World of Tanks || Brothers and Lovers

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Brothers and Lovers. Today I’m rocking some teamwork with my good buddy Phil and wife Peppidy 😀

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  1. I kill kv-1s all the time in my s35-ca

  2. i really enjoyed this video, i’d love to see more of you and peppy playing
    together; maybe get a dual facecam going?

  3. I have a question! After the new update your modpack doesn’t work anymore?
    How can I activate it again?

  4. QB, I like the fact that you explain what you are doing and why

  5. Ich bin ein Kappa?

  6. the kv1 is still not better then the kv220-2

  7. QB Could you please tell me how u can gain xp quicker and I have watched
    your reviews but should I get T110E5 or E-100 or IS-7 or T57 heavy plz help

  8. wow didnt expect your wife to be playing wot

  9. Ljiljana Atanackovic

    modpack for 9 15 1?

  10. LOVERS IN ARMS! 😀 that is epic QB!

  11. Is Phil Greek?

  12. When is your next total war warhammer vid?

  13. Next video will be called….drum roll….
    “Tanks and Wanks”.

  14. I would recommend new players to go down the French TD line first. Because
    I’m a horrible person.

  15. Hero ⚡ MagmaYT

    Crackybaby is returning with the crock tank

  16. Come one man….that “brothers and lovers” sounds soo creapy. You can do
    better, like lovers in arms or somethig.

  17. TheCrystalSurfer

    Nice to see a Tier 5 match for a change with hints for noobies 🙂 Thanks

  18. YES DO MORE VIDEOS WITH YOUR WIFE >:D the olds days omg

  19. wg should put lover in bed medal

  20. bart van herrewegen

    so basicly this is a tier 9 version of the 59 patton , a tank you said is
    shit because of that capola yet this one if one of your favorites?

  21. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    when i started WoT…i was doin em all 😀 just to keep my garage slots

  22. Another Lakeville 101 – send 3 of your heavies to valley, lose.

  23. It’s so weird to think you’re playing with your WIFE! You’ve grown up so
    much since your early videos. It’s been a pleasure to be on the journey
    with you :)

  24. QUickybaby! You make the best content for WoT. Keep the QUALITY coming. U
    rock. Cheers from Bulgaria

  25. What’s wrong with the title?

  26. can u play AMX 100 50

  27. Nikolai Weber (xLegend131x)

    I had yesterday a match in WoT and i saw an M4 with the name
    Quikyfingering. At the first moment i thought it was QuikyBaby but then i
    saw a video of QuikyBaby and it wasn’t him. Good so. Because i have called
    him ,,Gold asshole” 😀
    Sorry for spelling mistake if i have some. I am german! :D

  28. Maybe time for a new outro/intro?

  29. kratos killsyou69er

    8:13 “peppy and i”

  30. gay title, are u making a tribute to the gay pub in the US shooting?

  31. 7:10 tracks, kappa!

  32. I remember this in the live stream. QB was like “shoot the KV1 on the mid

  33. Count Grishnackh

    Yes, she is your wife. We got it.

  34. Are you gay with Phil?

  35. yep the AMX 30 hit your turret roof there. I read it somewhere, you’re
    becoming like uncle jingles

  36. can you change the title tank to ru 251

  37. Can you update your modpack for 9.15.01? There are a few bugs on the 9.15
    version used on update .15.01 the biggest one being you cant select what
    tank you want to drive.

  38. i think that de kv-1 line i good

  39. *Good to know, QuickyBaby. Must be hard for Peppidy to know that Phil, is
    you “Wuvver”. :P*

  40. M8A1 is quite a good TD to play, quick and with a turret

  41. Lovers in arms hehehehehehe Epic

  42. Should be a BT7 since it’s fast and easy to get with a good rate of fire it
    should be very easy to angle since everyone is a noob

  43. The jap heavy line is good, because with two of the strongest tanks holding
    a key place in the line, it is quite easy to fit into the higher tiers

  44. IS7 line is the best for new players. Very flat out “HT” line, forgiving to
    mistakes in game.

  45. I would think of the Czech line as they have autoloaders and I think thats
    a key aspect in the game.

  46. Russian(Soviet) heavyes-great armor,good guns,decend mobility

  47. Russian line, more forgiving then other lines. Also, QB, can you run your
    games in colorblind mode? It would help some of us out and should not
    effect your play.

