all weekend guess why.

  186. How to be successful player:
    -buy OP premium tank with preferential MM
    -spam gold

  187. they had a rental for a scorpion also. it was horrible. you had complete
    scrubs coming up to the high tiers with no idea what was going on and
    totally killing the game. these rentals are horrible and they need to die

  188. T32 video???

  189. LOL, typical VILIN unicum farming scrubs in tanks they shouldn’t have with
    prem spam.

  190. do not say it about the weak spot! dont say it quycky baby just dont do
    n…. nah you did that again

  191. I love my KV-5 <3 Reverse Sidescraping like a boss.

  192. Ильгиз Якупов


  193. im ashamed of being on the NA server, that KV5 was spamming prem ammo the
    half of the battle, tipical NA server player, trying to solve his lack of
    skill spamming prem ammo

  194. play armored warfare is much better than wot

  195. Saw the tagline to this and thought you’d made a video about my ex wife.

  196. The KV-5 looks much fun! I wish I had bought it when I could’ve :(

  197. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Wargaming is stupid. They’d make more money if all premiums were always

  198. Wow a tank that must face the enemy with his ass to avoid getting wrecked
    by +120mm pen shots and has to shot shitload of APCR against other tier 8
    tanks…..very good tank jaja. Showing such a replay is pure “want more
    likes” action.

    Also i love how the uploader used the word OUTSKILLING…..yeah shooting in
    autoaim with APCR is a lot of skill. What a retard. :D

  199. can you make another good guy vid please quickybaby?

  200. The KV-5 driver has a Auto-Aim Mod. At 2:30 you can see that he activate
    his AutoAim on the T29, but the T29 was behind the Rock. And i think that
    Mods like that are illegal? When im wrong, im sorry :3

  201. KV-5 was so fun to target this weekend for insane amounts of credits and
    experience because most KV-5 drivers were noobs.

  202. Considering the KV-5’s gun is .43 accurate you would expect those shots to
    fly much farther from the center than they were.

  203. KV-5 <3

  204. Kiwi is a good friend of mine….But F that guy for realz. =)

  205. Wow. I did not think I would ever see this day. Thanks for choosing my
    replay QB <3 <3 You flatter me.

  206. all this hate for shooting premium rounds. he can shoot whatever he wants

  207. That huge R2D2 weak spot ruins it IMO. Even from afar with mediocre guns
    you can get pens on it more often than not. Any player that knows a bit
    about what they are doing will have no probs taking this thing out.
    Glad i never wasted gold buying it.

  208. meh, the kv5 is ok i guess

  209. Another great video commentary, you are the best.

  210. stop xvm please

  211. i qb when you going to platoon with peppy

  212. Wow I’m early! How’s your day everyone?

  213. Very chaotic when these things suddenly bring low experience players into
    high tier games. Folks were getting sick of seeing load screens with ten or
    more KV5’s in the lists.
    I spent the whole weekend in the Bert, blowing their tracks so the TD’s
    could pick them apart. One Bert can slow down a whole herd of KV5’s,
    allowing one at a time to advance and die.

  214. auto aimming, gold ammo
    typical guy who ruin the game

  215. So what was in the message from wargaming? 😛
    am I right?

  216. “All time great KV-5 games”
    Yeah if you load a million gold rounds

  217. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    the radio operator is named kenny

  218. Suddenly a wild qwindzor appears and uses the 71 Pounds attack
    oh! looks like qb has fainted!

  219. 17 prem tanku and 8 KV5 in the same game . YAY !?

  220. g o l d s p a m b o y s

  221. I Want The Kv-5 Now xD !!!

  222. Hey! My KV-5 is beautiful! ;(

  223. KV-5s are pretty easy to deal with; too many flat surfaces and multiple
    weak points equals damage and xp pinata

  224. RIP Vilin actually does good?!

  225. amazin :)

  226. i knew it was the KV-5 as soon as a saw it…..

  227. Why would you ever resurrect your radio operator?

  228. Well I have the KV-5 on my own, and I know the issues of the penetration.
    But seriously that amount of premium ammo shot in this video is just
    ridiculous, it kills this replay for me. Nothing special at all.

  229. goddamit I can’t believe I took a break from wot on a weekend like this :/
    I could have finally completed td15

  230. There are EIGHT KV-5’s!

  231. Quickybaby starting to talk about droïdception..?! Am I in the real world ?

  232. Well… coolio xD He could have used less Premium shells, especially with
    that other KV-5 who had his turret turned in the wrong way xD

  233. auto aiming potato spamming gold….err ok

  234. If think he should carry more premium ammos. Kappa

  235. uploaded 14 min ago and already over a thousand views

  236. Standard Premium loaded? Stopped watching

  237. A tank that only Russia would love…

  238. I love KV-5

  239. Hey QB. Love watching your vids and livestream. I was wondering if you ever
    heard of the Ratte german super-heavy tank and how it would do if it was in
    the game?

  240. I am early!

  241. Oh no, not Quantumkiwi… what a jerk! huehue! (miss you bae, accept my
    invites more often jerk!)

  242. Is the panther 88 a good credit earner/crew trainer?

  243. Petri Hämäläinen

    What is more fun than KV-5 in a tier 8 match? Platoon with 3 KV-5’s…

  244. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    Why does everyone have to comment on when they watched it? And kv-5 is not
    that good tbh

  245. Why doesnt the EU Server Cluster do things like this

  246. 5th

  247. I got my tank destroyer 15 done due to at least 10 kv5s on the enemy team
    when I was in my obj.704

  248. What do you guys think of the rent-a-tank events?

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

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