World of Tanks || Blood, Sweat and Tears!

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World of Tanks – . Today D1s1990 from the RU server going to bleed, sweat and possibly cry in his , the Skorpion.

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  2. QB, give opionions on Batchat rework ppl are going maad :))

  3. well its Russian comrades. if it stupid but it works.

  4. Guys! Next they’re adding a Matilda lowered to tier III! That’s not all! It will have a 10 round autoloading BL-10 gun with 1 second shell load and 10 seconds magazine reload! All with improved accuracy!

  5. that shocking end puching up the 212 A LMAO , good thing he’s AFK

  6. had enough of the premium tanks, just crap things so many of them…

  7. of course the russians are more aggressive. that’s what russian bias does to you.

  8. Awesome game, and probably one of the best replays ive seen all year 🙂

  9. I wish console players were as aggressive as the Russian servers ? but instead they made a fire and roasting marshmallows

  10. Cameron the Albino

    Can you do a gameplay on the hmh 51 super Sherman French limited medium tank I use the tank but I never see anyone else use it even tho I think it’s a great tank

  11. Another pay to win replay. OP premium, camping and ofc afk enemies.

  12. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    could you imagine? 212A gets back. looks at the score. sees he won the game by killing the last tank alive even tho he was afk. he would of freaking flipped XD i wish he would of got crushed lmao XD

  13. blood sweat and tears was when I was playing blitz grinding chi to and I had to go 1v4 (7v7) games against a T23E3(2 shot) T29 (full HP) mt25(one shot) T43(one shot) and I already had 3 kills ending up getting 7 kills in 7v7 not my first time but battle duration was 7 minutes which is how long each match lasts 3.9k dmg bounced last 3 shots so I used prem low rolled with the update and had to end with 7 mins

  14. Until the T26E5 Patriot, Skorpion is by far the most OP premium tank. It is a medium tank with a TD gun.

  15. man D1s was a great replay!

  16. i watch this replay..before he does

  17. Best thriller ever… 😀

  18. denislav kerchev

    yeah so skileed that shoots at the superstructure rather than the cupola with 0.3 accuracy

  19. its 100 more agressive than eu OR if you camp you do it properly 😀 less about personal perfomance. there you do well whit common sense. 2v1 is better than 1v1. and people flank cus its smart and cheaper than tab 2 key. weekends vodka starts flowing in and you see most suicidal yolo rushes pulled of by spirit of russian standard drink 😛
    my exp tier 8 and below tho.
    played 27 k games on eu. wot (meta) sucks ass on eu compared to ru 🙂

  20. Bakunawa BenHierro

    im a scrub… i will never get a replay like this….

  21. that was m’zin, more like those replays QB!?

  22. Another obese spoiled dumb player… Spending your mom’s money sure was not that hard.

  23. Mutz? First premium tank competitive with vehicles on the tech tree w/o pref. mm?

    I guess my panther mit 8.8cm doesn’t exist.

  24. panther m10. spotting for team, in front of 2 su 122-44’s and snipers at back changed flanks and went in rush on other flank. spotting em constantly and hoping bluff holds 😀 #didnt for very long **** 😀

  25. I recently built my own pc and installed WOT after playing quite a bit on the console. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy playing on the pc, much more than console, and most of that is due to learning and applying things that i learn from you. Keep up the good work, Mr. Quickybaby.

  26. Remember my first 1vs7 with the Matilda,I guess good old times

  27. Amazing xD

  28. I think he generally played this one well. Except for those desperate shot into the JP superstructure. If he hadn’t missed those then the end would’ve been no problem.

  29. now try doing that in a borseg…fuck wargaming

  30. The Skorpion always has been and remains grossly OP.

  31. The only premium tank that does more damage than this is, oddly enough, two tier lower. It would be an SU-100Y, but only with premium rounds at 510 damage per shot.

    Balance, comrade!

  32. Post a tankfest 2017 vid!

  33. QB forgot to mention the Kolobanovs medal in The afterstats ?

  34. okay. Im done. I send to you my replay, there I get kolobanov,10 tanks,7.5K damage etc. with STRV S1. after this time you made some idiotic videos like anime shit etc. not my gameplay, where I fight really good…

    well done, work for WG… keep help to them to sell more prem tanks :up:

    no more interesting videos…

    >> Unsubscribe <<

  35. Well, this is my all time favourite, I never had such a battle again 🙂

  36. cant believe ppl are bitchin about scorpion g .. tank is huge paper without any camo.. and low hp.. u must be really bad at this game bots.. siema pl?

  37. He just wasted so many shots and hope for the luck to penetrate the frontal armor of JgE100…

  38. The Russian players or self exorbitant douche bags. The Russians are the reason I don’t play on the test server the sandbox server. Since they see that US North American tag they TK me. Can’t stand those bastards and then War Gaming won’t do anything about it.

  39. Great replay but his shots on the JPE100 were awful. If he actually repositioned to get a better angle he would’ve never ran out of ammo.

    Great replay nonetheless.

  40. what a retarded game…..

  41. NEARLY AT 500K!!!

  42. lol BTs Blood Sweat and Tears haahha 😀

  43. Content Drought it is indeed. There’s too many changes that is NOT making the game better. I had high hopes for the new MM but that seems to have gone out the window as I am mostly bottom tier every game no matter which tank I play. My new frustration is the maps ….I HATE THEM ALL. Time to concentrate on a big patch with like 3 or 4 new maps and bringing back all those old maps. We all want it I cannot believe War Gaming isn’t listening.

  44. Ivan shots APRC blind … and gets lucky with his HE shells, i think in the RU server Stalin even effect the non Russian tanks

  45. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Every time I see a Skorpion gameplay I feel bad and angry, very angry I payed for Jagd88 with 240 dmg avg and good dpm but now with this tank around how I’m supposed to compete vs this thing? Don’t talk about preff mm because you don’t have such a gun to pen them and now with the gold spam all pen your superestructure!!

  46. blyat sweat and tears

  47. I havent seen such a feedfest in a while amazing how they drive into his gun Kreygasm. And the lowroll at the end is nothing new and expected. Dont we all enjoy the 25%?

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