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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Gallex_Airuta is going to show you why the T6 Japanese Heavy the O-I is also known as Big Momma.

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  1. Also much armour in dem cheeks

  2. OP tits

  3. Winterberg has a hidden Himmelsdorf kappa

  4. Big momma is big … but her holes are large ;)

  5. The Dicker Max couldn’t penetrate Big Momma’s breasts.

  6. This thing is blatantly OP at tier 6. all you have to do not allow yourself
    to be shot in the side and you will bounce round after round, While 1 or 2
    shooting everything that tries to kill you. Also, No frontal weakspots that
    tier 6 tanks can hit and pen… yeah… Fing OP as all hell. The OI can
    kill ALL competition of equal or lesser tier even more than the old Kv1-s.
    And i’d argue that its even more op than the old 1-s, because you can’t
    F-ing pen the goddamn thing unless you somehow get it’s side.

  7. mate why this video, this tank is clearly completely OP on tier 6 its
    stupid. completely insane armour, still descently mobile, super destructive
    gun against pretty much all enemy’s. I thought the would stop making these

  8. Guys the O-I is the perfect woman. DAT BOOBS AND ASS, WITH THIN SIDES TOO!
    Don’t ask her weight as with any other women tho :^)
    /sexist mode off

  9. Elc Amx is going to have so much fun sitting right next to it and doing the
    death scrape! :D

  10. It’s very op. It can one shot my tier 6 Churcill VII from the front. But I
    can’t penetrate this at the front, neither at the back. Great, just

  11. This tank is a very effective tomato squasher. It works best agains players
    who can’t bother to invest any time in getting to know this game by
    flashing up one of the many armour inspectors available and finding

    In time, with videos like this this effect will diminish and they will be
    easy meat for everyone as their armour is really the only thing they have.
    Their huge and relatively slow.

  12. Caleb Mulford (CrossEyesChamp)

    Quickybaby, u play ftb??

  13. needs a nerf big time

  14. Hay! tell your fans that it’s beter to ignore afk players till thay are
    last.that helps me a lot

  15. OP with the combination of the armor and gun… one without the other, not
    so much

  16. Gonna enjoy picking these tanks apart. Even though the weakpoints dont look
    so big … they actually are because the tank is so huge 🙂
    But right now I enjoy warships more than tanks :)

  17. Hey QB, ridiculous tank. I have met one O-I in my Comet recently and lucky
    me it was not Gallex… So i managed to take him out… also while i got to
    sidehug this behemoth, he did not shoot at me 2nd time for the rest of the
    duel and you can imagine how long it takes to comet to take out those HP, i
    dont know if it was cos his ammorack was dmg or maybe it does not have the
    gun depression to do so?

    Also what do you think about the E5 in HD? 😀 For me it is like E-100 for
    you, was my 1st Tier 10 tank in the game… I loved it before, but now…
    omg…. 😀

    Already managed to get 10k bounce game :D

  18. Should be called the O-verpowered.

  19. no weakspots wtf

  20. Ridiculously overpowered, WG is going to ruin the game

  21. BIG WEAK

  22. you sir…. are awesome…

  23. I love these new heavies, it makes playing Russian tank destroyers more fun
    to play

  24. can you get your crew back ? @QuickyBabyTv

  25. gg
    Link tank inspector please ?

  26. Its not himmelsdorf, its ruinberg. XD

  27. Nice T-shirt QB…

  28. O-I is my bitch whenever I play my elc?

  29. Sure someone pointed this out already, but small verbal error. It’s not
    Himmelsdorf – rather Winterberg. :)

  30. I don’t really think these tanks are that overpowered. I mean, the monster
    gun and armor are obvious advantages when top tier, but really, how often
    do you think this tank will not see at least a few VII’s or VIII’s? The
    D-25T on the IS or KV-3 will have no problem wrecking this tank with I
    believe 175mm of penetration. And of course, the higher tier mediums can
    run circles around this thing all day long. Not to mention an ISU-152
    plugging a 286mm penetration round from the BL-10 into the side of this
    behemoth. Of course, that isn’t to say I’m not looking forward to playing
    this line of heavies.

