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Today I’m playing on the see if players are better than on EU using two T6 premium medium tanks the Cromwell Berlin and the T-34-85 Rudy!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Asia server sidelined ;_;

  2. (•_•) ..
    ∫ ___( •_•)
    _∫∫ _∫∫ɯ

    The fuck are you looking at?
    Keep scrolling down

  3. Thomas Smith-Keary

    On test servers I generally thought that the Americans would snipe, the
    Russians would brawl, and the Europeans would do both. =)

  4. Welcome to North America Quick! Hope to meet you on the battlefield (:

  5. prohotdogsnorting

    more gold…..

  6. You love the word Meta don’t you? :)

  7. You are doing NA. You said you’ll do RU, but what about the SEA server 🙁 ?
    Most people speak english there don’t worry about not understanding people.

  8. I’m playing in SEA server. need constant break and avoid playing during
    festive season to ensure i dont die from cancer or hypertension. SEA
    appearantly has a lot of cat players.

  9. I hate playing with stupid NA players, This is why i hate joining on the NA

  10. +QuickyBabyTV
    Y not make an acco in the Asian server too? Here, people see the tanks what
    others play and then try to get that tank when they find that looks
    This is a recent story… I got a hellcat and immediately the frequency of
    me seeing the tank increased. Fv 304 is a lil rare sight to see in this
    When I got a bdr like 1-2 yrs back, a long time before the bdr video wot
    shared in fb, people got that tank after seeing the different shape of the
    tank on the stats page that happens while loading. Is3 and crommies are
    quite a common sight as they use it for clans and clan members usually
    follow u.
    I am planning to buy a new prem tank next weak, mostly t8. I am thinking of
    CDC but am also thinking of other options. I’ve already got t54 mod 1 and I
    don’t think I’m interested on that sluggish American spaced armoured Patton
    or the tiger patton.
    I can also take a heavy or light. I also don’t want IS3A since I have is3.
    What would you recommend picking up?

  11. Quickybaby playing on NA from the UK………… 119ms of ping. I play on
    NA from Australia…….213ms of ping……………. -_-
    Also I’ve definitely noticed a difference between the playstyles of NA west
    and NA East

  12. Come to NA West server Quickybaby, the original Ghost Town of WoT.

  13. Well looking at a lot of the comments Quickybaby I think you might get an
    idea of what playing on the NA servers are like.

  14. This is really biased and a really dumb video. To see if people are better
    on US? Yeah this is what annoys me about your content and the way you are
    destroying the wot gaming community who watch these videos. How you do
    that… You divide them. Divide casuals from veterans. You tell them what
    they should buy, what to put on or what mods to use. How about teaching
    people to learn from their mistakes you never done a video on that. Good at
    teaching people to play this game… You use mods, mods help you, that is
    not teaching, that is an added bonus on a game where people can play
    professionally. All it is, is you telling them where is the best position
    for a American medium on this map and you turn the game into a chess match.
    Game becomes so repetitive seeing people play the same way over and over.
    You turn what is essentially a arcade game that is for fun and turn it into
    a experiment. I got to say this good work on killing the game. Everyone
    online plays like you now and I think that is not a good thing, you have
    made it a nerd fest. That is the last thing you want to happen on any game
    because less and less people will join and not have actual fun. It becomes
    just about statistics and which tank to get next and what tank to use on
    what map. Yeah you get to commentate on good videos but that is really just
    your channel now, just you commentating a good play by somebody and then
    you still whine about this or that tank.

  15. Clark Kent Hoshino

    Upon looking at Wotlabs and server stats you must notice how NA does have
    some of the lowest overall and recent statistics in the World.

    1205 Overall and 1458 Recent Wn8 for active members.

    1478 Overall and 1790 Recent Wn8 for active members.

    2479 Overall and 2943 Recent Wn8 for active members.

    Can you believe that? The RU players are actually UNICUM overall and SUPER
    UNI recents in terms of active players while the NA are Average… Only
    proves that NA are full of idiots who have an IQ level of 90 below.

  16. Hey QB,

    it’s less criticism and more a question: why we most of the time see you
    play as high tier or just 3 guys with 1 tier more? I know its hard to fight
    as low tier, but this are the more exciting battles. I did not start until
    at order with wn8, but well, I dont use xvm so I cannot say anything about
    “clutching red barons”. I just dont care which color is in front of my
    tank. They all are dangerous and can let me go back to garage.

    And hey, sorry for this bad english. I’m from germany and I wish I could
    speak the english language much better :/

  17. I with AMX 12 t kill Rudy in 12s

  18. On the traverse rates: these stats listed, for both stock and elite tracks,
    are with the stock /engine/. So upgrading the engine proportionally
    improves your traverse rate.

