World of Tanks || Black Friday SELLOUT

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Black Friday Sellout. While Wargaming certainly impress this weekend with some awesome specials they have certainly missed the mark with the brand new T34 “Black Edition” – here’s why.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That T34 Black is so retarded^^ Bundles buy your Bundles. Buy Bundles now
    xD Fucking Money Muppets

  2. grabbed two years worth of prem due to my buddy gifting me one too! 1063
    days of premium! :D

  3. They’ve done this on XBOX, FREEDOM = Super Pershing, Motherland = First
    Prototype. Very Annoying!

  4. wargaming is like EA..its all about cashgrab

  5. If they were serious about making money why didn’t they release a few rarer
    tanks with black liveries.Did they honestly think this sale of the T34
    would be a success.This is more April fool than Black Friday

  6. So 108 WG employees are voting this down?!? They should have sold black
    cammo to give existing owners the opportunity, period.

  7. if the T34 B was an autoloading tank like the is-3D in blitz, then that
    might have been worth it.

  8. +QuickyBaby, i think the M41 90 F black walker bulldog is much more popular
    than the T 34 B mate :)

  9. WG went to far on this one!

  10. I don t think its bad to sell another T34 but ofcourse they should lower
    the price of it. good tanking QB. greets from Croatia

  11. you can get the t34 dark knight, as i call it, for the same price (or a
    little more) than the standard one. its just a tank and a slot but its
    buried in the website in typical wargaming fashion

  12. what do you mean it’s black friday you are insulting américan traditions if
    you dont try to rip of consumers on that day:P

  13. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    rip fidel castro

  14. Medical fact: Anybody who buys this is severely retarded.

  15. Of course WG EU screwed it up, hardly a surprise there, these are the same
    idiots who also think that only the T26E5P was needed and not the regular
    T26E5. Just their usual idiocy.

  16. Spot on!

  17. Hey QB, can u make leopard 1 tank review pls :)

  18. There are currently 3 NEW prem. tanks ONLY available until end of month(in
    EU) all in total way over 100€. 1 Frensh and 2 American(including that
    stupid T34-B). I considered my self a collector, but that stops now. Who do
    Wargaming think will buy all these “but it or it will be gone” tanks in
    that short amount of time? There seems to be no end for the greed of
    Wargaming WOT devision anymore. No consideration – no self awareness.

  19. totally agree with you QB! Even more so, I don’t like the clownskin tanks
    trend WG has introduced at all… bye-bye realism. :-(

  20. bgffgdfrrreedeweeadsetd

  21. 100 $ dolar fuck

  22. WG just proved again that I was totally right when I sold my WoT account.
    Nothing left for me in this game. A fine example of completely greed driven
    and oblivious developers.

  23. imo i like the t34, its the only prem tank i have where i regularly can
    make 100k a match in.

  24. Good job on actually calling out bullshit from Wargaming directly. You
    might have been pretty soft with them but it’s still better than having
    people think you’re in Wargaming’s pocket.

  25. ln console, you can buy almost every tier 8 premium in black colour, and
    one tier 7

  26. WG are becoming more and more pathetic now. Retards

  27. i would like to have this tank but to pay that price no sir.

  28. wg is racist

  29. I do agree that a “new” tank that is completely the same except it has a
    black camo is stupid. But no one is forced to buy it. If someone is a tank
    collector and wants to buy it they can, but if you don’t like it let others
    waste their money. This is a very filthy and lazy cash grab by WG tbh.

  30. Can we all agree to instantly focus fire on any T34-B that will show up in
    a match just so becuz they fed WG’s bullshit?

  31. price reduced when u acess the shop from russia?fuck u really wanna get rid
    of some players now dont u WG?

  32. 100% right, they should have done a skin…15$ or so… i would buy this
    black skin, but not a 2nd T34 (lul)

  33. I saw this
    I LOL’d
    I bought PC case
    Fuck WG

  34. I already have t34 and yeah.. I can’t buy another for that price !

  35. I already decided…I won’t be spending not even one more dollar on this
    game. Really WG, you totally lost it.

  36. looks like this was trend across all platforms. console got 7 of these
    black tanks bundled together for 54000 gold. only new 1 we got was the
    fv201 but you can’t have that unless you bought 1 of the big bundles.
    shocking marketing.

  37. QUICKYBABY please don’t buy it, it’s so bloody retarded, bloody WG beating
    WG again

  38. Edis “Azir” Süleyman

    Oh QB not everyone has the ordinary T34 and not everyone are paying in this
    game. For example we have 1/5 of UK salary. How can we go on a spending
    spree with 200 pounds? (BTW im from Eastern Europe) It’s a “better”
    opportunuty for those, who saved money to buy something special.

  39. What an idiots by wg…?

  40. If they would Added black kv-5, e-25 or jst other old premiums they removed
    i would be fine this but not with a tank thats bad and its probably the
    oldest HT in the game

  41. WoWs have a discount on premium days

  42. Meh I am not bothered by the Black Edition Tanks

  43. A far better strategy would have been to sell just the paint job to
    previous owners of the T34 and a discounted, one-day-only T34 with the
    black camo included at the regular 15% discount.

  44. Obviously this Black Friday offer is totally bollocks …! But somehow I am
    not surprised by this wrong marketing decision. I have noticed that people
    owning or managing young companies and especially IT – Software companies
    they are very good at their stuff but have no clue (or very little) about
    management and marketing. Therefore the people they hire for this positions
    are not very good either because they are not able to evaluate them. So, WG
    makes no difference. This one it is not the first and certainly not the
    last mistake. For instance, they constantly miss money and maybe create
    frustration among players by setting randomly the offers and the time
    limit. Many people live by a calculated budget and have the income coming
    by the end of the month or split between beginning and end of the month.
    Most probably the first split will cover the priorities and leisure /
    pleasure from the second cut. So, if the offer ends 1 or 2 days before the
    money are available…. On the other hand, why placing now the 2 “patriot”
    tanks (the French and American) instead of 4th and 14th July when the 2
    mentioned countries are celebrating their national day ???!!

  45. Still cheap compared to the £200/$250 Black Mega Ultimate (7x Tanks) bundle
    on the Xbox/PS4.

  46. QB is totally right, good idea on the extra added camo wich can be
    legendary just as choise on the stock t34!

  47. Premiums Premiums Premiums…how to loose fun of a game by WG

  48. geeez that stupid fucking commercial in every video! “…the crown mus
    GTFO with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Totally agree with you over this, and especially about the disparity in
    prices/bundles between regions. Was shocked to see it for sale in £100
    bundles on the SEA server!

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