World of Tanks – Brain Optional

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome World of Tanks. Brains are optional, but not required. Have fun!

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  1. Ah yes, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

  2. I guess this was the World of Tanks version of the movie The Happening!

  3. Been in those battles and continue to be astounded

  4. Lolol. This was funny. Let just jump on a tank that out ways me. What could possibly go wrong lol


  6. It seems like so many believe that if you cliff dive on someone that it’s a guarantee kill regardless of the tank they have. It always cracks me up when seeing those fails. lol Jingles needs to play and show us all how a real cliff dive kill is done … with his hacks of course. LOL

  7. Tbh, this is like every other battle on Mines. North wins the hill, North crushes the enemy, North rushes and either wins or dies if the enemy top tiers had the patience to camp.

  8. UUuuu Jingles is promoting hacks!!!!! 😛

  9. Ageing gnome impersonator promotes cheating in online game .

  10. The ST – I in the end there tho haha the gun barrel going up n down

  11. Who needs brains if you are a lemming cliff diver …a waste of biomass.

  12. I would love to see the reaction from the enemy team.
    Which is why we need to bring back all chat.

  13. I love that corner at the beginning of the game in my t150. Average about 2k damage there.

  14. Question to the enemy team: “How did you manage to fuck that up”?

  15. Jingles have you heard that Foch is leaving WoT?

  16. I was in a game like this earlier in the week, on the side that lost dispite a huge kill advantage at the beginning. i managed 5 kills in my rhm b and was last to die after my arty drowned itself at one point my team hadnt lost a tank and the enemy only had 5 left, our team the suffered a rush of shit to the brain and lost 13 tanks in around a 2 minutes, the arty then drowned its self and as im not a particually good player i could only kill 2 of the remaining tanks, gotta admit it was hard not to send messages to the dumb ass heavy tanks who did less than 1000 dmg between 6 of them (all premium) at tier 8 🙁

  17. World of Tanks WAS a good game then Wargaming BROKE it.
    World of Warships IS a good game, currently Wargaming is BREAKING it.
    World of Warplanes… just ISN’T a good game. Period.

  18. That ST-I driver played really well, even though that tanks isn’t in the meta I still love it. I’m sure MiLuigy would agree! Either way the map sucks for t8, 9, 10…

  19. Jingles, an entertaining match is spot on.

  20. I always get kinda sentimental about these e75, tiger 2, and is3 games cause ive had at least 60% win rates in all of them, they were the tanks that taught me how to properly angle armor and hide my lower glaces

  21. When I was younger and still in school they used to tell us not to do drugs because it will damage your brain…. I now beg to differ.

  22. Blanka Pavlíčková

    Actually Jingles the red team was ahead by 7kills, not by 9 since the score was 2-9 :))

  23. They do what they could to lose that game xD

  24. Wow an E75 those are rare tanks to see these days. I dont play WOT anymore got sick of all the Russian and Chinese tanks but its nice to see some of the classic tanks.

  25. *raises the glass* To the race to the bottom of the I.Q. scoreboard

  26. Jeremiah Austin Timmerman

    Damn he likes hackers. I am disappointed 😞😁

  27. definitely not in physics. Because I am and that guy does not have the capacity for it 🙂

  28. JiNgeLs iS PrOmOtInG HaaaaaCks 🙀🤫

  29. Hey Jingles, Did you see that SirFoch is quoting WOT?

  30. What if he was hacking and paid Jingles to make it look like he wasn’t?

  31. That would be steel _ovaries_ then, Jingles…

  32. Mr.Jingles I’d like to inform you that the intro quality A.D. aka ass definition. I’m sorry for that, but that’s just how it is. Still love the content/commentary.

  33. Props to the enemy artillery for staying in the battle and not being a scumbag 😉

  34. That was just outrageous. This makes 2020 all worth it.

  35. ST-I and Type 4 Heavy are slinging gold at each other, because that’s what ST-I’s and Type 4 Heavies do…. meanwhile, the Type has been dead for over a minute.

  36. I thought the video was called “Brian Optional”. I think Ive caught Jinglism.

  37. I now feel so stupid im going to get you….and it will look like an accident.

  38. Jingles is totally promoting hacks. We should support him more.

  39. That was boring

  40. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    That is a pretty average game on the NA server.

  41. this is a normal WoT game imo….the result may be special, but the level of stupid was what I am use to in WoT.

  42. Brain and brain, what is brain

  43. that skoda had the biggest set of balls ive seen on a WOT player in a long facken time lmfao.

  44. Sfinții părinți Ortodocși - Sfaturi

    Promoting hacks again……Howdy Jingles!

  45. Jingles promoting heks egein 🙁 vhy? 😀

  46. So, Jingles, i guess YouTube decided to put ads on your video.

  47. Hey Gnome, picked up ED on Epics free game a few weeks ago, bring that back with some tips for noobs 🙂

  48. You know Jingles uploads is gonna be legendarily hilarious when the gnome lord himself laughs within 30 seconds.

  49. the t30 of american fame has the least in spec gun of any I had played.
    the .4 is simply not correct. I am almost certain the driver of the t30 was aiming at the hull…
    disclaimer… this is one of the tanks that caused me to quit WOT.

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