  31. “If you have 160mm of penetration”
    >Eh, how many tanks at Tier VI have more than 160mm of penetration? :/

  32. ur so pervert ! :D

  33. big mama`s rules :D

  34. Hmmm.
    I wonder if those weakspots can allow the MT25 37mm autocannon to shred

  35. Why did they make these jap tanks with so much armor… they were junk in
    real life and didn’t have that sort of armor..

  36. this is crazy op, no joke, if there is 1 guy covering your flank there is
    no way u going to die. Most tier 6s even with gold cant pen the this tank,
    this needs nerf immediately, and I wont be surprised if its next patch.
    KV-2 mixed with a t95. No weak spot on the front and all u could do is fire
    some rng HE.

  37. nice vid! thx. btw cool shirt?

  38. nice vid! thx. btw cool shirt?

  39. Elc amx to the ass = gg

  40. Literally Boobs of steel… and arse of steel as well.

  41. Elc amx will be the best counter

  42. I’ve found that HE shells to the track (as long as you have a decent gun)
    is extremely effective.

  43. Always up to the artillery to kill em’, I usually shave off at least a
    quarter HP from the O Ni in my AMX 13 F3 :)

  44. Her boobs need lasers!

  45. big momma is a beast

  46. Thx absolutely destroy them now! ?

  47. Lol funny video

  48. lol u cant penetrate big mamas ass LOLOLOLOL

  49. screen capture software? thank you

  50. Maybe boot it up a tier?

  51. New KV-2? More like the new KV-1S in terms of the weight it can throw at
    top tier.

  52. If they nerfed the KV-1S, thing is guaranteed a nerf. The O-I is blatantly

  53. CreeperCrew jakethefake

    Sooo… Basically, if a Luchs drives up next to an O-I, It is the perfect
    profile to be able to shoot just above the spaced armor, It would be the
    same if not if an alien facehugger latches onto me?


  55. Quickybaby killing TOG… Jingles mustn’t be happy.

  56. Well, the elc amx can simply go through it then 

  57. Do you think the elc amx would be a good counter to BigMomma?


    never heard quicky say “boobs” and “ass” in a video before
    almost like its jingles in disguise

  59. the jap ht makse the t29 look like nothing, pretty much overpowered

  60. What is Quickybabys damage received counter called?

  61. Expect a nerf to this tank. Can’t have something in game that makes the
    commies look bad. Also, KV-5 on sale again.

  62. big momma is a bit op, but only in random games, a good platoon i think
    could handle them i would think.

  63. OP much geez lol

  64. Vojtěch Mikolášek

    gj WG ruining the tier 6 CW with this op tank

  65. This tank is super over powered. My super pershing bounces all the time off
    of this tier 6. I know that you are supposed to shoot this tank in the
    sides, and i do. However, the Super P has 170 mm of pen on AP, this little
    tier 6 POS has 150 mm of armor so the slightest angle i bounce, i’ve never
    had to use apcr to damage a tier 6 tank beofre while in a tier 8. It’s
    crazy op.

  66. “Big momma” is (pardon my language) bullshit. I personally dont care about
    the armor, it teaches people weakspots and all that essential stuff. BUT,
    giving it the kv 2’s derp (witch is the the only reason people play the kv
    2 for) is conpletely unfair and unbalanced and stupid. Ehem, kv2: 110 ap
    136 heat 86 he OI: 121 ap 150 heat 76 he. Not to mention OI has 0.58 acc
    and 3,7 sec aim to kv2’s 0.6 and 4.0 Oh, and we all know the kv2 can
    totally bounce shots and is soooooo much faster and manuverable than OI
    (sorry to pick on u QB but dont even try to hint that OI and Kv2 are
    ballanced in any respect).

  67. Bib mama can show her arse and her boobs to everyone in the street
    ……sounds like this tank is from Manchester.

  68. Mister Torgue Flexington

    arty has a legit role now, to take care of these moving bunkers.

