World of Tanks – Boot Camp Playthrough

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Just a play through of the play through, nothing special

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  1. I recorded the full play through for you to skip through if you’re interested, no commentary or anything but if you want to see what Boot Camp is like without DLing the test server you can see it.

    Let me know what you think o/

  2. wot is trash better uninstall bra

  3. sealclubbing bots*

  4. it punished players for being bad and rewards them for doing well ???

  5. that fast cap though

  6. Finally some exciting and skillful gameplay

  7. So basically playing against your average pubby?

  8. neat! million times better than the original “tutorial”. Some of the messages could be cleared, e.g. when you received the “defeat” message for killing one of your allies, that could’ve been explained in a detailed message for you to avoid the mistake in the future, but in general, great 🙂

  9. Credit where credit’s due. If you’re a completely new player it’s not a bad tutorial.

  10. Blagoy John Terziev

    i enjoyed it actually,looks pretty nice, far better then what we had i think, and makes me wanna play tanks.

  11. report bots

  12. WTF was all the team dmg and bully?!

  13. 14:17
    Reported for blocking

  14. Richard Gustafsson

    Any way of removing this from the client entirely? It’s just looks annoyingly big to be in the client

  15. Honestly, this boot camp provides a better understanding of the basic mechanics and gameplay, which will be useful for the fresh players. Though I would still have liked if they had placed an in-game button like “help” to take u to a Wikia which explains mechanics in detail like camo and armor or at least to the YT videos of WOT official site . Still a good job,,

    P.S : the subtle nuances of asking players to buy premium repair and first aid kit.. well well WG , we are still at making profit eh?

  16. Much improved tutorial. Nice work WG.

  17. that intro tho with the tiger II looks like something straight from girls un panzer

  18. lol 10:38

    Someone doesn’t like capping e.e

  19. Carlos Valenzuela

    Im surprised the tutorial doesn’t include a tutorial showcasing how to load prem ammo and use the credit card at the prem store! ?

  20. Ive been saying for years this needs to happen! gj wg

  21. stop shooting your teammate anfield

  22. гапdом гапdом

    Wow, the bots are even better than average tier 2-5 players

  23. Why upload a random battle and call it boot camp? 😛

  24. Richard Komendanchik

    The only thing it’s missing is a “here’s the mini map, learn how to use it”

  25. This is a way better tutorial for new players then what we have now.

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