  19. all servers seem rather similar to me…. except the ASIA server, that
    place is a clusterfuck, no other way to describe it. i have too many games
    where i do easily 3x my expected damage only to have my team lose

  20. cromwell is 135

  21. eu server is much better like more good players loots of players played
    average 60 k 30 k battles some played 160k and in eu server is much more
    experiance players

  22. i would say for your sake stay out of the crap hole of the NA server its
    full of hate i just want them to do a sever trans again so i can go to the
    EU server lol

  23. Asia server is all arty and arty only average 3 per game

  24. There’s a second intro at 5:50

  25. Big refreshment to see you playing without veteran crew with 5, 6 or even 7
    skills on each. I want to see more fresh crew gameplays. Personally I find
    that more skillful

  26. I wonder what will happen if he play in SEA server⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜555dog

  27. Love the server comparison idea. Hear it all the time so good to get some
    objective analysis.

  28. StormRider Cherokee

    Please, come to SEA server QB. ;)

  29. I’m not sure if there is a real QSF clan in the NA server but they were
    complete jerks when I had a platoon of them on my team. the person using an
    M36 Patton was shooting at me since he lost about 85% of his hp when I
    still had full hp in my AMX 50 100. So he decided to take a chunk of mine
    and begin to complain about me “sucking”


  31. Gotta fix the comment number

  32. The main difference I noticed when moving from the EU to NA(W) is that MM
    shits the bed more often due to the terrible server population, and a third
    of all players on each team are Argentinian bots who like to drive along
    shooting at the sky or teammates.

    I wouldn’t mind trying to play on EU again it’s a pipe dream since my ping
    and packet loss just to NA(E) from California makes it unplayable, so I’m
    stuck with 4k peak population and BR?

  33. Has quickybaby met the Red Sea yet. Nothjng survives the red sea not even
    tope tier 3 man unicum platoons. Sea Server exclusive

  34. Are you playing NA East or West? West does have higher % of derpines, East
    has some very well established players and it does feel like there are much
    fewer lemming trains on NA East. Also you will find a lot of good players
    grinding out cash and WN8 in low tiers 5-7, which will provide you with
    some challenges and maybe some excitement. Especially with a perkless crew.

  35. YAY QB come play with me!

  36. We really need a Canadian server across all wargaming platforms ASAP!

  37. I would like to know how QB feels about WG adding modern combat vehicles
    into the game.

  38. qb will you play sea server ?

  39. I don’t see how it could be a fair comparison if you’re going to be using
    much less experienced crews on the NA server.

  40. SNAPgamig SNAPgamig

    Could you do a t57 video

  41. hey guys how are you doing ? i got a world tanks channel come check it out
    i record a t 1080 30 fps and just take a look thats all i ask so have a
    great day!!!!

  42. play on asia server and witness hordes of muppets that come in seemingly
    endless droves :D

  43. On the NA server, there is more language uniformity (most people speak
    english), something that isn’t true on the EU server, so theoretically you
    have better communication (in practice, it’s probably slightly better but
    not by much). The good players take the game very seriously and often have
    little patience with people who don’t, and because of said language
    uniformity, they will generally be able to… um… communicate that lack
    of patience to you very easily. NA players also tend to be a bit more
    entitled and more vocal about their demands (since we have more of a
    capitalistic background, we feel that paying money gives us the right to
    make demands as to how the game should play). Some of that is good (i.e. we
    have suggestions to improve the game), but it often gets into rage fests
    and silly demands.

    I’m very interested to see QuickyBaby’s observations. I’ve always though
    the EU server was more chaotic and unpredictable, while the NA server was
    more consistent (good or bad). Also, there are differences between the
    eastern and western NA servers, the west is much smaller and more laid
    back, while the east is more serious.

  44. QB: You have a review on the FV4005??

  45. Good to see u on the na server! Hope to see u in game…..on my side! LOl!

  46. Indranil Muikherjee

    NA server is difficult to play.Approved by QB .Even QB panicked in the
    murovanka match when they were capping them out.HAHA i knew EU server is
    easy mode server and NA server is hard mode of WOT

  47. QB.. why not try ASIA server? would love to hear what u think of that

  48. U should try asia service,sir

  49. 문밝은 (GlassHeart)

    J O I N KR S E R V ER

  50. From experience I find that the NA server is harder than the EU one; in
    your videos, people seem not to mind getting shot in the side a few times,
    but in the Americas seem to instantly pull back into cover.

  51. monstertank gaming

    Hey quickly baby would you mind going on the Asian server I have followed
    your channel all the way and I would like you to do this for all your fans
    in Asia

  52. Are we allowed to have multiple accounts?

  53. Dunno how is EU server but in NA be prepared to face any player with 20k +
    battles to shoot gold to anything, and I mean anything, those are our
    “good” players that in the world cup cover themselves and our server in
    shame sucking really bad. Would be great if I can find you in a game and
    playing with you; great idea, love it.

