World of Tanks Bonus | New Commentary Style?

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  1. Love your stuff max but it does get a little bland when you just described
    what was happening so I think this is a good change for you and maybe if
    you have time you could do a sort of god mode video on Friday where on
    Monday you pick any tank for subs to play and you pick the best video that
    compliments the tank 

  2. Dude. Love your vids. Do not. Change team. Bud, you’re one of my top 3 WoT
    channels. Keep it. Kudos. 

  3. Hey Maxwell, love the vids, i was fine with the commentary style you
    provided, but if you feel a change is needed then by all means, go for it,
    but just remember, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I
    loved the knights of Pen & Paper set you did, great talkthrough on that.
    Keep up the good work

    • +Jake Colt Wow, Knights of Pen and paper, that was pretty much 2 years ago
      I played that. Wouldn’t mind revisiting that at some point. You’ve been
      here a while, thanks.

  4. Perhaps you can do some tanks review vids? I’d watch that for sure. 

  5. When you do/did the youtube dream team there were only a few things that i
    watched it for. First it was Circon and Foch being Circon and Foch in their
    unicum ways of letting everyone die and then they kill everything. Second
    is watching everyone blaming Billy for everything that goes wrong and third
    was you Maxwell. You are the best when it comes to live commentaries
    because it isn’t telling everyone what you are doing all the time… it is
    you having a good time and being funny and i agree with the part about
    people liking the live commentaries better because they are better than the
    subscriber replays. There is still a place for the subscriber replays
    because they are great just to see someone do well in a random battle with
    a random team but your live commentaries are just so much better compared
    to them. If you were to do more live game play with or without platoon
    mates i feel it would be a welcome change to the channel 🙂 Keep up the
    GREAT work :P

  6. As far as multiplayer things, I really loved your minecraft series you did
    on your old channel so perhaps you could do something like that…best of

  7. Lol the only way your vids will get anymore exciting is if you have a
    personality transplant!! Only kidding keep up good work :D

  8. Yes! I think its a great idea to change the commentary a bit. I really
    enjoyed watching the livestream replays because you are really funny, and i
    feel you dont show enough of yourself if you just describe what is
    happening on the screen! :), i think you just have to add some more
    personality to the videos. Hope you can do something with this feedback. :D

  9. Sounds good. Might have to tune in more.

  10. It really sounds like people were complaining that you’re not funny. Well
    maybe that’s not who you are when your doing youtubes. Don’t just try to
    amp up the funny for a bunch of people if that’s not who you are. Just be
    yourself and that will bring people in on its own. I guess I can agree that
    sometimes these have a little bit of a formula but I also don’t go looking
    for world of tanks content to make me laugh unless it’s you heff to be mad.
    Just be yourself man.

  11. I prefer the old style better.

  12. I watch replays to learn from better players. I’m not sure entertaining
    chat will help or distract me. Thanks for listening.

  13. AttackPenguin666

    Hey Maxwell, I always liked watching your videos, especially when you were
    playing online with PHJ and Snooze and the others! You were much more
    relaxed and yolo and you loved laughing and having fun. I think this is
    what made you so fun to watch, the funniness and the personality (and the
    banter, if you know what I mean) soooooo why not go back to stuff like
    that! I hope you still love playing with Circon and the gang, and it would
    be really cool to see you doing that again 😀 however! Don’t do it and
    stuff like that in front of your job. Your job is the most important.
    Obviously. But yeah, I had the 3 best WoT channels before – Jingles
    personality, QB learning to be better, and You! For the funniness, energy
    and banter and laughs with the team battles you used to do with Circon etc.
    😀 I’ve been sad to see your YT channel change and while I appreciate the
    way you do sub replays now, I also want to see the old stuff back! So since
    you asked I thought I’d vent all this steam 😀 sorry for the wall of text! 

  14. Personally I enjoy your commentary as it is, If you want to change some
    things up, do some video editing on some great or funny situations and add
    music to them like once a week. To work on being “funny” really won’t make
    things better, just makes you do more scripted stuff, wich might or might
    not work out well.

  15. As far as I’m concerned, there are no changes needed. Great artists became
    great by doing their own stuff and not listening to other people. We are
    looking at your vids for 3 years now, Maxwell, and we keep looking at them
    because we like them just the way they are. Either way, I’ll allways stay a
    subscriber ;-)

  16. Love your live stuff so would like to see a bit more of your geordie
    personality shine through. Look forward to hearing your stories – perhaps a
    ‘tales from my bar’ episode?

  17. I think the nature of the game helps your wit as well, GTA for example is
    much easier to make jokes from, which you do very well, and the type of
    game WoT is it’s difficult to joke about. It’s also not just jokes that
    make for an entertaining video, anecdotes of any kind go down well in my
    book. Keep it up Max, still one of my favourite YouTubers and you kept me
    sane through my last year of A Levels

  18. Hi Maxwell, I always liked your “English Football Commentary” style. For me
    your WoT videos are as entertaining as QB and Jingles’s.

