World of Tanks – Big Numbers

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sit down, make yourselves comfortable, and prepare to watch history in the making. Circonflexes is at it again.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. love them blessed accounts WG gives and the fact this is Circons second WoT YT channel anymore. and to prove my point watch as he shots the first TOG… hes fires as moving… YOU try that shit on YOUR account…wont happen.

  2. Outgunned, outweighed, low alpha damage, slow, team members going swimming (ly), outnumbered and he still pulls out the win. Makes most of us look like we’re standing still. You know, a person could be forgiven for despising this guy.

  3. That was super epic!

  4. This game is shittty

  5. Dont blame them considering how fucken bad the 3/5/7 mm. And more pay 2 win tanks great prem firefly better then free counter part

  6. Yay! Nice to see you playing some diverse and very different games. As a prospecting paleobiologist, I love watching my dinosaurs snack on a few humans, or just flatten them into pancakes.

  7. Respect.

  8. Circonflex got his money’s worth out of that pay to win tank!

  9. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    After a long break I played a bit last week after having a few too many beers. I ended up drowning in one match in the first 45 seconds of the game after sliding down some soapy rocks. My first thought was “crap, now they all think I use XVM”.

  10. Federico Spadone

    Circon “Carry-All” Flexes saves his teammates’ asses and Jingle’s ass at the same time… a true hero of WoT! (=

  11. i love tanks!

  12. Taisting the Air

    WELLLLLL it starting to show how SICK players are getting about the shit match making and it is about time. This game is twistedly broken in so many ways.

  13. I don’t understand why bottom tiers have such despair. It’s only 3 top tier tanks to fight. Why puss out in the beginning?

    • Don't believe the following message:

      SiriusMined yes, try to penetrate a defender, chinese superheavy, not get one shot… By any of them, also ignore the 5 tanks that are 1 tier higher. Luckily we have good maps, so we can flank, right? And we get 1v1 situations all the time.

    • Shoot the other 12.

    • Don't believe the following message:

      Have you read my comment? Then use real arguments please. 🙂

    • I did. I dismissed it out of hand. I never have problems with tanks 1 tier higher. For that matter, I don’t have a lot of problems with tanks 2 tiers higher. Yeah, there are a few broken tanks that are difficult to pen. But then, I either try another target, go for a flank, etc.

      I barely even use premium ammo anymore.

  14. Jingles.. u need some alarms to keep you from over gaming
    u need to come check on your salt mines
    we all took a break yesterday

  15. I also really like the hull shape of this premium Sherman Firefly. I HATE the non premium Sherman Firefly’s hull. I think it’s so ugly

  16. Nicely done Circonflexes!!

  17. See? Even in a crap tank, boat or plane you can still do exceptionally well. Imagine if those tanks hadn’t all committed sepuku. Would have been a more solid win on Circ’s side!

  18. Love you Jingles and Circon.

  19. Safe to say Circon probably loves the gun on this tank

  20. Anyone notice the two TOGs on the enemy team

  21. Honestly I can’t blame the tier VI players killing themselves. The entire 3-5-7 matchmaking is either a scam by WOT in order to generate gold ammo sales and people spending money, or a way to funnel experience to the people buying their premium tanks. It is inherently unfair to the base players and lets be honest it is NOT fun to play a tier VI tank vs a tier VIII. Yet WOT keeps doing it as too many players are stupid enough to keep playing and not kill themselves in protest.

  22. Circon saves the day! And lets see a review of Jurassic!

  23. Henceforth from this day, a grouping of two or more TOG* II’s shall be known as a Navy of TOGs. Does the Mighty Gnome approve?

  24. This just reminds my why I don’t play WoT anymore.

  25. Jingles, you are such epic shit. LOL

  26. Jingles, can you have a special intro when it’s a Circon replay?

  27. Jingles, can you have a special intro when it’s a Circon replay? I feel like he’s earned it 😉

  28. Jingles! You left us all hanging and waiting for the continuation of Cold Waters South China Sea campaing!
    Please! Bring it back sometime!.
    We adore you:
    Your mexican Disciples

  29. Too much time playing online games not any time to play with self or better half..

  30. 2 togs circon in sherman ohhh.

  31. Good use of shermans elephanthead.

  32. Full ammo bunkers?

  33. Reminds me.of carry the stupids. Even if he howard.stern. is he Howard Stern playing WOT????

  34. Wargaming Super Noob


  35. play football on you own! plz

  36. 6 tanks that didn’t do damage ? … I had 8 … in a tier X battle … So yeah, WoT these days …

  37. Odious Ktenology

    Sorry… *circonflexes

  38. Speaking of elite jingles…come back plz 😀 new update is coming on the 28th

  39. Glad you played this! I saw it live and he was pretty hyped about it

  40. An optimist sees a glass half full; A pessimist sees a glass half empty; An engineer sees a glass twice as big as it needs to be; A taxman sees a 49% increase in thirst.

  41. the most damage a Firefly VC has ever done… yep, the most it has done in the whole 1 week it has been out 🙂

    If you count the non premium variant then that would be more impressive, which I am sure he meant to do… I hope

  42. “You’re welcome”

  43. The reason Circon does so well on average is because he adapts very well to evolving situations. And that’s the difference between a good player and a fantastic player, he makes mistakes sure because he’s only human, but he doesn’t repeat them.

  44. the fantastic review made me laugh so much thanks again Jingles ….I had the brief pleasure of meeting you a couple of years ago at Tankfest your a top gent

  45. Does anyone know the ambience track on the end of the video? It’s pretty good

  46. Well played. Greetings to Circon and Jingles.

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