World of Tanks || Bish, Bash – BOSH!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm going on a tear in two T6 medium tanks – Bish, Bash – BOSH!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. QuickyBaby play WoTB it’s free and available for Windows 10 u get a chance to win a FREE PREMIUM TANK clans are 1,000,000 CREDITS YES U HEARD RIGHT CREDITS NOT GOLD TO MAKE 😀 I play on the NA server but I thought I’d let u know about it *WARNING* THE DEATH STAR IS IN AND IT HAS THE OLD OLD TURRET and there is no way it’s getting removed for a long time btw if u do get the NA version add me! Tornado_Hunter

  2. Drakarna it’s a WoT soundtrack u can hear it on some maps before the battle starts (team list)/(loading screen)

  3. SU100 one of my top 5 faves, I use the 100mm on mine, it just carries games in tier, still does dmg even at tier 8.

  4. I think the newer Chinese mid tier TD’s are based around the su100′ they perform the same to me, I like the tier 7 except for the weak armour

  5. remember the old SU-85 with the 107? great times indeed. then people bitched and pretty much every russian tank got nerfed.

  6. The 2 tire match up just should not be in this game.

  7. Well i think a simple way of thinking about it is that the highest dpm tank (Tort) takes a little under a minute to kill the highest HP tank (Maus) at the top of the tiers. Meanwhile at tier IV the highest dpm (non derp) tank (SU-85B) can kill the highest HP tank (DW2) FIVE times in that same minute. Crazy disparity.

  8. If the game wouldnt be so retard friendly nowadays it would be actually fuckin playable. Back in the day you had to go up agains E75s IS-3s and shit in a Stuart.

  9. Tier IV is pretty much the worst tier.

    But not for the SU-85B. It literally has a tier VI gun on a tier IV tank (it has 2mm better pen that the Type 58 with the same alpha damage). It needs premium ammo to reliably pen a T-150 or a Jumbo frontally, but those are probably the only tanks the SU-85B can’t really pen (nevermind the O-I though)

    Even at tier IV matches, SU-85B does not dominate like the Hetzer or Matilda because of the paper thin armor. It does require high caution as a mistake will send you back to the garage straight. Tier VI games? Simply play with more caution.

  10. No offense quicky, but there’s a pretty big difference between tier 7 and 9. TDs for instance get that massive HP bump from just north of 1000 to around 1500-2200 (tortoise, jadgtiger cough cough). Also take a tiger vs an E75. That tank hardly has to angle and takes off 33% to 40% of its health every shot and 490 alpha isn’t super high for that tier. That’s just my observation though. Two tiers is kind of a large discrepancy, you have to be much smarter than your opponent to make up the difference.

  11. Pls no more dumbing down of the mid tiers. I still miss seeing Tier 5 tanks with my Tier 3. The problem at those tiers is not the tanks, guns or HP pool, is players running towards the top tiers with completely horrendous crews.

  12. Soooooo +1/-1 MM is the way it should be then?

  13. I happen to love my Churchill Gun Carrier. No one ever sides with me on it, so it’s a lonely world.

  14. i have de su 100 with 2 mark in gun,is my favorite tier 6 tank destroyer ever!!!! great machine

  15. *Dat 390 Alpher*

  16. Quirky baby I whant a strong tank that is at tear five six plz reply

  17. SU-100 has a special place in my heart its what i got my first radley walters in

  18. Thumbs Down!
    You did not make 5XL female t-shirt for me!
    Discrimination against us natural sized girls!

  19. Hey Quickybaby. U forgot KV85 with the right gun 122mm gun.

  20. Is7 or obj 430

  21. Did you know that SU-100 was nicknamed “Pizdec Vsemu” by it’s crews? It translates to something like “Fuck everything”.

  22. The X5 on my Pudel run out wow I have some X5 on a few tanks don’t think I even noticed there was a time limit.

  23. The Churchill GC is a terrible shoe box… but has quite a remarkable camo rating, same or better than some light tanks.

  24. Random comment : 1 December Happy Birthday Romania !!

  25. tier 4 vs tier 6?

    t-28 vs O-I

    good joke mm, good joke

  26. Still think that +2/-2 match making should be optional.

  27. Is7 or bjc430

  28. well, this is an example of seal-clubbing, those tier 4s had no chance, not fair at all.

  29. Oh look at those sexy abs QB has???

  30. Good old times when KV-1S have this gun.

  31. Hey QB did you know last time i sued to play the Teir 5 ru tank distoyer but i soild it .But you say SU 100 is a very good tank then okay i will buy that tank the repair is abit cheep so okay maybe woth it 🙂

  32. The SU-100 is absolutely my favorite TD

  33. All replays are top Tier games! Great!

  34. I am a new player at this game (My maximum reached tier is 5 today), and I fully agree with you. Another solution would be to buff the guns and structure points of the tier 4/5 vehicules.

  35. I also love the su 100 and i have 2 markks on it

  36. Izak van den Bosch

    If I’m in the winning team and in the end there is an enemy tank trying to kill our arty, I politely wait till he’s done. Then I kill him, because the only good arties are dead arties 😉

  37. That SU-100 would make a nice T8 Premium.

  38. Even the Polish tanks can “YEEET!!” That covenater had no chance against a Yeet such as that

  39. On the su he did 2,222

  40. Another most favorite QB’s tank 🙂

  41. I remember meeting Tiger 2s in my T4 pz 38 na god did i hate the machmaking back then.

  42. QB, I sent you replay with KV-2. I got ace and radley walters. Please check it out

  43. God qb your such a bully

  44. In what universe do you get top tier in a tier 6?

  45. Please, push the wargaming to adopt a +1 -1 matchmaker, this is ridiculous

  46. Well actually that SU-85b is a very capable tank vs tier 6, as long as it stays hidden. It has great alpha and pen (I believe 160 140 resp.) And the DPM is just huge. I love taking down tier 6 meds in seconds using that monster.

  47. Being in a tier IV tank in a tier VI game is only as painful as being in a tier VI tank in a tier VIII game. It’s just the price you have to pay when you climb up the ladder.

  48. The SU-100 is great. They nerfed the KV-1S because it was too powerful with its 122mm gun. Yet they didn’t touch the SU-100, even though it had the same gun with a faster reload. Sure it doesn’t have a turret like the KV-1S did, but it’s not easy to circle an SU-100.

  49. Australia didn’t get a tech tree either. Just sentinel tanks.

  50. How old is the replay? No stun effect when getting hit by arty in the first game?

  51. Ah, the SU-100. I loved that tank like crazy. Selling it to progress on that line was heartbreaking, but I had to do it because no crew to put on SU-152. And this is the same reason why I cannot buy it back. no crew :'(. But one glorious day, I will get it.

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