  54. kratos killsyou69er

    Quickybaby please ma man, its 2016 change your ps2 intro for gods its
    getting.. outdated :/

  55. billiNUDGEl EXHAUST

    Not played any other server other than the ASIA server and the Russian test
    server so cant comment on NA verses EU. I and many others the better side
    of the equator (had to put something in for the haters lol) would like to
    see some ASIA action from the people we subscribe too. Whats the chance of
    getting an account down here at the right side of the world?

  56. Quickybaby come to the SEA server XD

  57. I started playing first off on the North American server back in 2011!
    Racked up 16,000 games on that account, then missed the transfer window
    onto the Asia server so had to make a new account. ( and leave my Type 59
    on my NA account ) So far have played about 5,000 games on my Asia server
    account. Aside from not many people speaking English, the Asia server is
    way better due to me having a better connection.

  58. Happy Newyear! Have you heard if the NA server will be getting the Patton

  59. To get a better sample of pro players on NA, you need to play Tier X tanks.
    Pubbies are bad on all servers.

  60. Careful playing on NA while kids are awake, there are a bunch of them with
    like 30-200 WN8 that will just throw themselves at you to kill you. Classic
    NA tactics.

  61. America and SEA is just all artillery.

  62. I’m an American playing on the NA server on the Xbox One going up the
    American medium line. I’m just the worst kind of scum aren’t I?

  63. The Anonymous Patriot

    I see you Quicky I am gonna turn your tank into a flaming wreck.

  64. Hey Quickie i got a proposition for ya. Start a series where you don’t show
    players having huge games and getting kolobanovs medals and such but
    showing games or even highlights of games submitted by average players
    having an average game and you giving tips or errors they made in the game,
    call it Quick Tips or something. Just an idea love yor vids.

  65. I noticed your ping went from 30+ on EU server to 100+ on the NA server. In
    your opinion does the extra ping/lag make it a (big) difference for snap
    shotting or trying to hit weak spots on a moving tank, or were you just
    putting it down to an inexperienced crew

  66. NA server has more fun.

  67. Cap sitters .. best way to position yourself to be killed. ROFLMAO —
    That’s the NA way.

  68. the meta on the NA server
    Prem rounds and auto aim your way up the rainbow.


  70. quicky is your na account related to the bulb clan??

  71. quickybabytv come to SEA as well

  72. Glad to have you on the NA server! Hopefully we get to play with you in a
    Random Battle!

  73. shouldn’t the Cromwell B and the Rudy get brothers in arms?

  74. Wow I played a game with Quickybaby and didn’t even know it!!!

  75. Hey qb what is this for a headset?

  76. Story time from the SEA server.

    So I was in a T150, moving forward as fast as a T150 goes. then out of
    nowhere, a Chaffee, with 8k battles and a 150 wn8, rams the back of my tank
    while trying to auto aim a tank to his left which was about 300m away. He
    dies. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s like :” WTF you blocked the road.
    Watch where you’re going.”

    I then decided to play a different game.

  77. The “problem” of the NA server the population, especially when you play at
    late night, you can meet the same platoons over and over again, if they are
    on the other side and they are very skilled, that wouldn’t be a good

  78. Wiesens & Gorn LP´s

    You know what is supposed to represent the castle on Himmelsdorf? It is the
    Elz Castle in Elztal on the Moselle.

  79. like ur vids but comet / cromwell vids are getting boring

  80. XVM doesnt let me see my tanks in the garage 🙁 I have to go into the tech
    tree and right click it and say select vehicle in garage 🙁 Can anyone help
    me plz?

  81. you should play on SEA tho

  82. N/A server is full of useless inbred shitbag trash players of society.

  83. TheRancidMarshmallow

    to fully experience the na server, don’t comment on the gameplay. comment
    on the chat. also, play t8 at the lowest to actually see the meta.

  84. You should get a tier 8 prem and jump right into the higher tiers.

  85. happy new year, great to have you over on the NA servers. I tried to go to
    the EU servers but would not let me connect from way over here in Canada.

  86. Let me know next time, I’ll platoon with you “ItsDadMan”

  87. QB Have u heard of the T-34-85 Victory its similar to the Rudy

  88. How do you play different servers on 1 PC?

  89. please play on the Asia server, or land of bots and warpac, as we call it!

  90. oldscout1986 w-uni-na1

    you are welcome to join us in north america you can platoon with us
    w-uni-na and you can join us on teamspeak if you want quickybaby the invite
    is always open to you

  91. NA gets a lot of stuff fast like Toldi it was like Christmas to December 4

  92. I am from Poland and my ears are bleeding. You mispronounced the letter Y
    in the word Rudy. You should do this as saying the letter I in Berlin.

