World of Tanks – Blazer Eraser

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Double Action time again, this time it’s a two-man Soviet tier 10 medium platoon, featuring the and the technically inferior . Apparently the driver didn’t get that memo.

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  1. D “Doom” Wilson

    Someone needs to make a gif out of of that burning tank with the words
    AHHHHHH! popping up across the screen…

  2. hey do you remember the bt- sv video the tear 3 dev premium tank you said
    people would rarely see in wot yeah I saw one I also got killed by one I’m
    also on console it was amazing.

  3. The obj 140 shot the IS-3 in the turret to!?

  4. Their teamwork and coordination is amazing. It was like their tanks was
    dancing. I guess the friendly fire was the only cringe moment as we’ve all
    been there. xD

  5. Bugger those Cappers, Cap is only last resort.

  6. In internet tradition i do humbly request a wedding live stream

  7. Guys, did you hear about that British-Portuguese premium tank coming soon?
    It will have an absurd amount of penetration on it’s main gun.

  8. 390

  9. damn it, 290

  10. That was awesome, just spotting the enemies and suddenly a flaming M41 goes
    running across the screen.

  11. Ho Hum another Tier Ten replay. OP Russian tanks to boot.

  12. I've walked the Divide

    Jingles will probably never see this video, but damn I’m so happy for him n
    Rita, I’ve been watching jingles for 4 years? Something crazy like that
    I’ve been here since he was uploading 10 minuet tank reviews via bandicam.
    Basically I’ve grew up with the guy glad to see he’s gonna be happy with a
    woman that’s like him! I’d write an Ndebele saying that’s said at weddings
    but my writing of Ndebele is terrible! So I’ll wish you all the best

  13. What’s the I don’t need to aim mod called?

  14. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    hey Billy if you are still here did u see my comment on ningles with

  15. What’s more important for getting XP and credits, amount of kills or damage

  16. if the enemy had continued to push over and around the featured tanks, they
    would have been overrun long ago

  17. I hope you realize that all of us are expecting invitations to your

  18. You and your 10-minute videos….

  19. 2:03

  20. Did you and Quickybaby coordinate your video titles? Blazer Eraser and Pain

  21. 430 regarded as the inferior because its not as op as the other 2 imo… I
    personally don’t see the reason to play any other t10 med in the game.

  22. I’m gonna skip the celebration on behalf of the teammates he shot.

  23. Jingles, less time with your girl friend and more of that bloody boat game!

  24. Nice one Jingles, well commented. I wish you still did war thunder since I
    cant play WoT effectively where I live now. I know you have issues with
    Gaijin and their attitude but others seem to be able to do so. However, I
    certainly understand a man standing with his principles. Wish you the best
    in your channel. Do us all a favor though, teach the lady of the house how
    to pronounce tortoise :)

  25. Discord The Salt Miner

    Damn I was in my IS-7, loaded APCR for a maus, fired at a BAT CHAT from 50
    meters away, 303 pen, *dunk, RICHOCHET

  26. of course it has to be RELIC’s second clan…lol

  27. Oh my gosh, that burning Bulldog made me have to pause the video to laugh!

  28. The 140 has been in the game for a longer period of time thus it has been
    owned and mastered by more and possibly better players. Also in this
    particullar battle the 430 got more base experience. That’s why he got the
    mastery and the 140 just a second class.

  29. The Bulldog screaming across the screen while on fire made me laugh so much
    harder than I should have. I have no clue why it was so funny.

  30. was
    wondering is this a good enough game to make it in

  31. actually the object 430 also has superior hull armor, speed and camo to the
    other soviet meds. just saying…

  32. The Elneache Gamer

    6 minutes 30 seconds in and jingles called a 110 a tier 8 medium oh

  33. you get more xp if you damage or kill higher tiered tanks. so shooting all
    the tier 8’s with same amount of damage yields less xp when compared to the
    same amount of damage done to higher tiers


  35. *”It [the Obj. 430] does have the highest damage per minute of any tier 10
    medium, but in _*_every**_ other respect it’s inferior to the T-62A or
    140″_ – Yeah sure… just leave out the part where the 430 has WAY better
    armour than the 140, because that’s not a relevant detail at all… :/

  36. why do people get that mod that changed enemy colour from red to purple ? i
    dont see what the point is of just the colour change as its easier to
    distinguish when its red

  37. I fail to see the interest in this video. Nothing was that great from their

  38. 430 has the best hull armor (120mm), best DPM, better turret than obj 140,
    better speed than T-62A (I think) and in my opinion looks best. It is not
    inferior, it is different.

  39. Congrats jingles!

  40. Jingles has the perfect life now, he can play games and go to conventions
    for a living and now he’s engaged with a 25 year old, good looking, tank
    loving woman! What else could you want?? I’m actually quite jealous, not
    that my wife isn’t good looking but I wanna play games for a living too,
    even if that would mean going from a 7000$ monthly salary to maybe half as

  41. 4:52 he shot the IS3 in the back as well… best teamate ever!

  42. pretty boring replay I think…

  43. the beautful game

  44. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}


  45. to be honest that was a shitty replay

  46. I imagine that it must be a real pain for you to splice together replays
    like this but I have to say I find these replays to be very informative and
    entertaining. Thanks.

  47. it’s not about the damage and the kill but the XP. he could just have not
    spoted for himself, and a second class could just be a 94%, even if by 160
    xp more this second class became an ace this means people are doing better
    in the 140 that in the 430

  48. 2:02 HOTHOTHOTHOT!!!

  49. @The Mighty Jingles: Sent in some replays for you to enjoy~!

  50. Jingles, you should do you own stream by yourself sometime just streaming
    wot and also, have you ever played wotb and if you did, did you like it?

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