World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Review

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World of Tanks released a new Black Market in 2020 giving us all the we ever wanted… right?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

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  1. The Black market is BS, it penalised people who have a Job… or real life commitment, just sell it in the damn shop or an in game event, stop rewarding WG for gouging the Whales at the expense of the players

  2. All WG got out of this was to find out just how many utter fucking MORONS there are out there. Idiots who will bid *stupid* amounts of – essentially – real $$$ just to get a special skin or rare(ish) tank.
    Every one of these travesties that happens in the future will be 100% auctions as a result.

    They fully 100% intended to fuck the market up before putting the SU on offer, entirely for the LOLs.
    And you think they’re going to refund the 23 mil credits when they render the 183 completely useless?

    18:00 – Someone needs to make a meme using the old Soup Nazi character from (Seinfeld?) screaming about: *This is what I got, this is what I want for it – but you can pay more!! If you don’t like it, FUCK OFF.* Because this was no ‘black market’, it was nothing more than an overpriced soup kitchen… and all they offered was warm water without even any flavor. Take it or leave it, at 5x the price and 0.000001 the value.

  3. Seemed overpriced and anything remotely decent sold out instantly

  4. I bid minimum on the arty skin and didnt get it so they are probably pulling your leg

  5. The whole Black Market event is rubbish, not only because of the tanks that were offered but also how it was implemented.

    Having an event that absolutely require you to be logged in at any particular event, and then making that time 4am and 4pm is rubbish.

    It is excluding any player who has any kind of regular job. I’m not going to get up at 4am just to check what tank is available if I’m going to work that day. Nor am I going to be able to log in to check the next offer at 4pm, at least of I’m working normal hours.

    So in conclusion, I checked one or two offers that I was actually able to participate in. Every other offer was either already gone once I managed to log in or I just didn’t bother checking.

    Absolute rubbish setup.

  6. Finally got a reply from my tickets on the SU76-I – WG intend to do NOTHING except apologise. Like you I made sure I was there with finger poised over the button and then got blocked just because I had a completely unconnected Chinese TD. I really wanted this, have waited for years for it to appear and collect rare tanks – I feel totally let down – please keep adding pressure QB, I’m trying to escalate the issue as much as possible but am hitting brick walls within WG.

  7. su-76i was sold for only a couple hours like 2 or 3 hours

  8. What ever you do dont look at the War Thunder marketplace if you think 114 is too much for a tank.

  9. BM is the prove for eastern/soviet mentality still present in WG team. Disgusting. I’ve been really waiting for it and I bought nothing. FU WG!!! No other words to say. I heard months ago “we introduce BM to allow players to buy premium/special tanks for CREDTIS’ and this happens. This is the moment I hate Russian behavior the most – “you don’t like, so FU!’.

  10. the BM is just a way to make things artificially rare. It makes WG money wich is good but the concept is shady as F.

  11. I actually thought the whole auction idea was a big greedy money grab by WG. I got the arty skin and the Chrysler and in hindsight know I overpaid for both. Congrats to WG for coming up with another way to get us to open our wallets, but the announcement that auctions will be held for Clan reward vehicles after Age of Industry has me more than a little pissed.

  12. I’m still bummed that they didn’t sell the golden TOG II.

  13. WG will not care about the feedback on the black market.

  14. Kripparian and Linus techtips in the youtube section – looks like mine! 🙂

  15. The 215b 183 has been nerfed so many times if it gets nerfed again with the next update they might as well just remove it

  16. goddamnit i wanted the Ke-Ni Otsu

  17. Jo Andreas Berg Rasen

    I absolutely ignored the black market, best ting about it

  18. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    The lowest price that people paid for the tanks that were on bid is not a good statistic. What was the average? Because 3.5 or even 4.5 million credits for a tier 8 premium tank sounds amazing, but we couldn’t possibly know that beforehand. I, for example would have paid 5 million for the chrysler and I’m sure that the average was a lot higher than that. If there was one good thing about last year’s BM was that you could get a tank for a fixed price. I got the T34B for 8.5 million credits, which is a lot, but at least I was sure that I would get it. Even though bidding means that you can set your own upper limit on the price, I think that not getting the tank after all because your bid was a little lower than it should have been, or paying 2 or 3 times more than you needed is quite the frustration.

  19. 11:58 Artillery QB

  20. The su-76i is one of the few rare premium tanks I dont have, on NA server I was there waiting at the proper time for the black market to update but the black market was immediately taken down due to the GFT issue. We didn’t have an eta on when it would be back up so after waiting a couple hours I finally went to do some grocery shopping I needed to get done. Returned an hour later to find the BM up and running and the tank sold out.

  21. Llathrum Marine Mechanic

    It was interesting but it ended before anything interesting came available for me.

  22. Fun fact: WG waisted all there low tier rare vehicles on the BM so whenever they relaunch this, we shouldn’t see these low tier tank offers again.