  93. welcome back to the NA server there quickybaby, hope to run into you
    sometime eh :)

  94. I play both NA and Asia server, cant say I notice much of a difference in
    playstyle, but one thing is for sure, people sure insult you a lot more on
    NA – any excuse will do.

  95. According to the stats RU> EU> US.

  96. It would be interesting to see you play both tanks on both maps to see the
    difference. Good video mate

  97. Hello Will Frampton. : )

  98. Eu has useless Devs when you look at the missions on Eu its like 4 Na you
    keep scrolling like 20 a joke for the Eu really…

  99. There’s less team support and more cry babies on north american server.
    Plus shittier match making.

  100. get yourself a network speed booster and try china server….enjoy the atry
    showers and type 59 flood….atry players of china server are magical…

  101. you just got lucky since that moron left the cap circle.your team and you
    played like lemmings!

  102. NA servers are best summed up as: A community so toxic in chat it makes me
    want to refresh my PC after I’m done playing, sky cancer out the wazoo,
    rerolls, bots, the sorest of sore losers, and premium ammo aplenty. Oh, and
    it’s always your fault when you lose. Never arty’s, never the heavy tanks
    that camped base, never the lemming train, always yours. Especially when
    you take team damage; that’s always your fault as well.

  103. Na meta?
    Shit talk

  104. 112 or IS-6???

  105. So how many lanterns are to sit in the Old North Church if the Brits are
    coming by Internet?

  106. i dont play this game anymore but i used to play in the NA server and
    people where really passive. a lot of camping.

  107. if you want to play NA server you have to play from like 8pm-2am or in the
    morning up until the kids get out of school around 4pm… otherwise its
    just crap ontop of crap ontop of crap.. seriously, im not even hating its
    just a fact. like clockwork almost

  108. Awesome games. If you are truly going to explore the difference between
    different servers you should really try to get to at least tier 9 on each
    one. Which NA server are you playing on? I find there’s a real difference
    between the East Coast and West Coast servers as you would expect because
    of the population differences. Have a great new year.

  109. All these fucking butt hurt EU players roasting NA players stfu, when he
    gets to tier 8 he’s gonna have a shitload of fun

  110. Almost all or at least 98% of the good players just spam premium rounds to
    just keep their stats and since they cannot afford to bounce and or aim at
    weakpoints anymore..

  111. I am absolutely love playing my Rudy. The Cromwell B I haven’t touched.

  112. if you play T7 on Chinese server, then you will feel the fear of type 59 !!

  113. I’ll call it now. NA server is going to be less about intelligent tactics
    and team play. It will be more about overpowering rushes and yolo play.

  114. well quickybaby here is what you have to look forward to on the NA server,
    #1 cursing, lots and lots of cursing. #2 racist comments about blacks,
    hispanics, asians well anyone not white to make is simple.#3 homophobic
    comments, lots of those. #4 sexist comments or jokes to the effect, and god
    forbide that there is a female player on your team, she’ll be harassed the
    entire match or team killed. now because people know who you are more than
    likely you are not going to see the true face of the NA server, people will
    watch their mouths and behave, you should have used an annonymous account
    to get a true taste of the NA server, it will make your stomach turn in

  115. Logical Millenial

    Not Sure what Meta is.

  116. you will almost certainly have a slight disadvantage – going by the 110Ms

  117. I thought ON NA was a new Japaneese heavy tank…

  118. Lunarguard Gaming

    Quickybaby when you play on the NA server you should play the high tiers
    including playing at night much better players show up!

  119. prepared to be shot in the back by team members a lot more QB!

  120. I’m from the NA server and 80% of the players are bots or rerollers.

  121. *8:03** -> **14:51*
    *15:34** -> **8:03*
    *14:51** -> **15:34*

  122. there’s totally a Skoda t-40 on the enemy team shooting their own teammates
    to reset cap

  123. I also bought the Cromwell B and Rudy for the Christmas Sale! 😀
    Yay America

  124. QB, tbh, if you want a real challenge, just play tier 8-10 on EU1 from
    around 1h-5h CET…. playin’ EU2 from 18-23h CET, when most of the
    experienced players are occupied with the clan wars, is kinda clubbing for
    your skill level imho…

  125. North Americar is harder, Russiar is harder oh quickybaby you silly brit

  126. Lovro Markovinovic

    some tips for Cromwell?? :)

  127. Tier 6 is hardly a good demographic, play tier 10 and see why its the
    hardest and most skilled server.

  128. How do you get such a good connection in the NA server? You get about the
    same connection in the East NA server as I do in the West one and I live in
    the Eastern US. Also, the UK is known for their questionable internet
    service, ha.

  129. Try the SEA server…

  130. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How can i Switch Servers?

  131. R u playing on east or west

  132. 120ms ping .. hard to take

  133. would love a chance to play with you or against you. Can you let us know
    when you will be playing? I imagine it will be East Coast servers.

