World of Tanks || BIG GUN TONNES OF FUN

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – 60TP. Today we’ve got a cracking game on our hands in thhe T10 Polish heavy, will it’s big gun lead to tonnes of fun?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. He should of fired AP for one of those blindshots lol

  2. Every 20 replay’s in a row I don’t see a t11oe5 I go to it’s shrine to make sacrifices…

  3. Because

  4. I got an ammo rack on the 60tp with a shot to the lower glacis with my e100. So don’t let people shoot u on the lower plate

  5. Qb old

  6. happy birthday then

  7. Winter is coming!

  8. Think of it more like the tenth anniversary of your 21rst birthday!

  9. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Minimum gold spam. No premium consumable. Epic possitioning. Good play

  10. D a video on the type 5 heavy

  11. Everything is “fun” when it is “BIG”!!! -Human-

  12. Change name to world of Russian tank , WORT

  13. oh yes. the e-100’s gun handling is SO superior. .1 of a second.. SO much better, such a noticible difference.

  14. The Modelling News

    Too much gold…

  15. Look up Jack Benny. He was thirty two years old for decades.

  16. Well played. 183 blinked, and he didn’t. But to be fair, this 183 played it really shitty, to let himself be hit so many times blind with HE…..poor display. But GG anyway.

  17. WOW! he knows the game!!!

  18. Blind resets are the best. Great presence of mind.

  19. I really love ur vids! I’m happy that you are a tanker like me and has a liking for tanks.

  20. Sir, can you play a tiger 2 tank? I want to learn some tips on it.

  21. 10,600 damage is only the damage known in battle. you forgot that blind hits don’t show up until the post game stats. The final total was 11,655, but you knew that already.

  22. Luv the vids and keep up the great work. And Lol I just got a 10k damage game in 60TP and I only used heat when I ran out of ap. If anyone wants to check it out it’s on wot replays just search my in game name it’s hockeyboy111.

  23. wouldn’t this be considered another instance of “power creep?

  24. There is no way he’s 31, he doesn’t look much older than me, and I’m only 22

  25. 2.9 seconds aim time compared to 3 seconds aim time is virtually no advantage. .21 compared to .22 is negligible. This thing is better than the E100 in pretty much every way other than the ability to side scrape, sort of. Not to mention this thing is smaller than the E100 and faster/more agile. There is no real reason to choose an E100 over this thing unless you want to ram something, maybe.

  26. Shared it with NA too 😛

  27. This looks completely overpowered.
    Also that 183 is a fucking idiot for staying in the same spot AND blind firing.

  28. LOL days are getting shorter for me days are getting longer:) hey quicky, can you do ace tanker KV-2 107 mm gun bottom tier or it too much to ask?

  29. Well played, however this game is sick, goldammo sickness. The greedy gold sickness!

  30. You should do a vid about the grille 15 again sometime

  31. lol I am older so it help to not think about it

  32. “only 5% of shells used in-game are premium”

  33. That was a really entertaining replay to watch. Great game. All skill.

  34. This was brilliant.

  35. this dude is a pro but if i was the fv215b 183 i would hide and wait and let it be draw

  36. Love the fact that for one time an awesome replay isnt “full gold”.
    I start to think people dont even bother shooting standard rounds at tier 10

  37. I have 2.1m exp cause been broke and stoke on some tanks….thinking of skipping some lines…now i just have to wait for bonus exp gold exchange

  38. Great nail biter of a game. Thanks for sharing.


  40. I hope the polish tank tech tree gonna available soon on Blitz

  41. Wargaming must build seperaye polish server! Unfortunately They are the worst players of all times, if you have 3 polish players in your team , you will absolutely lose! Beside that,wargaming add some tricky algorythm that it put you alwaya desperate teams,the point is buying gold ! Wg only cares money !

  42. a OP tank

  43. Mate, great horse racing commentator voice on that one, certainly got me excited to see that last shot

  44. The armor over the gun Is 60mm not 50mm so you can not overmatch it

  45. Shihab Bin Humayoon

    winter is coming

  46. Hmmm Something Deja Vu about this replay I’ve watch this before.

  47. Quickybaby can you please try to platoon with skill4ltu and view us that battle

  48. Eelke van der Brug

    “So what makes the 60TP special/better than the E-100?”

    Everything. It is literally a better tank, the turret is superior and let’s face it, that’s the only thing that matters. If your heavy does not have a turret that doesn’t get lol-penned by gold then it can ne good, otherwise it just won’t be.
    Side armor doesn’t really matter on the E-100, because when you actually have to shoot someone you un-angle your turret. And you get penned.
    Edit: well played to the guy, that 1v1 against the 183B was very nicely done.

  49. No premium ammo no fun:D

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