    What your videos lack compared to theirs is they let their personality
    drive what they do. Your vid’s are a series of competent and entertaining
    stand alone replays, theirs are (a little bit) more of a series of
    snapshots of their gaming life.

    You don’t have force yourself to be funny, you’re interesting enough. You
    own bars. A gaming bar! Think about what it would take to get Jingles to
    shut up if he had a gaming bar. YouTube would run out of storage space
    before he’d be finished.

    Anyway, thanks for all the entertainment and I wish you succes.

  19. personally didn’t like the replay itself, when he shot the first time he
    could of fiinished off the tank he was shooting at and then back away in
    the time he took to do a 180 and get away. Then theres the fact that the
    object did everything wrong. He could of easily taken out the 13 90 but he
    didn’t know what to do, he practically had a lucky game.

    out of all the recent posts ive seen on this specific channel, this guy
    didn’t do much right other than sit behind the enemy and sit in a bush,
    which was his enemies entire mistake and not his own good plays.

    This is not a comment hoping for replies, guess I’m just annoyed that I
    wasted 9 minutes and 10 seconds staring at the screen when i could of just
    listened to it while doing something else. My own stupidity and the lack of
    ability to judge things.

  20. The positive comment is I do like the idea of spicing up your replay
    commentaries however, definitely keep giving it your all.

  21. The non stop play by play commentary style works well for me. It points out
    aspects of game play that I would not have picked up on and I learn a lot
    from it. Too much funny business might override the tactical aspects.
    From my point of view, no changes needed. Cheers.

  22. I like the idea of making the replay commentary more lively and funny.

    Pick some random replays and you get the impression that all of those
    videos are interchangeable. No variation in narrating style, always the
    same intro and outro and so on. Don’t get me wrong: I like your content,
    but that’s one thing I had in mind..

  23. Love the videos you’ve put up, and I personally like the E-Sports style
    commentary you’ve done in these replays. Maybe incorporate a little
    strategy/tactic breakdown, but the commentary is good in my book.

  24. Hi Maxwell!

    BIG Shout out – I will stick with you and always recommend you no matter
    your style of commentary –

    II DO want to say though – people who have paid ANY attention to your
    channel at all know the reasons why you can’t live commentary – and have
    probably always watched your subscriber replays as well – for those who
    haven’t – perhaps the “lack of humorous comments” is too straight-forward
    for them. But you have had this method of doing things for a long time –
    and the people who HAVE been with you from early on, and who followed you
    over after the other channel was ripped to shreds knows the replay
    commentary style and enjoyed it. The flashing up of the medals once
    achieved in game was always a nice touch, btw.

    I agree with Jake Colt and some others – do what you feel is right, but
    don’t expect to please everyone. Lots of “teachers/aka – viewers” who know
    NOTHING about maintaining a YouTube channel who troll around criticizing
    others for their style, but few who could do it as well as you, IMHO.

  25. Not funny? I haven’t laughed at your videos since The WoT YouTube
    Dreamteam, but I have been enjoying your videos. How you did in this video
    is great, just laugh at the replay and I’ll laugh as well. Also more
    replays by yourself or live streaming with others would be very interesting
    as well

  26. Max commentators who read what is on the screen drive me nuts, you know the
    type, the ones that read an election result that we all can see DUH. When
    we are watching your video we can see exactly what you see!! What we are
    all looking for is what you see that we don’t have the experience or skill
    to see!, How far up that road should we go until we grab a bush and let the
    binocs kick in? Is the guy we spot to close to the edge of the map to
    flank? Where are the danger points that you cannot retreat from without
    getting your ass blown up? Does the guy your fighting have really good SA
    and how do you know? It is also OK to pause a replay to make a point or
    prediction.For fun try something like Dezgames does ” Quickies of the week”
    they are really funny. In any case I will stay with your channel cause you
    do good stuff, don’t worry change is a good think and we all learn from it.

  27. I think it’s a great idea to change
    I will keep support u anyway

  28. Max I,m happy with they way you have been doing things so far but trying
    something new can’t hurt and if it doesn’t work out you can just go back to
    the way it was before.
    Either way I will still be watching your vids.

  29. 666 at 6:66 :O

  30. love the videos. I liked this one cause it showed both commentary and
    talking more freestyle can work together. no matter what, I hope you have
    as much fun making videos as I do watching

  31. Hey Max love that your trying to mix things up with the vids, you said you
    need to have someone to bounce idea’s off to get that comedy value, how
    about once a week if possible pick a replay and do a dual commentary with
    someone you know whoever is up for it, probably wouldnt even need to be
    anyone who knows about tanks because you already do, just an idea and might
    not work but its different and unique to tanks as far as im aware :)

  32. I’ve always enjoyed your videos, whether they are subscriber or streaming
    based. More tactics discussion would be nice but not necessary. I think the
    real difference is the amount of Rum you have had …

  33. hey maxwell i just subscribed to you a month or so ago and have bean in
    joying the style that you do your replays. its a good change from watching
    foch, QB, and jingles

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