  134. Depending on when you play, (afternoon, evening, week, w-e) you will find
    the style of play and players will be vastly differentI would note your
    play time when trying to draw conclusions

  135. Your use of Irony kinda hurts, QB :< But I guess it works. Irony = an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

  136. Play tier 9-10 and don’t hide the chat to see the full experience of NA has
    to offer

  137. Happy new year to you quickybaby ‘ I think this is a splendid idea perhaps
    once you are done with the NA server you may venture to the sea server for
    a visit i am sure you will find that most entertaining to say the least.
    Anyways keep up the great work’ love the videos and all the best for 2016

  138. NA sux there are only fat tanks , come back to EU ,

  139. NA server = loads of toldis and other premiums tanks being played. I can’t
    play a single game without half my team and half the other team being

  140. Play T8+ because low tiers is horrible. Games end in like 3 minutes and the
    player base is just bad. However, maybe you can compare it to the t6 in EU

  141. Muting your cough at 12:34? Good guy QB.

  142. NA has a better playerbase…smaller…but better, a lot more gold spam in
    higher tiers by good players…but you don’t see that sea of red that you
    see on EU all full of polish people….and NA is 90% english speaking so
    you can swear about that idiot airbreathing imbecele that can’t do shit in
    games….jingles told that you see a lot more people talking shit….its
    because everybody knows english so when you insult someone they know that
    and thats the point in insulting someone…but on EU where a polish dude
    try to say someone he is an idiot he just says kurwa or something because
    his english is bad 😛 btw i have nothing against polish guys but just
    showing an example

  143. There is also a noticeable difference in game-play on NA-West and NA-East.
    I think it has more to do with what time you play. Late at night hard core
    gamer’s are just that.

  144. Dont forget the Chinese server QB, I think that would be the most

  145. Yisi Liu (Reviews and Gameplays)

    skoda in the enemy team lol.

  146. Oh no, quickybaby’s re roll too… No credit for you at all.

  147. Happy new your to you and Peppedy! Have you already played on the Russian
    servers at all?

  148. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    something i noticed on the ru server is that the arty players move around a
    lot more at the end of the game than players on the eu server do.

  149. Tier 1-8 is cancer on the NA servers… Tier 9 and 10 are the only tiers
    that people have fully functional brains… May sound messed up but it’s

  150. +QuickyBabyTV Hi QuickyBaby. how r u? I just wanted to ask u where do we
    write the codes in world of tanks. thx <3

  151. If u have a mobile device(best if an ipad/tab) u should try World of tanks

  152. Well now I will have to look out for you well I am playing.

  153. hey qb I need your help I am a kid that doesn’t get what ever he wants and
    I like world or tanks and I really want a pc and I don’t have money cause
    my family goes through hard times and I really like your videos I reply
    want to be like you and could u please help me get a pc

  154. from what I’ve heard about the russian server is that the players, believe
    it or not, are far more belligerent.

  155. I have a t-34-2 on EU, I honestly do not see a large difference in gameplay
    during peak hours on NA vs EU. SA players need their own server though :|

  156. well I have played on NA and RU and on the NA server there seem to be a
    hell of a lot more airchair generals blabbering on in the chat before and
    during games, standard of play just like the Eu server varies get some
    great players you get captain derp and his minions. Ru server if you like
    playing a td is great pretty much all most random battles involve is yolo
    rushes, I have only played around 1k game on the RU server and max tier 8
    maybe the meta changes at tier x but cant say for sure.

  157. hope to see you on sometime QB! but you should play on NA WEST because from
    my experiences there are more experienced player’s!

  158. Once I played some games with my cousins account on the Russian server and
    I didn’t noticed a difference between EU and RU.

  159. Quicky I have a question about the warpack mod it seems that it is an
    unfair advantage when using this mod. I’d like to get your input on this.

  160. Hippy new year. How was it with the Extra Ping similar to me when I play NA
    from New Zealand 135 ping. When I played SA as suggested by War Gaming it
    was 250-300 Ping and much more common to have packet loss. I have friends
    that play in NA with 15-20 ping and wonder how it effects play.

  161. Welcome to Murica, where’s better to keep the chat off

  162. @QuickyBabyTV What do you think about the M4A3E8 Fury ?

  163. please keep doing the 1 video per day like if you agree so he sees this

  164. If anybody could answer what would be a good first tier 10 on pc??ps I play
    xbox WoT and have these tanks already: E-100, T92, WT auf E-100,
    jg.pz.E-100, and the Bat chat 25t. I really would like to know before do
    any thing.

  165. we remark for serveur NA your ping is 123

  166. hiding the chat box on the NA server is a shame, if you ask me. It’s half
    the fun.