  69. When are these Japanese tanks coming to Xbox one?

  70. Sorry Quicky, but this isn’t Himmelsdorf.

  71. pedo bear tank… no word to describe this poop from WG

  72. Everytime when is see a O-I:
    Load gold and scream, GET BALANCED.
    This tank should be balanced, destroy tier 6 heavy competition. At least
    nerf rear armor.

  73. Pretty sure QB got mixed up between Matilda at tier 4 and the Matilda IV at
    tier 5. No one in the history of WOT has said the Matilda IV has good pen
    🙂 86 pen up to a staggering 102 with gold 🙂 Thats what I get for posting
    before end of vid, very next sentence he realises his mistake :)

  74. When he says that the gun is for example, 105mm, is that the size of the
    round of the thickness of armour it can penetrate? Also, why do I sometimes
    penetrate and do damage and then other times I don’t and I shot at the same
    spot? Cheers, new to the game, love your vids already

  75. Nearly everyone that shoots at me in this tank penetrates. People must just
    load gold as soon as they see it.

  76. Big Momma? I personally call it Big Sushi. Really.

  77. Powercreep and newbie players, why on EARTH did you choose this game to
    show. Utterly worthless.

  78. Really put me off the game this tank. Not interested anymore. What are WG

  79. This tank line is going to be a big fail in a few months(max: 1y)! common
    recipe from WG. Try it, feel the power, grind it, and after you are on T10
    we will nerf it.

  80. Did anyone notice that QuickyBaby was wearing a galaxy shirt while the
    player who droved big mama name is Gallax??

  81. probs been said already but …. wow dat t-shirt

  82. So what if O-I is powerful? Does it have a premium mm? No. It can meet tier
    8. Matilda and other heavily armored tanks like the AT series were nerfed
    to hell because of all that whining players too lazy or too stupid to act
    as a team, to find an edge over their opponent to come up with a flanking
    maneuver, who wants to penetrate everything from up front on a lower plate,
    on a weak spot or whatever. Well tough luck. I wonder only how will you
    live until the next patch when again some absurd weak spot like on the AT
    series will be added on O-I superstructure so every whining idiot will be
    able to penetrate it up front and sleep well during the night. No tank is
    indestructible for a well coordinated team. But since most people love to
    act as a lone wolfs, sure, we will screw with reality again and find a way
    to nerf the tank so a single player could get it.

  83. I’d just like to point out that while the Matilda has good penetration, the
    Soviet Matilda IV’s penetration is pretty dire, with only 86mm on its
    standard AP rounds and 102 on APCR, compared to the British Matilda’s
    Yes, that’s right, the standard pen in the tier IV Matilda is better than
    the APCR pen on the tier V matilda.

  84. What is the mod that shows shots that have been blocked by your armor?

  85. Very very very powerful when top tier = totally fucking op

  86. oh its overpowered Alright sometimes they take tier 6 or even tier 7 tanks
    out with 1 single shot >.> The aim should be nerved or the armor i think.
    and it will happen rather soon believe me -.- theres no tier 6 tank as
    powerfull as the 0-I not even close…

  87. this is stupid name for this tank

  88. I’m getting this tank ASAP

  89. 6005899999 Me again-1

    i want big mm

  90. wrecking the game hell yes

  91. This may not be relevant to the video but I bought the scorpion package
    today and the scorpion is quite fun to play,once you get past the armour
    situation the rest of the SPG is very good

  92. 0:40 Himmelsdorf?


  93. I used to play a lot of matches of KV1 when I was a new player. I know the
    feeling of driving a relatively OP tank, it is easy and helpful for new
    players to encounter opponents. However, I think this time WarGaming went
    too far. WG previously had done a lot of work for improving in game
    balance, but now they implemented this extremely unbalanced series of
    tanks. Why is it ?

  94. Face palm when he says himmilsdorf

  95. i like your t-shirt.