  48. I teached My friend how to play this I always went front of her when he was
    going to die I was sooooo friendly :D. but she got Bored to wot. and stoped
    playing… Sad story…. :(

  49. queen elsa frozen i love

    can you play AMX ELC Bis in world of tanks

  50. First this weird ass title, then at 3:46 he says 6.66? Anyone else think Qb
    is up to something?

  51. update your mod plz, it doesnt work for this patch, someone help plz

  52. Recommended line: French heavies :3

  53. social3ngin33rin

    obviously russian for easy mode

  54. The kv1 tank line

  55. colin ramplin (coalwolf)

    the tanks I would recommend to any new player are kv1 for the heavy, Pz 3/4
    for the medium, and grille for the arty, I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of
    experience in any other tank lines as I have only played 3.5k battles

  56. GG, QB.

  57. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    kv1 killstealer ?

  58. Shame to that T1 Heavy. He seems just wanted to play low tier and fire gold
    to gain so fun on the fresh player.

  59. plus the insanely retarded 25% RNG, its way to much, armored warfare has
    about 10-12% which is so much more right. WOT wasnt to bad with rng really
    prior to the patch they mad hitting the center of your aim circle 30% less
    likely. just simply put some tanks i used to love playing suffer so much
    more than other tanks from those particular changes. its horribly
    unbalanced in so many ways, wot has made it clear that theyll fix the game
    but my hopes arent so good. when they decide to make driving more fun first
    instead of fixing the clear wrongs first, they have their heads in the
    wrong place.

  60. i quit world of tanks yesterday because i was so tired of the constant
    higher tier battles i see everyday, not the one tier higher but two tier
    higher, it makes the game not fun when i am in a slow vehicle with armor
    that means nothing. fast tanks in higher tier battles can work but not
    slow. wot needs to do something to make grinding less of a struggle and
    more fun.

  61. that’s how I feed my eel

  62. thought you where taking speed and snorting cafeen, until i noticed i was
    playing the video at 1.25 speed

  63. prob the cutest vid u have posted haha would be nice to have more like
    these qb ^.^

  64. HE HAS WIFE?

  65. churchill cuz when you are noob you dont realize you are playing with the
    shittiest tanks in the whole game

  66. Vladimir PutinYarbutt

    7:20 notice how QB doesn’t say “teach your ‘girlfriends” cuz he know we
    ain’t got one

  67. OK QB…how did you and yur wife meet. cause I want a hot Russian bride

  68. hồng phong lại

    ^^ nearly 400k sub..great job QB

  69. I lost my time for finals..

  70. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    IS-7 + E100 platoon + sidescraping = WIN

  71. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    O-I EX is not deadly for me i just use german ussr mediums ussr= DURP
    germany=PEN AND ACC

  72. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Kv1 rival PZ III IV
    it can pen ufp

  73. Lovers? Its official? …. Phil? :D

  74. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    E100 top gun
    Dispersion 0.4 WOW

  75. Quickybaby change that title, ur losing views just because of it. Don’t let
    that amazing commentary go to waste

  76. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    2014 armor is useful
    2015 armor is weak due to hesh heat apcr
    2016 mobility wins
    Amx 30 prot not scary but deadly
    E50m Damn 330mm ufp
    Leo 1 For pros only
    obj 140 heavy tank killer
    T62a CW
    121 400+ alpha
    Skoda French relative
    BAT CW
    Amx 30 b Beautiful but betraying cupola

  77. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Imagine a E50m with a autoloader


  78. Night Stalkers Gaming

    Where’s the gay incest porn?

  79. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Use a Leo 1 Man they will hate you alot
    nice view range 3rd most accurate gun nice dpm mobility and good camo
    just sit back use your view range if u spot one then accuracy is key u get
    spotted then relocate

  80. What equipment do you run in your AMX 30 proto?

  81. please do a blog with pepper

  82. id recomend a completly new player to go up the jap heavy line which is fun
    yes you are an overpowerd slow monster with a derp gun but you survive long
    enought to start to understand things like weak points on your tank ie keep
    your front pointed to enemy and try to avoid showing your sides also its
    fun to 1 shot someone with your derp gun also in later stages you can get
    frustrated wondering why your 15cm 700 damage gun is doing very little
    damage to an is3 so you turn to you 10cm 300 damage 215 pen gun instead and
    start enjoying damaging the is3 again

  83. quicky keep playing with your wife. you will never regret those moments. If
    you can continue to have her be a part of your gamer life your marriage
    will last till forever. Thank you for your videos. I hope you see this.
    Take care of yourself and your lady, number one.