  167. I think you’re the reason that I’m still using youtube… Also, will you
    ever get into World of Tanks Blitz? I saw a video some months back that you
    had the game. The only reason I don’t start a PC account is because Blitz
    has already taken over a significant portion of my life.
    Thanks for possibly reading my incoherent rambling

  168. Forsaken YouTuber

    What part of North America were you playing in? I think the west side of
    North America plays better than the east.

  169. Try the SEA server and you will be more pleased about your local one. :P

  170. if you’re comparing servers QB, i would love to see you try SEA. your ping
    wont help much, but for the hilariously bad players i think it would be
    worth it. when tier 10 games finish 15-3 in under 5 min, you know something
    is wrong.

  171. whata pro !

  172. Joshua the Scotsman

    I play on the Xbox where we can jump servers whenever. Since I live in
    Scotland I play on the EU however, when I’m on at night I play on the
    American server. Honestly, when listening to the americans on voice chat I
    can feel my brain cells dying. I hate it. They all seem less intelligent
    than EU players. No offence.

  173. Maybe different but I play on both PL and XBOX. on xbox you can swap
    between servers on the same account so i can take my tanks with me to the
    NA server.
    I’ve certainly found it a more aggressive server and have been left behind
    in spots that on Europe would just hold a corner where as the NA players
    push round come hell or high water. Not worse just different play styles.

  174. You played on NA? My condolonces

  175. +QuickyBabyTV
    Why do all the streamers from U.K. add that silent “r” in a lot of words? 😀
    1:03 – … how the Meta(r) is..
    1:11 – … north America(r) is easier..
    And also to everyone else, am I the only one to notice this? :D

  176. I do not usually play HT on NA server because, for some reason, red and
    orange players tend to know the weakspots on any HT
    I moved from ASIA server
    Maybe thats the difference that i have noticed between these two server
    Currently I have 2500+ wn8 recent in NA. It is very enjoyable, but the chat
    is full of 10yo kids

  177. Kristiāns Nikolajevs

    QuickyBaby how can I change my nickname in world of tanks?

  178. cant wait to see you play on RU server where players ARE actually better.
    but i recommend going highest tier possible there, where people with orange
    xvm feel like black sheep

  179. Would like to see you play more often on NA

  180. I play on both EU and NA server – honestly can’t tell the difference, yet.

  181. I play on the Xbox, and spend about 50% on Europe, and 50% on NA East.

    I find European server players love camping and staying in the back, while
    NA East players hate it.
    Also nobody speaks the same language on Europe, which can be frustrating.

  182. Oh boy you guys don’t know how good you have it lol. You can get cancer
    from playing on the SEA server………

  183. Na has a lot of idiots at tier 6 tier 8-10 is where you go to judge it.

  184. would you ever consider playing on the console versions of WoT

  185. Also to remember when sniping at long ranges(400+ I think); WG cut the
    amount of data your client receives for their location to half in order to
    decrease the packed loss and poor connection issues. But this means that at
    the mentioned long ranges, the tanks’ movements appears “laggy”.

  186. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    russian were teh biggest gamer in this game

  187. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    how to get on the north american serer ??? if you live for example like me
    in germany

  188. NA server is full of retarded players… Can’t handle the stupidity there

  189. This is question to anyone who is experienced with World of Tanks. About 6
    months ago I felt as though I was completely done with the game and was
    bored with it at a whole. Recently I have been really wanting to get back
    into it, only issue being that when I quit the game I gave my account to my
    sister who has since then made a lot of progress and gotten very good. This
    being the case my only option to play again, and for anyone who has had to
    grind up the beginning lines you know how hard this would be. What would
    you experts recommend I do? I was a unicum in my WoT days and I would
    almost certainly go crazy having to go through tier 1-8 again. Should I get
    a good prem and a good amount of gold and free xp up to a good tank and
    look like a reroll? Or should I suck it up and grind? Let me know.

  190. New year same old intro/outro

  191. Get a new acc for EU, RU, NA and maybe APAC and then check your rating
    after 2-3 weeks and tell us which one was easiest.

  192. Hello people! Happy new year! I was just wondering what happened to the new
    sounds in WoT? 9.13?


  194. Hey Qb! Maybe a stupid question.. But how can I play on the NA servers and
    have they the E25 still in store and if they have, can I buy it with euros?

  195. really? My Cromwell B uses my Cromwell’s all female crew with 4 perks, and
    I find that the my Cromwell B turns better when I circle enemys. It might
    be my Crew skills or something but I find the Cromwell B handles better…

  196. Great played. thx. You could go to see the China server if you have
    interest. There are people transtlating your video of introducing new gold
    tank once.

  197. you can’t play tier 6 to see how good a server, you have to play tier 10

  198. quickybaby can you get on the NA account and accept my friend.

  199. 122ms… Ouch.. Hope to see you on the field!

