World of Tanks – Bit o’ Foch Bae

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Source: Anfield

Hello foch my old friend

Session –

Discord –


  1. Session stats for those interested

  2. Foch B op in the hands of a great player they say…… op .000001% of the time?

  3. Cringe title fam

  4. Tier 10 tank destroyer bounces 3x off of terribly angled tier 8 super heavy, but tier 8 super heavy snipes weakspot

    Just bullshit superheavy things

  5. Poor Centurion

  6. I was listening to the video without actually watching and when you said “oh, hi mark” I thought you 3 marked it already xD

  7. Curious what made you decide to play this thing? I assumed you didn’t like it.. Maybe I assumed wrong

  8. Are you 3 marking this tanku?

  9. Out of curiosity, how come you don’t upload in 1440p anymore? Can you not do that for stream clips?

  10. Lol, this tank has 72 shells… 28,800 potential damage you can do it Anfield

  11. “Bae” means “shit” in Danish.

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