  84. Matilda. My favorite tank for its OP armor.

  85. the game is getting boring with the same maps all the time most off which
    were in the open beta stage with only a few changes yet most off the new
    maps they introduced after release have been removed why it made the game
    interesting but the current maps are so boring we all love the new tanks
    even the jap heavys and overpowerd tvps the new phisics is great but it was
    more fun patch 9.14 the patch 9.15 patch has made the game almost as boring
    as it was at 9.13 one off the things i enjoyed was turning your friends
    back on there tracks when they rooled over now that has gon but it made the
    team look at the map and the chat it was not much good if you were on your
    side all match but it fun again also the abillity to cross water and climb
    mountains that was in 9.14 that seems to be removed from the 9.15 patch was
    fun by attacking from unusale places

  86. well for new players the first question i ask is if they played a few games
    and what type of style they like( mobility, armor, big gun,rof, or
    sniping,Arty) well i guess it depends before it was a choice of nations now
    its ambiguous since they have changed the way nations work in the game.
    still the kv-1 is a good starter tank to learn some key skills for later
    heavy tanks. i would recommend that if they are a new player and you are
    experienced to play a few games then help them out that way but some people
    belittle others and cal them noobs so yeah.( im not the best but i always
    help out new players hit me up (thesageoffun) NA

  87. I’m currently on the AMX 1390. Should I get the AMX 30 Prototype or the
    Lorraine 40t first? The AMX 30 Prototype looks a lot better than the
    Lorraine at tier 9 but I think the Bat-chat is a better tier 10.

  88. Dude: A name like “QuickyBaby” and a title like “Brothers and Lovers” might
    lead people to have some awkward ideas.

  89. I’m a new player to PC, less than 400 games or so. KV-1 I think was a huge
    mistake for me to get first. Big fat helpless artillery target that’s too
    slow to really learn the maps.
    I personally so much better in quicker tanks with reliable guns. Went back
    down to British tanks and aced the Covenanter twice in a row.
    I made the plunge and bought IS-2 Berlin as a future investment and I
    regret it I just hate the playstyle, wish I got the Cromwell Berlin.

  90. QB enjoy watching some of your videos. You don’t over talk like a lot of
    other people, about stupid random things. More mature keep it up.

  91. It’s Dpm is better and you can keep player tracked

  92. Honestly i prefer the 57mm gun on the kv-1

  93. Hey quicky I have a cool replay or replays that I want to share with you,
    how do I send them to you exactly ?

  94. Kv 1 gameplay starts at 7:13

  95. QuickyBaby,I agree with you wholeheartedly about the location on Lakeville
    being ideal. As an SPG only player I do like it when the opposition sits
    out there where I can get them, assuming of course my team give me some
    spots so that I can shoot something. Once I get above level 5 I might feel
    otherwise, but for now most of the time I can hit targets on that road
    along the lake and they can’t hit back.

  96. Mate your title has a bit of ambiguity that might lead people to wonder if
    you’re trying to tell us something about your supposed “synergy” with

  97. 3:47 Does Qb like Iron Maiden?

  98. Hi QB and followers.
    Love all your vids and comments.
    Quick question, I’m having trouble with the XVM 9.15 Mod Pack. It was
    working up until the start of the WoT football update. After reinstalling
    the mod pack as well as updating stats and following the QB 9.15 modpack
    vid to the letter its still not working.
    Cheers for any help in advance.

  99. When the pussy too good

    the title really sounds like a gay incest porn

  100. Niffer Abderrahman

    peppdy getting on the rode to replace quickybaby

  101. That position is horrible and you shouldnt advice your viewers to use it.

    99/100 times you will get yolod there, and either die, or be pinned down
    rest of the game.