  96. JustThijsGaming - Elke week een nieuwe video

    I feel like the *uche uche* biggest enemy for these japan heavys is the ELC
    AMX come one fast so just go drive yolo at an O-I he misses because your
    small and fast you get his sides and than do The ELC AMX Hug Of Death xD
    thats a slow and painfull death for them…

  97. lol that name @quickybaby

  98. John “Jack” Hansen

    O-I? More like O-P.

  99. i really should get back into WOT and try these heavies.. but warships is
    just so good.

  100. Thanks to Jingles my first experience against this tank was a kill. When
    teammates start moaning about it I tell them where to shoot. Yes it is a
    behemoth but not something that can’t be beat. BTW, I’m a pretty crappy
    player, but getting better thanks to watching QB and Jingles on YouTube.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  101. Finally a QB video with some butt and boobs.

  102. in almost all of my games, if i dont focus this big mommas with my m4 derp
    gun, my team just fail hard.

  103. the type 5 is the big daddy

  104. Ugly 😀 Tanks

  105. I bet if we took out everything in the O-I we could fit a hot tub in there.

  106. Is QB gona get the Type 4 or 5? would like to see him make a review of

  107. Yay, i have got this Tank today. ^-^

  108. “The Madilta lV” Quyckybaby: And the madilta has pretty good penetraiton…

  109. psss t6 TD`s eat this tank

  110. The 80’s called they want their shirt back QB… great video tho

  111. it kind of wierd hearing quicky saying ”boobs and ass” but it’s funny

  112. Epic T-Shirt!

  113. Big momma has an ass and boobs that just won’t quite but here weakness is
    her sensitive sides and undercarriage ??lol


  115. Japanese heavy tanks or what is bigger – the WG lack of scrupulosity what
    so ever or the players greed and stupidity. PS: yes, I know, only some of
    them but too many anyway. PPS: For me, it’s impossible to watch an clip
    about those absurdities. Next tanks will be based on myths, legends and
    other folk stories.

  116. These Japanese tanks give completely new meaning to the word HEATsink.


  118. Oh, come on. They nerfed the hell out of the KV-1S because it was ‘over
    powered’ for it’s tier and it wasn’t even HALF as overpowered as the
    Japanese heavies are. It was fast, had a big, slow firing gun and was
    easily penetrated. Not so with these things as they have as much armour as
    a cruiser, and the cruisers gun. These couldn’t even exist in reality, look
    at the size of the turrets, now imagine that they have 6 inches of armour
    crammed inside on each wall AND a gun which will be recoilling, so where do
    the crew sit? Everyone keeps saying that ‘yes, they’re op at their tier,
    but not at the next higher’, well neither was the KV-1S, as a matter of
    fact, compared to these it wasn’t op at all. This whole line is a crock of
    crap. And pointing out that if you are super lucky and hit the toothpick
    size weak point you can damage it before it blows crap out of you is
    insulting to intelligence.

  119. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    7:06 Error 404 TOG II not found

  120. Could you show my O-I Experimental replay with 11 kills aswell? Would be
    funny.. It’s my 1st pools medal aswell

  121. Can you tell me which tank is best for earning coins ???

  122. I blocked almost that amount, like this I-O, but I was in the AMX 40 :D

  123. Kv1-s 2.0 ^^

  124. I’d love to see some more AMX CDC gameplay. Now that tank takes skill!

  125. I installed your mod, but it is not complete like yours. for example, my
    not appear the chances of victory of the times, or the damage that I get.
    because? I need to set this up? sorry about my English

  126. the best player in world of tanks

  127. Alright, lets swap out each “Big Momma” with “Peppy”,forget every “not” and
    replace “Enemy” with “Quickybaby”, Ready for some 150mm Surprise Buttsex
    with cooperative Producer Jingles
    Theres a free A+ Femdom Pörn Video for all of us out there now. Even
    official :D

  128. See theses everywhere

  129. My arty M41 HMC gold pen :240
    one shot o-i exp.
    criple tier o-i
    so i dont think jap heavyes are op

  130. If you dont have the side armor it will be very anoying to pen, im to
    scared to download the game again and jump into my tier 5 and 6 heavy tanks
    Kv1 and T-150 :S how im gona pen this beast i dont use premium ammo it cost
    to much i will run out of money :S

  131. Big momma gotta eat!

  132. Big momma gotta eat!

  133. I love the O-I, she has been my power house for grinding damage and when I
    need to block and deliver shots, I go to the tier 7 O-Ni and pray for a top
    tier match. Then I just park my front in the line of fire, and listen to
    all the shots that do zero damage. I did my HT 15 in this tank for a
    re-completion and in damage blocked alone I blocked a potential 6,348
    damage and dealt out about 1600 damage of my own.

