World of Tanks || BOTTOM TIER, BIG IMPACT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today мой господин is going have a IMPACT even when bottom tier int he T7 Soviet medium tank, A-44!


of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. so close to 600K oh my

  2. one of my favorite tanks ever , believe or not i haveplayed this tank 1.2k games becuse i was a free to play player and i used it to grind for my first prem tankk marathoon for the type62 when the game was fun

  3. The A-44. The medium that wants to be a TD but also still wants to be the light tank the A-43 aspired to be. I like it, it’s got a unique playstyle.

  4. Last 4 videos = 8 battles in total
    7/8 battles in Ruski tanks
    There is no Russian bias…

    …on this channel 😉

  5. now thats how russian play a russian tank !!! may the Stalin’s Force be with u

  6. A 44 is trash

  7. its a sexy camo on an ugly tank.

  8. dragon butterfly attak and protekk

  9. 13:26
    The Skorpion G presses “Affirmative!”
    Mou_roclloguH presses “Affirmative!”
    And the 45TP does his own thing

  10. If it’s мой Господин – it means my sir

  11. Do a video on the O-I experimental

  12. Love A-44

  13. Can you do the Object 416? Its a pretty unique tank being super short, having no fully-traversible turret, and probably the best tier 8 gun there is.

  14. Such poor plays by this idiot during the first half of the game. Why is it even featured? After shooting across the map and getting lit, instead of finding cover, he does the opposite, goes into the open to get shot at.

  15. QB talking about his master of the tank as he fluffs 3 shots in a row lmao!

  16. Keep up the daily replays man lovin it:)

  17. Ugly paintjob o.O wtf, you have no taste dude, seriously.. look at your haircut, “thats a haircut only a mother could love” lol

  18. With captions on it say that is a tiger pee lol

  19. Raid boss?? QB out here with some WoW puns

  20. You don’t half talk some amount of confusingly annoying shit lol.

  21. A-44 is fun once you learn how to use it properly

  22. hey QB pls make a video about tips and trick to play Strv 103B , thx u alot

  23. That Tiger P is probably a beginner lol, why would you not look behind you when your but is being shot??

  24. “Amazing free to play replay”

    Clearly that guy isn’t playing for free. Full pimped tank with food.

  25. Yea it is amazing to watch game with someone full pimped tank against players who can’t even shoot back ♿

  26. Its like watching a drunken master…

  27. Why do you ask viewers to comment? You never answer a question.


  29. replay that weakling player & coward player

  30. Jesus the standard of play is abysmal on this server if this game is anything to go by.

  31. Yus! One of my favorite tier 7

  32. That T95 made quite a bad play. What an anticlimactic ending. Good game nontheless tho

  33. I loved my A44. So much fun

  34. 1:08 – Wow, the cam of that incoming shot is pretty cool. Don’t see that often.

  35. It has been a long time without such a decent replay. Thanks for sharing Quaky 😉

    • Couple of days ago we had the epic 1v9 in the Chieftain, after that we had the almost as equally good Patton game. I think you haven’t been following the channel recently..

  36. this funny eyghties paint job is the worst? You propably forgot the fotball one, heh:D

  37. One of your best replays!
    – Bottom tier
    – Standard rounds

    The true face of WoT – and a brilliant victory!

  38. where do i get QB’s lastest modpack?

  39. I had a blast playing A-44 but it’s not competitive.

  40. Always wanted to like this tank, but the never ending engine knock outs plus weak ammo rack just spoilt it for me, never bought the next one in the line and never will now as I uninstalled the game.

  41. Why did that enemy tanka t 5:02 start to glow red? Is it a mod or something?

  42. Again: You talk about this guys skill at this game and how well he uses his tank but again: Another person that doesn’t track a TD. Track the T95 go down and take your time. His gun is strong enough to track the T95. edit: He should have made the track and rush decision minutes ago.

  43. oh damn the a-44 I loved to drive this tank in the past in A-44 platoon we drive it really agressively and it works well, a nice gameplay ! thx for sharing !

  44. I think this replay was more about luck rather than skill. If you analyze how the player moved and how he took unnecessary risks you can tell that this game was mostly about luck.

  45. Not down to the premium rounds? He has spent all he had with him already 🙂

  46. Good game shame about the creepy wanker commentating

  47. His name isnt my master its my mister or my man

  48. If you want real challenge go to the Russian servers. There are much good players.

  49. Proof that Slavs on EU server should play on Russian server, they’re just as idiotic they’d fit right in

  50. I had my highest experience game in this tank

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