  102. does QuickyBaby know… he smells different when he is awake… jk but he
    makes great videos, and to QuickyBabydotn ever stop making great videos and
    i will always be you’re fan -“you’re friend”.

  103. yesterday i got a 9 kill game then a 13 kill game in a row as my first
    games of the day (kv-1)

  104. The tittle is kind of weird

  105. Please do more vids with peppy !

  106. ur min map is to big

  107. KV-1 is what I would reccomend. Mostly because it was my first tank and its
    pretty decent for new players to get familiar with the game in. I still
    have mine and i’m working on my 3rd mark :D

  108. Did anyone think incest when reading the title?

  109. Hey Quickybaby yesterday I saw johnharmon in a match :D

  110. Reminds me of my girlfriend when we play WoT often before. But now were
    playing fps.

  111. Wow… Tier 5 and we have T1 Heavy Drivers spamming the gold now when
    they’re faced with an angled KV1? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get
    back into this game with cancerus ‘gold ammo’ taking down the effectiveness
    of actual armor.

  112. I think the American medium line because lots of good tanks in that line
    and when they get to the M4 they can choose armor or mobility with the E2
    or the E8 and the line up to the M4 has tanks that play like light tanks,
    medium tanks and heavy tanks so they can get a good feel of every tree sort
    of and there are tanks with good armor and tanks with bad armor so they can
    learn that too.

  113. 1:00 Yea. I was playing my IS-3 when a CDC was spotted in that position. I
    snapshot and ammorack him on full HP.

  114. I’d say the best tank to teach new players would be the M4 Sherman (tier
    for tier)

  115. PEPPY is red, lol

  116. Who is the person on the shirt you are wearing in this video?

  117. Marshall Allshouse

    i love watching videos of people learning this game, as i am also learning
    it as well :D

  118. QB why there are no IS4’s reply’s ??

  119. Nice title

  120. Quickybaby, Peppy couldn’t sidescrape there on that corner because you got
    there first and you already occupied that position, so she actually did the
    best she could do, given you were hogging the corner. She’s a good WoT
    player and there aren’t many people as good as you, so if she’s even better
    than average, it’s ok.

  121. K'nextreme Productions

    He only let her get that kill to get some booty that night!

  122. Love u Quickybaby

  123. World of Tanks Funny Moments

    u kidding me man
    i noticed that all ur game play
    with noobs
    lets be honest if u play in normal game and went to that position u will
    get raped and killed in 3 second arty and all tank shot u and rush u
    u can play like that on ur streaming and let us see what will happens

  124. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That title is so wrong…

  125. look at 11:10 Quickybaby is cheating on his wife lol

  126. MammothYT - Agario & Minecraft

    3:45 666 SATAN IS WITH US

  127. Your wife plays with you??? I so much hate you right now, you lucky man :D

  128. I would have recommended the the tiger P line but the frontal on that tank
    seems to have been nerfed, its way to easy to pen now and the tier 8 tank
    after that if garbage, but the 9 is amazing and then obviously the Maus
    needs no introductions, but yes you are right all round the KV 1 onwards
    take your pick of the IS 4 or IS 7 line. Rusky tank Stronk tank.

  129. The Centurion 7/1 needs a buff :(

  130. Be a great series, Teaching Peppity how to play. Really enjoyed the 2nd
    video part, keep up the awesome work :)

  131. your wifes name is pepperdee? does she have a sister named saltdee?

  132. QB please play Tiger 2 😀 :D

  133. Zak Stratford-Smith

    The 85mm on the kv1 is the wrong choice imo. The 57mm has much higher dpm
    and has got me 2 pools medals and a kolobanovs in 2 days. Is7 line is the
    best noob line imo because kv1 teaches side scrape, Is tanks requires no
    angling thanks to the pike nose

  134. Sr. Archibald Crabgrass

    PLEASE do some amx 50 100 gameplay, and more t54 mod 1 gameplay

  135. Brother AND lovers? Nice QB very progressive :P

  136. SenorMorgenStern

    good job quickybaby. excellent example of excellent content.

  137. Satanam Daemonicis

    The Lannisters send their regards.