  134. Hey quicky dunno if you ever read these but im from zimbabwe just wanted to
    let u know people all over the world love u ?u r awesome quicky!

  135. So Quicky you are a Dead Head??? Like the Psychedelic T shirt. Seeing Acid
    trails ??? hehe!

  136. y right..evry braindead fucktard going for the most op pile of shit in the
    game atm and braging about his score….the perfect player wg is searching

  137. Thanks for weakspots!

  138. Жуков Георгий Константинович

    matilda 86 pen 102 with gold…yea good pen…

  139. QB you said himmelsdorf hehe go home you’re drunk ??

  140. Damn, can’t penetrate that milf :(

  141. 14.59 syncronized hand gestures

  142. loves the arl 44, 212 pen :D

  143. I really like your shirt.

  144. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    Play stug. Kemp bush. Spot OI. go behind the bush while loading gold. Kill
    OI. easy af

  145. that funkay shirt Quicky

  146. Super OP nobody can pen it on tier 6 and below and is isnt that slow

  147. Sigh, People say that Eu players > NA players, yet every time I watch a Eu
    replay everyone is a tomato except the player who uploaded the replay.

  148. love your t-shirt :D

  149. TheIncompetentGamer

    O-I?? More like O-P

  150. Qb i still dont like to see you playing with the ‘cheat’ mod, which shows
    tank names of unspotted tanks. This really is cheating! :(

  151. “Don’t shoot Big Momma’s boobs or bum” hahaha

  152. I laughed so hard when I saw the title of this video :)

  153. I laughed at the boobs and butt jokes. Mainly because I’m a twelve year-old
    trapped in a fifty-three year-old body!

  154. looks like the new op, nerfs coming next patch

  155. The Matilda IV only has 82mm of pen, silly QuickyBaby.

  156. Ok, I won’t have to waste premium ammo against that thing anymore. Thanks !

  157. Wolfgang Ottinger (Hasvägard_Furry)

    that’s an epic t-shirt.

  158. I like the shirt!

  159. wtf is this beast? :O

  160. 666 likes

  161. himmelsdorf?

  162. 3:26 did i just heard “big momma fisting” ??? Kappa

  163. Didn’t think I was ever gonna say this but THANK GOD FOR ARTY

  164. that’s one big thick independent woman xD

  165. Its not himmelsdorf !!! :D

  166. only tomato rofl stomping here not interesting

  167. Let’s pretend this tank doesn’t need a nerf

  168. ” don’t shoot her boobs” Quickybaby 2015

  169. Because of the view range nerf of the SPGs a couple of patches back there
    was no chance for this Hummel to win this.

  170. Pz.Sfl IVc:

  171. elc amx is the nemesis of this tank the elc can pen it and if the elc sits
    next to it the tank cant even aim at the elc amx and the chance u hit a elc
    amx is prity low

  172. Alexander Steen-Jørgensen

    “The weakness of Big Momma, is not her boobs, believe it or not” –
    Quickybaby 2015

  173. Џаст Фор Фан

    Nice shirt.

  174. that t-shirt :D

  175. So when is Jingles organizing a 15v15 big momma game?

  176. just shoot the front of the tracks and get toward the side of the tank. the
    tank is too tall and too wide and their gun cannot depress low enough to
    touch you, allowing you to hit its weak sides no problem.