  200. The NA servers are full of 12 year olds pretending to be adults and Spanish
    speaking players get team killed by Americans stating they are doing Trump
    a favour!

  201. qb you played this acc in 2015 on twich

  202. qb you played this acc in 2015 on twich

  203. I wish I knew if one was more toxic than the other, but I bet they are
    about the same.

  204. SuperSway[S0YUZ]

  205. But platoon with me

  206. NA servers suck

  207. At 12:49 you see him turning the hull of his tank without the turret moving
    the same amount of degrees…. With default game settings, your turret and
    hull are fixed when using the A and D key to rotate your tank. Does anyone
    know how to cancel this (not by moving your mouse ofc)??

  208. Where can I find your specs ? :))

  209. Europe is more fun, many different country’s and players :)

  210. can i play with u D:

  211. well I wish I could send you a replay as I’ve been playing on the US server
    the majority of my tanking life and I live in Britain.

  212. Why isnt your wn8 purple anymore ?

  213. why are you not going on the asian/Oceania servers?

  214. QB – thank you for conducting the “experiment” on the NA server. I think
    that finding out what the meta differences are will be interesting to view
    and hear your opinion on. One way that I KNOW that the NA server is similar
    is the amount of trash talking that goes on. Another key similarity is
    simply that people on all the servers will pick on any “part” of the game
    that they don’t like or that has reduced their enjoyment of the game (ie:
    Premium round use, Artillery, spotting mechanics (those who don’t
    understand them), etc). I hope you have fun, but please, please, PLEASE
    never un-cover that chat window while on the NA – it is just as poisonous!

  215. Spoiler alert: it’s worse.

  216. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    In the USA servers it’s hard to win because half of every one doesn’t know
    how to play there as I play NA west to win cus it’s easier than NA East
    even tho I’ve been getting my WN8 up on East

  217. Hey QB! You should play with Trobsmonkey, really nice guy and a unicum at
    that. He plays on the NA servers.

    He also does livestreams daily, check him out!

  218. Geometry Dash Jeah

    How do you play on the NA server if you live in EU?

  219. NA server most of the time is terrible, filled with terrible players even
    at higher tier games. Most of games are: you rape the enemy team because
    they were nothing but baby seals or you are raped because even though you
    did 3k damage and destroyed 6 enemy tanks your team cant read the map and
    use their brains

  220. this was uploaded on my birthday!

  221. *Insert Anti-American comments*

  222. QB why not make a video asking your subscriber to give you game suggestion

  223. Timothy Woodworth

    +Quicky Baby
    happy new year quicky hopfully I’ll see you on the battle field in th na
    server would be awsome but keep up the awsome videos

  224. rng loves you my cromwell tank hits about 70% of the time 100% cr. fully
    aimed each time i see you play a crom i lol

  225. You know is an NA server when the ping is over 100

  226. awesome nice to see you on the NA server quicky ! i hope to fight you on
    the battle feild

  227. Tier 6 is not the place to experience the meta on NA, I use tier 6 to do
    missions because it’s way easier to take advantage of people. Tier 8-10 is
    the playing field where the boys are separated from men in terms of skill
    and understanding of the game.

  228. You in Russian!Putin ???

  229. IMHO Skill by server is like Russia>>US>EU>>>>>Japan>Korea>China>>>SEA

  230. Minecraftster148790

    That title reminds me of the top gear Vietnam special when they unveiled
    the backup bike

  231. Alith Ahnar (gnomoiND)

    Funny to notice that what ever Server People play a A-43 they spam Gold. :)

  232. Whoever said there are better/worse players on RU or NA is an idiot……

  233. I’ve played on NA, EU, and SEA servers. EU is more predictable than NA
    server which can make it easier to exploit weaknesses consistently. NA
    seems to fluxuate more in the games where you can exploit a major flaw, to
    the ones where they do something unexpected that ruins your tactic. Granted
    this happens on the EU server as well, it just seems to happen more often
    on the NA server.

    I cant say too much on the SEA server as I have only played 20-30 games
    maybe. But I can say is its not as bad as people say.

  234. EU has better players but less than the NA

  235. Every server is better than the Chinese Private server

  236. I don’t think it has any thing to do with skill the difference between the
    EU and NA servers is the communication in game on the NA server they all
    speak the same Language the EU server has multi languages and there in lies
    the problem.

  237. It’s fairly safe to say that NA players tend to be more intelligent than
    the dipshits on the EU server. The biggest difference is having teammates
    that actually understand you instead of insulting you back in their Klingon
    language when you try to communicate with them. Another thing I have
    noticed is that getting MoE’s on the NA is much harder. I got at least 1 on
    each of my tanks on the EU server without even trying. Surely it’s very
    dependable because of the different tanks that get played a lot on each
    server…But all by all there is a significant difference.