  138. I like the title :)

  139. John Vladimir Son

    I thought I would see a peppy qb platoon

  140. Go always firts for the t110e5 line

  141. That position in the beginning isnt one to be recommended – if that Škoda
    would decide to go there too, you would be dead ( not only would he empty
    his magazine but would spot you for the rest of those enemies. And because
    you are so far, you dont really have any cover. It is risky, but can work –
    but mostly you just get overunned by enemy mediums and lights and your
    allies wont do a thing, because they cant ( or dont want, dont know) as
    these mediums will park behind cover. This worked only because no one of
    the enemy team decided to move to the middle in that stage.

  142. Empoleonman522the2

    For side scraping if the person is patient enough have them work to the
    churchills and pray they do not end up in matches with 4 Kv-2s firing he
    rounds………I still have nightmares

  143. Ui love the kv1 but the 122 derp gun is what makes it fun to me just
    derping especially when your top tier it’s so funny one shorting tier 3 and
    4 and even tier 5 I ammo racked a t1 heavy by shooting him in the side

  144. every video ure in top. :-/

  145. British heavy tank line. Of course the tier 1-3 suck but then you have the
    OP matilda, churchill VII with frontal armor thicker than a tiger, etc.

  146. Lovers in arms XD. That’s too cute

  147. No u don’t need a new intro. You gotta have somthing that’s original to u
    and you’ve done for a long time. Also see you and your wife playing this
    game was awesome, you should totally do more husband/wife

  148. You're about to sound dumb , watch! :

    Ah! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  149. Phillip Atherton

    quicky you dark horse you

  150. Great upload

  151. @QuickyBaby have you ever played WoT blitz? and if so, would you say it’s
    easier than pc? I sit at a high 56% win rate and I’m trying to get into pc.
    I’m trying to get an idea of how I might perform

  152. when do you put the video with the modpack of

  153. Which mouse are you using and at which setting ?

  154. JubJub Doowalawala

    peppy is a tomat oh no quickybaby

  155. Doesn’t the comet have 2,200 DPM?

  156. Valtteri Vatanen

    More low tier replays :)

  157. QB, Im not sure if this is good or bad, but Peppedy looks like one of the

  158. I just realised these are old sound effects. I keep forgetting they got

  159. jeeez peppys winrate is pretty crazy……

  160. - WidecrowGaming -

    so cute ?

  161. Bahmanis The Duck

    Brothers and lovers

  162. Brothers and Lovers INSEST!

  163. quicky you should do a review on the t-150

  164. Hey QB,

    If your wife likes more to play mediums instead of heavys she could stay to
    the Heavys until the IS is researched an then switch to the KV-13 or try to
    get through the T-34 medium line to the T-62A/Objekt 140. The KV-13 would
    be a nice niche tank but also a good choice to jump over to the mediums if
    you don’t want to grind up to T7 again. I personally think it’s better than
    the T-43 in regards to allround performance. It has a similar armor than
    the IS you’re getting it from combined with better mobility, the top gun is
    the same as the T-43 (which makes researching the succesor, the T-44, a bit
    easier ’cause you already got the gun) and ’cause of it’s quite rare
    appearance players sometimes still struggle to beat the *peep* out of it.
    The only problem would be that she, if she wants to skip the T-43, has to
    use free exp. But i hope that you’ll help her if she wants to get the T-34
    line and, well…. No, she has to decide, not me XP I can just recommend
    the tanks i personally think would fit her playstyle best. You and
    PeppyPepper have then to say how the tank rolls, but i hope she’ll like the
    T-44 if she claims it. The whole med line of it is my personal choice if i
    should recommend a tank line to beginners.


  166. hello qb! I realy want to thanks you because you realy helped me a lot in
    world of tank, when I restarted playing 3 month ago I was at 46,47% win,
    now it’s 47,5 and I have average 51-52%and1 mark of exelence in my kv4!
    keep up good videos!

  167. I would recommend the american medium tank line for new players.

  168. I think that the english heavytank line is perfect for new players!

  169. I’m always excited to see that Quicky has put up a good dameplay vid!

  170. lukas matusevicius

    King Tiger gameplay Tiger 2 pls ;]

  171. Make more vids with peppy, it’s amusing


  173. It shouldn’t be “brothers in arms”, because it offsets women and is sexist.

  174. That poor Jagdpanther II. I know that feel.

  175. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    lol peppy man thats was my first best tank the beautiful kv 1!

