World of Tanks – Blame it on the B.U.G.I.

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I’ve been waiting the best part of a year to use this Jackson Five crossover title and I’m sick of waiting. There are two BUGI’s in this battle. Close enough!

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  1. I don’t see why you even waste your time with this rigged game. the only replays you ever see on youTube are Tier X’s. I guess that is for a reason, why?? because tier 1-9 is a complete and utter useless vain, fruitless HEADACHE. and I can only imagine how BAD 10 is now with those wheeled, never can hit scout cars. WG has really RUINED this once worth playing game, it’s such a SAD shame. There once was a time when no matter what time of day you could drop into a battle within 15 seconds after hitting the battle button, now, you have to WAIT MINUTES or the timer runs out at 04:55, and auto sends you back to the garage.

  2. 7:15 LOL I laughed when i thought about tanks piling up behind a corner talking to each other, with the enemy tank knowing exactly where they are. It’s the equivelant of not moving your ship while it’s in a smokescreen while showing a full broadside to an enemy battleship that knows exactly where you are.

  3. Light tank drivers could stand to LEARN from that T-50-2

    Most light tanks I’ve seen outnumbered tend to be complete god damn idiots that either yolo out trying to take the artillery with them or run into the teeth of the enemy team before anyone is even remotely ready to help them.

  4. Great teamwork from a losing position. Pleasure to see

  5. Jingles, you do realize that now EVERYBODY is going to be sending you B.U.G.I replays just to make you regret wasting the title on this replay, right?

    Well, I guess it’s Ok. I mean, you still have;
    B.U.G.I down
    B.U.G.I fever
    B.U.G.I shoes
    B.U.G.I oogie oogie
    Jungle B.U.G.I
    Get up and B.U.G.I
    B.U.G.I Wonderland
    I’m your B.U.G.I man
    and of course, both a song and a movie starring John Travolta;
    B.U.G.I nights

    So I guess you are still covered.

  6. Ah Jingles, never change!

  7. That was refreshing to see that level of teamwork in WoT

  8. Audio seems fixed

  9. Drum games and comments from Jingles!

  10. YAAAAAAAY IM BACK BTCHES!!! Hope you enjoy the reply 😊😊😊😊

  11. That was some gorgious teamwork.

  12. The Tank Commander

    Jingles. Don’t pick on your Polish friends. You will make it sound just like England’s betrayal – refusal to send troops to there – of Poland when WWII broke out.

  13. The Tank Commander

    Jingles Sir. Perhaps you seem to forget that the Poles DID have their own tank destroyers at the start of World War II. The TKS-20 is that so-called “light tank” and Tier II with that 20mm “heaviest machine gun” as the Poles called it. The TKS-D was a tank destroyer tankette with the 37mm Boforsa gun. The Poles even designed a distinctive tank destroyer – the PZInz Pz Inz 160, which is basically a Polish Hetzer.

  14. I swear the sound quality of the intro gets worse every time

  15. The only thing more painful than having a bad KV2 game in WoT is having a bad KV2 game in WT.

  16. about time you have a devent replay to entice , to evoke to momentum to play the game, jkust a thiought

  17. Jingles “KV-2 can’t kill them both with one shot.”
    KV-2 driver “Laughs in Russian.” 🤣🤣🤣

  18. – 3:53 Hellcat needs to die
    – cat sit on computer

    – Hellcat won

  19. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    W.G. would be better off by creating a Canadian techtree, for wealth purposes.

  20. Amazing team work wow Nice game Lobstep

  21. it has to be lobstep of all ppl innit blud (if u watch QuickyBaby u’d know)

  22. Me, waiting for this video all day yesterday: You’re late!

  23. Russian tonk very balanced comrade

  24. I’m surprised there’s no japanese tds yet considering definitely not a ferdinand,ho-ri exist

  25. “That hellCat needs to die. Hang on – I’ve got a cat sitting on top of my computer!” – Kill that (hell)cat!
    …nah, just kidding 🙂

  26. I love when YouTube thinks I’m gonna sit through a 15 second ad 😂😂
    Like bitch NOPE *skip video -> previous video repeated until no add via headphone buttons 👌👌👌

  27. Well done T50

  28. Maximilian Bergmann
  29. Fun fact about old tanks like the Su-100 being still in service: Paraguay has slightly modernized and brought back the M4 Sherman!

  30. Teamwork in World of Tanks?….what the f-

  31. i see this far more often with 50% regular schmos than with 60% super unicum because the 60%ers are all too busy padding their stats to help and instead theyre all secretly hoping youll get killed so they can sweep in and get a little bit more damage before they get killed because all theire teammates have died alone and unsupported by the campers at the back

  32. Damnnnnn. Actual teamwork in WoT what a miracle

  33. Hate and I quit playing all of the WhoreGaming bullshit titles, but still like your videos… Keep up the good work!

  34. “I’ve wanted to use this title, it’s not my fault I haven’t had any appropriate videos.” Incoming 2400 videos of BUGI games

  35. Jings, I wish you’d play a game. Watching your stupid WoT vids, long before I had the means to play it, got me thru’ a tough time. I miss these.

  36. I genuinely quit WOT 4 months ago.
    I found myself trying harder to have fun then actually winning.
    Gold ammo and arty are just icing on the cake.
    Todays problem are borderline mentally challenged playerbase.

  37. Vociferous and enthusiastic praising of a self-propelled artillery player? Okay, who are you and what did you do with Jingles?

  38. In 1978 when the original Song version was released I was 22 , that’s why my ingame name is OldFartPhil 🙂

  39. I’m curious. Why is one of the three KV-2’s labeled KB-2 while the others aren’t?

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