World of Tanks Bonus | 3 Minute Wonder

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  1. why the kv5 is my favorite tank :D

  2. Lol great game.

  3. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Perfect KV5 game. Kind of funny how the enemy team waited that long for a
    KV5 to travel to the base. Usually there is at least one or two tanks (if
    not the entire team) that will rush to the mid way point.

  4. Good god…theenemy team were completely useless.

  5. For each game like that you usually have 9 games of getting you ass handed
    to you. It worked this time so it wasn’t stupid. lol

  6. Deno95 not surprising. With a title like that I wasn’t sure what to expect
    🙂 LOL!

  7. Ethan Sandersfeld

    The M44 was firing HEAT by the way. ;)

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