  176. Saw the Kv1 game on livestream, was hype

  177. I rocommended KV-1 to my friend who has just started to play WOT. I just
    think its the best tank to learn how to play.

  178. I have the AMX 30 as well, with my girls in it. The light tanks were a pain
    to grind through but it was really worth it. Very solid tank 🙂 accuracy
    doesn’t always feel like .33 though.

  179. Is7 line or m48 Patton line

  180. Ich bin ein berliner

  181. Alexander Snowden

    Thumbnail reference to predator

  182. why you dont invite on of these guys for the medal? Ahh, i guess you’re to
    arogant for it :/

  183. This was an extremely interesting video, because you worked closely with
    someone and gave us all the benefit of constructive criticism of their
    play. I would love to see more of this. I think it’s hard for a very good
    player to realise just how much basic advice your viewers need, especially
    with situational awareness. It’s one of the weakest things in the player
    base, who tend to just want to pew pew and clearly aren’t thinking very
    clearly about what anyone else is doing. Thanks!

  184. Without watching the whole video, I thought you re-married to Phil LOL

  185. I completely agree with teaching friends on the Russian heavy line.
    Although most of my friends say that “there is no strategy in World of
    Tanks and it is just about shooting tanks…” They never listen to my
    argument when I talk about how complex World of Tanks is…

  186. I just love how his wife is at a 59% wnr and she sucks …. pisses ppl tht
    actually play the game pissed the fuck off.. ! its bullshit!!

  187. I didn’t understand, what do you mean. My English isn’t great. Is that a
    new Testserver?

  188. How you go to that camera mode? Or watch those replays?

  189. Admiral Anderson

    I always use a derp gun on my KV-1;)

  190. first steel medal i earn with Amx 38

  191. HansArthur Robert

    please do lets play on wot blitz if you have a phone.

  192. Guillotine [Gltx]

    Honestly, i think that for newer players there’s nothing better than low
    tier tank with preferential matchmaking. I had few tackles at WoT, and the
    single thing i hated the most was getting into +2 games where i couldn’t
    pen even flat sides, nad it didn’t happen too often as new player either.
    In fact, if not the matchmaking system i would still play this game ;P My
    opinions on mm might be utterly wrong for pros, but as ‘medioker’ player
    it’s offputting.

  193. i’m quite sad about the amount of gold QB is taking in this tank , you
    clearly don’t need that many gold , I’m not a gold hater by any means , but
    I run my AMX30 with 0 Heat. only apcr and He , and I never feel the need to
    shot heat …

  194. Not part Pz

  195. Quickybaby I got my first premium tank it is the Part. T 25 and it’s a tier
    five medium tank

  196. not every day you see a red player with a 59% winrate! ^^

  197. what a gay title?????

  198. Kevin Niklas Berz

    It is called “Lovers in arms”, QB

  199. Whats your opinion on Brexit?

  200. Lovers in arms ?

  201. kv1 -> nerf !!!

  202. Pepper i QB’s wife? That’s new

  203. hi QB why did you change itso you cant watche the (very) old streams

  204. The title can be a little misleading xD

  205. Donald Alexander

    So #quickybaby there are two lines that I enjoyed. The IS 4 line and the
    T57 heavy line. The T71 was my personal favorite just because it can damage
    every tank in the game and is easy to control gotta love auto loaders. Also
    the IS7 is a pretty strong and quick grind

  206. my favoite Tier IX is the T-10, because it is the only one I own.

    It feels like someone took an IS and made it a tier IX heavy

  207. I love how is tank jolted when the T-34-100 shot his rear.

  208. Can you pause when you move camera?

  209. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    Boyfriend KappaPride

  210. Spectrum Analyzer

    Brothers AND Lovers? That’s just disgusting..

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    It was the first line i went down back when i started playing WoT (to get
    myself a Tiger ofc 😀 ) and in the beginning i was absolutely hopeless and
    got my ass handed to me on a regular basis, but eventually i found out how
    to use those large, flat armor plates of the german heavies to maximize my
    effective armor. Especially the VK 36.01 H is a great tank to learn armor
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