  23. We had a way better BM in blitz, we got tanks that a lot of people wanted.
    I personally bought 2 tanks, 2 t8 for less than 100pln, love them both so its worth it imo

  24. I love the black market concept in WoT!!!
    Its awesome I bought 5 great tanks including three tier 8 premium tanks using all the sweet frontline credits from last year and my bankroll is still way over 30 million credits … loving it!
    Leaving aside the incident with the SU-76i or whatever the f*ck it is called I have nothing to complain about although I missed some offers because of the wierd timing but thats the way things are going. Just like the bald-headed man said: “it is not the premium shop” …, by the way I would have added “so go f*ck yourself”

  25. Actually, you could see that BlackMarket fail coming from a mile away. Everytime WG does something new and good, the follow-up Event is screwed up. You literally have to wait for the 3rth or 4th try from WG to get something good again. I dont know why WG does something like this over and over again, but perhaps its just the usual AAA Gaming greed that sips through…

  26. Great black market/auction for me as I never bothered to get up early nor did I spend any credits or gold.

  27. soooo you didn’t tell us how much money did wargaming made??
    from all the gold
    we can calculate but that’s why we have you :))))))))))))

  28. Only fools here are the players getting up from bed and paying for this!! *lol*

  29. total waste what a lost opportunity

  30. i missed the BM because… for some odd fucking reason. WG decided to run the BM WILE THE SANDBOX TESTING WAS OPEN. so i didnt get anything. but, glad i didnt miss anything.

    im wondering when WG will resell the E25. as theyve already gone back on all their other promises. like the M6A2E1, Pz5/4, A-32. ect.

    Also, please. for the love of god. the new balance update. IS A SHIT SHOW.
    Durp is extinct. arty is getting AP back. arty itself is getting nerfed as HE is being run into the dirt. all vehicles will have HP buffs, throwing off balancing and calculations. APCR got the damage nerf weve been wanting. But HE, Adv-HE, and HESH are no longer a thing. HESH is even more broken somehow in the OP way. HEAT still hasnt been addressed as a HE with some penetration yet, speaking of penetration, ALL HE no longer have pen. so that sucks.

    Arty HE no longer works for anything but stun. as direct hitting anyone with HE does 8-20 damage a shot. you need to use AP now, and AP doesnt splash. Adv-HE in arty doesnt do much better, infact it doesnt stun. HEAT in arty just doesnt seam to have a point.

    i dont mind change. but dropping HE to a point of irrelevance? i run the Jge100. its 170mm slapping someone in the turret, like a hull down russian tank, does 350~400 damage. sounds alright, right? well no. as that russian tier 10 tank now as an additional 800~1000 HP then it had before.
    I run the T110E4, and throw HE in the face of russian hull down tanks all the time. same effect. 250~350damage.
    How is are you suppose to be effective, if you cant throw HE? AP wont go through, APCR clearly wont go through that russian turret. so you use HE, just to do damage and stay relevant.
    not anymore.

  31. I bought skin for 1000 gold.

  32. Wargaming must fire their world of tanks entire department

  33. I think they sold only like 300 of the Leffes in the BM, so not really a big deal compared to the ridiculous amount that was spread during the 2018 Holiday Ops, when basically everyone buying any boxes got one.

  34. The Schwarzpanzer 58 went for lower then that I got it and the Chrylser both for 3.5 million bids on the NA server…….

  35. … all the complains and people still throw money and game time at WoT but you are still better off than using Heroine I guess. lol

  36. as a joke i bid 262 (yeah 1 more than starting bid) gold on arty skin and i got it. EU servers

  37. Here in Perth western Australia it was midnight and mid day so damn near impossible both ways if you have a job

  38. and we want to know what u think about Teammm Classshh now

  39. Honestly, i don’t like the concept of a blind auction. This is a bit annoying of a way to do.

  40. So to summarize, some really good deals, like the Lansen C, AMX 13 57, Mutz, and wheelie tank, but mostly disapointment, like the BT SV, and 183. I don’t care how good the 183 is, it’s not worth 22 million credits.

  41. Of course,only few times I missed it and I missed what I wanted,arty and AX …
    and one more great deal panzer 58,but I think Indien PZ is better,so I don’t loose much 🙂

  42. Alexandru Dumitrache

    Stop being snowflakes and deal with it! You got screwed over an OP low tier TD that you’re going to bash WG about for “being too OP and ruining the game”
    Most of the deals were very good (premium tanks for credits is the best) yet you all got stuck on the negative “arty skins and muh OP TD”

  43. I got a leflefleflef so there’s less ppl playing that overpowered thing when I play lowtiers.
    That’s all I got for this black market.

    I wanted to get EBR but it’s usually sold for real cash equivalent of about 7k gold when FL starts so I skipped.

    All in all, it was trash but at least they didn’t sell the WT E 100

  44. I really liked the biding stuff. I play for free and a t8 premium for credits was very nice. Oc the stuff wasnt to great but still it was ok for me.

  45. Black market now runs on RNG it seems

  46. Make a wot meme review series

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