  177. I wonder whether WoT jumped the shark with the Japanese heavy-line.

  178. When sitting in the cap in situations like those, I move to the areas to
    which the enemy has shot already. Shells will never hit the same place
    twice ;)

  179. Like the tog a elc amx can feast on this thing, have to love side scraping

  180. I’d like to see Martin Lawrence pull off THIS disguise!

  181. dez damez

  182. ( @ Y @ )

  183. i agree hiding behind objects when caping is not good. I hid behind a
    object 140 with an amx cdc and got killed by arty

  184. Those Japanese tanks are soooooo fat…
    It takes you 1 year to get around them in your ELC !

  185. Btw, nice shirt!

  186. Ok i want one will be grinding to get one buy the end of the week

  187. That tank seems OP as hail

  188. the o-I should be called the o-p (over powered)

  189. How long till the nerf?

  190. Many of the lower tier japanese heavies are utterly op. This thing is so
    tough with such inaccessible weakpoints that there’s no way it isnt.

    If wg doesnt nerf this soon, it will definitely be the new kv2.

  191. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    Or just go besides them and then they could not hit you and you can pen :P

  192. LoL YoMama yoke. YoMama is so fat tath her splash attack doe’s damage… xD

  193. As if Japanese tanks weren’t a pain already. I regret not getting a Xbox
    One. This update looks like the game has become more fun.

  194. That’s one cosmic shirt.

  195. Boob tenk 2 op pls nerf

  196. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Whenever a new tank comes out the first cries are always of “OP OP WG pls

  197. ok big momma has epic armor and you can do the second set of missions with
    a tier 6 tank.

    Would you recommend this mother of tier 6 heavies to try to complete HT-12
    sturdy armor and HT-15 -missions?

    I really struggle to complete them, not really wanting to buy T29 nor have
    higher tier heavy tanks with good armor.

  198. it was pretty priceless when i hit that 30 mm zone what gb showed whit kv
    2, got reported by hacking cus oi driver didnt even know that place himself

  199. Dayum, Big Momma’s ass and boobs are so perfect. I almost want to…..oh,
    let me not continue…

  200. There’s nothin to analize in this game. Just an average player playing in a
    tank that still most of the people don’t know were to shot to damage it. Is
    still a mistery why so many players are doing good in this kind of tanks?
    Also a tank with a gun that can take out almost any T6 tank in one shot
    every 20 seconds, it’s just insane.

  201. hey quickybaby

  202. I’m not the one to bitch about OP tanks because skill resides on the
    player, but having played these things has made me say “yes this line needs
    a ridiculous nerf” it’s like kicking puppies in this thing and it’s no fun

  203. Dont look at the boobs, dont look at the boobs…..darn it….

  204. sweet this tank is so op

  205. No tank is ever going to dominate in this game, only players will. That
    being said this is more of the same, all about trade-offs. The O-I does
    however, make a nice fat target for artillery.

  206. big mommas very honourabe house

  207. op tank, need to be nerf

  208. Dat shirt, dayum

  209. stop calling it big momma, its not going to happen

  210. 10:39 – “You only need 70mm of armour to get through”
    Wait armour can penetrate now?? :D

  211. For April fools, upload a war thunder vid disguised as a WoT vid. Watch the
    world burn

  212. 1940-45 British/Canadian Collector

    When im playing a arty, its fun to shoot, playing a normal tank against it,
    its horrible…

  213. I prefer the name Output-Input

  214. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    7 mins ago and 592 views. damn…

  215. The land battleship…

  216. Nice shirt qb

  217. big mamma xD

  218. Love it when i come early. I don’t have to watch the video in 48 FPS. My
    internet allows me to watch in HD without problems, but for 48 and 60 FPS
    to load i have to wait a bit, which is annoying.

  219. your shirt is fabulous

  220. “2 minutes ago”
    then that means I must be first


  221. She’s not fat, she’s just big boned, or big hulled…

  222. fat momma

  223. Lel like this tank:P

  224. Second

  225. Im early!

  226. depends of the player and tier.

  227. Clemens E. (masatubook)


  228. What do you think about Big Momma? Is she too powerful?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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