  238. which mod pack is he using?

  239. When I watch QB play on the EU server I am extremely jealous. I was playing
    a game yesterday on NA and it was 7 left on my team and three on the other.
    Guess who won by cap? The team of three. AFK arty that didn’t even try to
    interrupt the cap, and I was in a AT-15 slowly chugging back to the flag
    and bounced the shot that could have reset the cap and then I penetrated my
    follow up shot after the flag had been captured. Everyone else decided that
    it took 5 tanks to kill a single Borsig that was no where near the cap
    circle. My brain felt like it melted after that match.

  240. I am a bit confuse , how come are you able to play on whatever server you
    want ? I can’t imagine that you jump in a airplane and go playing on NA and
    then go back as well on EU and so on .Other than that , good players, noobs
    and idiots are the same everywhere .

  241. Kto pl?

  242. Hey QB if you find a WOT game were everyone polite and nice to one another
    don’t be afraid. It’s just the secret WOT Canadian sever.

  243. Anyone else feeling gypped QB didn’t give us his current impressions for
    the server? I really felt that was the whole point of the video.

  244. wee thx qb** now when you play encounter on himelsdorf there will be 12
    tanks on that location downhill and everyone that goes hill will get
    overrun;enemies will simply go on the other side of the castle**

  245. the rudy and the CB when i bought them they came with 100% and 100% in BIA

  246. Hey QB t26e4 or t54 first prototype i need moneymaker.

  247. Quickybaby came over to the NA Server? Well I can’t wait to see what you
    say about my server. Dis gonna be gud! Oh btw QB quick tip for the NA
    server. The WG ADMINS on the forums are nothing but a bunch of Nazi’s. They
    favor the 1% over everyone else.

  248. got a cromwell game with 2800damage, 6 kills and a Mastery badge. Should I
    send it to quicky? not sure if i tis anything special.

  249. quickybaby please play the arl 44

  250. I do enjoy the total misuse of “meta” in this videos 😉
    No butter butter butter this time tho.

  251. how can you use free camera in a wotreplay?

  252. “I came to see if NA is better than the EU server… So I’m going to play
    tier 6…”

  253. QB, on NA people play less arty, because most NAers are jingles fans, and
    thus hate arty

  254. Americans are idiots so go back to eu

  255. On NA there’s more dumb people. More kids. More ragers. GL

  256. NA server? more like DEAD server

  257. hey QB I’m an NA player, and I will hunt you down ?

  258. given the number of players on each server, the law of averages would
    suggest they all play on a somewhat similar level

  259. People on the NA server are… Less intelligent in some cases. No offense
    to anyone


    Now I can’t get the song out of my head again xD

  261. happy new years quickybaby

  262. Omg these NA noobs…

  263. Thomas James (Weir417)

    USA USA USA. Go ‘Murica

  264. Welcome to the NA server, see you out there.

  265. Damn, you ping…

  266. Not played since 2012, still has a cromwell b

  267. I was in the same match with QB on his NA account about a week ago. We were
    both playing the Skoda T40 :D

  268. All those comments down there saying nice vid or GJ quickybaby but no one
    actually managed to watch the video cause its 18 min long and uploaded 10
    mins ago XD – nice video quickybaby

  269. the EU server is the hardest as in murica erevyone speaks English, in
    Russia Russian , sea Japanese or Korean , yet EU
    English,French,German,Italian,cz/SK,russian,Swedish. yeah teamwork is

  270. “sneaky t-150” that made me giggle. Thing is about as stealthy as a school

  271. Play world of tanks blitz on the North America server, you can’t team kill

  272. Quickybaby, why did you cover the chat? I play on NA and the chat is

  273. ‘Murica!

  274. Get a different intro for 2016

  275. xxxyoloswag twerk420blazexxx

    he needs to play tier x matches to see the full difficulty of the na

  276. It’s a party in the US server ?

  277. dam you guys move fast. Happy 2016 tho

  278. Quickybaby have you ever though of playing on console such as xbox one?

  279. On Xbox everyone plays unnerfed OP TDs…

  280. Try russian server :D

  281. Why does quickybaby say “r” after some words for ex. he said” oh americar
    is harder or russiar is harder” i also noticed he also says cupolar. anyone
    else noticed??

  282. QB I think your a great you tuber, you’ve provided me with such great
    knowledge on world of tanks, and I’d imagine a lot of people agree.

  283. Monkeyguide ᵞᵒᵘᵗᵘᵇᵉʳ

    brov…. u can’t be funny.

  284. Who started singing upon seeing title?

  285. GJ Quickybaby

  286. 4th comment ??

  287. Love the gameplay

  288. Happy new year everyone! What is your opinion of EU and NA server and how
    they differ 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  289. Watching here with about 38 views on this video

  290. Wilhelm Schicklegruber

    cool yo

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