World of Tanks || Bretagne Panther – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Bretagne Panther. Here's all you need to know about this captured T6 French premium medium tank!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Simply wrong nation for training.

  2. Breakfast of Champions

    More BS vehicles to feed imaginary tales of allied fighting in WW2.

  3. It’s a puddle with 5mm worse armour

  4. We wanted the black prince, tiger 1, tiger 2 and panther a tier down. WG obliged by turning them into premiums -_-

  5. QB: complaining that wg should add skins to wot
    Wg: basicly adds a skin
    QB: *surprised pikachu face*

  6. King Tiger @TierVII ? are you drunk ? 😉

    • There is T7 King Tiger (C=captured), which is a premium tank in the US line. Currently available via Twitch package

    • Giovanni Pomarico

      I’m pretty sure he’s mentioning the american premium tier VII King Tiger tank, not the Tiger II

  7. min 8:42 after praising the template system : at least i didnt meet any t8 tanks – while being in a game vs t8 tanks ? confusing

  8. Yes!!
    Another premium tank!!!
    That’s everything we asked for, right guys?!?!

  9. Jasper Who Knows

    Oh look… another Panther … cool

    I’ll just be over here, waiting for something more interesting (and not Russian)

  10. What about the pudel…

  11. So its just another pudel?

  12. “dont ram this tank”

    i saw an elc amx ram this thing earlier today

  13. Where is Pudel ???…. Oh this is Pudel with new colours 😀

  14. Bretagne is pronounced Bret on not bretanye

  15. They managed to NOT make it better than the tech tree tank? WG seems to have been off the drugs when they copy pasted this. They’ll probably give it to everyone for completing a mission like “finish a battle in top 15 exp”.

  16. What’s the point of comparing this Panther to PZ.V/IV instead of VII tier Panther or just Pudel?

  17. Why do the French need a Panther anyway?

  18. please dont use / promote xvm, its bad for the game

  19. QB, why are u not comparing this tank with pudel ?? 🙁

  20. Pudel: AM I A JOKE TO YOU !? ?

  21. Everyone forgets the Pudel when talking about this vehicle… LOL. It was Skill or Dez who also did a vid on this and didn’t mention the Pudel at all.

  22. Why not comparing to the Pudel? Oh i know, the Bretagne Panther would be obviously bad, QB cant do that 😉

  23. Hugin Starkstrom

    same as the Pudel


  25. You got lucky that the fun police didnt hit you

  26. And then there’s me, and all my SEA friends, going, ‘Remember us QB?’ and QB replying, ‘go away, I hated your server, so there will be nothing for you scrublords.’

  27. Did the Frenchies actually put the roundel on the gun mantlet? Because that looks hilariously silly…..

  28. It’s (almost) exactly the same as the 30.02(M). No reason to even compare it. And especially not to a tier V(!) that most players cannot get normally. Strange review.

  29. It seems many other captured tanks are going to be introduced un the game…. American panther, German Sherman, Matilda, kv1, kv2 or t34…

  30. Yeah give all Nations German Tanks but a Tier lower , gg WG

  31. If you want a vk, buy a vk… christ

  32. That tomato enemy team. 🙂

  33. German tank, first incomming shell, ammorack. It’s the meta

  34. Replay starts at 7:00

  35. hey WG pls tell us why the Survivability is 83 on the Bretagne when it has less armour


  36. Genderless Person

    so its a worse pudel got it coz the pudel has 10mm better side and 5mm better upper hull

  37. No pudel in compare… mmm

  38. Perfect MM… Always

  39. I picked one up because I’m a collector

  40. quicky needs to do non twitch live streams.

  41. tog rental for the stream not a big deal why not you give it forever

  42. Play The Tiger 2 The German Tier 8 Light Tank

  43. I think they should stop copy german tanks and lower the Tier of them. Bretagne Panther, Pudel, King Tiger (C), HT No. 6. What next? An E 100 on Tier 9? Maybe from Russia?

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