World of Tanks || Bottom Tier Hero!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – SU-0. Today will witness Stvol attempt become the bottom tier hero!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. Meanwhile, in Westfield, I’m in a JPanther, South spawn, in a tier 9 battle, hiding in the arty dip, holding them back by spotting for myself and arty, as well as shooting. Never spotted in the dip, just farmed 3k damage off of dumb heavies and a medium.

  2. code isn’t valid?

  3. Search “surprise” on the Wot replays, I played the tier 5 Swedish TD and from what I remember it went pretty well

  4. Great to see the sub count at rise. keep going QB. Love the content

  5. I love the bottom-tier high-score games. More proud of those than of the ace tankers.

  6. TheMightyCongueror

    I kind of wished he used HE instead of AP on the St. Emil, probably could’ve killed him in one or two shots, also would’ve been funny if he shot right into inside of the tank for a guaranteed kill.

  7. This dude is playing with 20 fps lmaoooo

  8. Gallant Fatco Razy

    WG logic.. SU-100… Can mount 122mm..

  9. Bottom tier carry to victory games are welcome, what about being one tier lower (e.g. one battle, all tier 5 and 6 vehicles)? Can I still be featured here?

  10. QB I don’t really understand your point about dpm only becoming better at T9 when the SU-152 has the second best dpm of any TD…

  11. Imagine that emil was able to shoot him at his last ammo.. I would clap for Emil.. hahaha

    • Agree. He has a banger of a game and then instead of taking his back and shoot him at point blank he gets in front of his gun for the last shot. This completely ruined it for me and it shows why he is a mediocre player.

  12. Nice gameplay

  13. QB I have to say thanks for the channel and the reviews. Other WOT channel providers either screamers or drop non stop F-bombs. I’ll take a dozen of your “never the less” over the others any day.

  14. Su100 is damn good, I carry in it even bottom tier often using the 122MM, that 390 makes people freak right the F out.

  15. I’ve noticed that between War thunder and World of Tanks, WOT has the more toxic community despite both being free to play.

  16. that tryhard enemys xD

  17. I do not usually write in chat but I’m going to make an exception, I love the videos when there are tanks at the bottom of the line and they manage to emerge victorious. please more videos of this type. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  18. The crazy guy who plays YT

    How about world of tanks blitz or wot mobile

  19. But also this if the enemy team is stupid coming in one by one by one.

  20. Helo Tundra my old friend…

  21. Looks like QB still thinks we can cap our own base

  22. Jack Daw — MEMSY

    This 122 mm gun on russian server calls destroyer or destructor or destruction, because the name of this gun (D-25) has the word ‘D’. It’s legendary gun for russian server.

  23. 20fps with 120ms lag….

  24. The player showed a sense for dramatic conclusion 🙂


  26. EconomicsMate Gaming

    the su100 is honestly a borderline op tank. Idk bout wot pc if its as op as it is in wot blitz, but in blitz my god, it has very good mobility, troll armour, an amzing gun (122mm gun reloading every 12.1 sec at teir vi!!) has great speed and its pure fun. Ive lost track how many times ive aced it, then again idk if its any difference between the su in blitz and pc

  27. Slutty Shimakaze

    do an italian tank

  28. now do the same thing in a jagdpanzer IV!

  29. Rens Nieuwenhuis

    He played well but it’s no example of a carry, the enemy came one by one so luck is a factor as well

  30. Alexander Stoyanov

    Bottom tier carries don’t happen so often because 3 5 7 is an absolute shit template…

  31. 13:10 imagine It was that : Armor not penetrated!”

  32. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    pretty sure, if you are not tier 10 youre bottom tier lol. cause wargaming wants people to spend crazy amounts of money to get to tier 10.

  33. Any chance of switching to colour blind mode like Jingles, Claus and Circon? For those of us afflicted with that particular calamity it is difficult to tell friendly tanks from enemies in your videos and especially through bushes.

  34. Turett traverse dispersion on an unturetted tank *clap*

  35. Qb u should stop hiding behind team vechiles and steal enemy tanks all the time,your game is pure disaster!

  36. The ST. Emil was afk, wasnt he?

  37. your title is deceiving. I expected a bottom tier tank (tier II or III), not a mid tier tank. Then I read it again and said ooooooooooh, ‘bottom’ tier.

  38. This tank is utter crap, like most of the unturreted vehicles.

  39. I would go for a ram on ST Emil 🙂

  40. Can we call him Stvol Goodman?

  41. Map is stupid

  42. 4:00 Tundra mod aka. cheat. He knew where the edges of the buildings were when he was clearly double-bushed and would see nothing but leaves if he didnt have any mod.

  43. Frederick OnTour

    I like high tier games!

  44. so i just saw 0 skill camping noob getting lucky AF. please give me my 15 min of my life back

  45. advancing one by one…idiots! Deserved win for SU

  46. i got frustrated because of 3-5-7 that much that i slammed my mouse in the wall and it broke my scroll so i have to play with max x2 scope now 😀 YEET

  47. That guy who cannot abide

    Really appreciate the bottom-tier action. I really don’t care to see an more top tier (be it ti 4 as top tier, tier 7 as top tier, or tier 10 as top tier) games reviewed as that’s always just a bit easier.

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