World of Tanks || Brothers in Arms – Teamwork #11

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

with Ikzor in the T10 German heavy the E-0.


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  1. I hope you enjoy this round playing with my best buddy Ik. Was one of the
    most exciting I have played recently!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. First Comment?

  3. Woohoo!

  4. 125th viewer

  5. like a fish

  6. Why have you stopped with full hd? I kinda miss that :/

  7. Nice video Quicky! I love your commentary! Wish you the best luck in the
    future!:) love ya

  8. No 1080p?

  9. Fizt komnet!!! xD

  10. Aww, I was so disappointed at the end. But there was nothing you could have
    done …

  11. The JagdPanzer E100 was my first tier 10, E100 was my second. The AP rounds
    could use a penetration buff.

  12. ooh dats so close

  13. You only get bros in Arms if you survive…….

  14. I remember this on the live stream, awesome game!

  15. Me and Ike? No. Ike and I.

  16. 4:46 Beautiful *Nazi sandwich* tactic right there

  17. Managed to watch the whole video and still no comments? Ok…

  18. If they win, they don’t underestimate nothing 🙂 great play for enemy at
    the end…

    btw: great vid mate…

  19. Is Claus back for to explain replay. Is only Quick Baby and for Ick is be
    only two player for to know how for to play. Is 13 player on team mate is
    for to be all stupids. And is quick baby no for to win Arms for Brother!
    Is dead! Is be dead is no win Arms for to be Brothers! For why is dead?
    Is for because is for to have 13 player is team mate is all be stupids.
    For all to run die like stupids player! Four stupids player run for to die
    before quick baby for to drive first rock! Quick baby drive for first rock
    for see 4 team mate already is be dead! Is why Claus have goods idea for
    to be start in game. Is not Arms for Brother medal is for to be important
    for because one is quick baby dead and is no win Arms for to be brother and
    for two is only win Arms for to be Brother if for to be on team of stupids
    for team can no kill anybody. Is if for to be on good teams is no for can
    win Arms for to be Brothers1 Is true! If for to be on goods team all team
    for to gets kills and for not win Arms for to be Brothers. So! Is better
    idea for no give Arms for to be Brothers medal for Quick Baby and for Ick.
    Is for better is for to give 13 team mate all for to get Arms for to be
    Stupids Medal! Is for to win for when all team is for to be so stupids for
    to get zero kill. So is 13 player is for get Arms for to be so Stupids
    Medal! Is good idea? Is better yes? Is Claus is for to help try for to
    get better medal for to make game is be better. Is goods I for to think?

  20. Monster game!

  21. blockerbaby strikes again

  22. Welcome to world of tanks, a game, where people who cant aim just load some
    skill shells and penetrate you, not regarding the fact how well you are
    angleling your armor.. sad..

  23. GG well played QB

  24. Im sorry if you dont like this comment, but i just dont like how QB took
    some hits and lost some HP because he would give Ik the kill or whatever,
    the thing you should is never give up, he gave up thinking that the game
    was over, but the HP he lost could have won the game, so Brothers in Arms
    VS Winning, Dmg and many kills? Circon is better, im sorry..

  25. oh god why the enemies never reset the cap in my games :S last time 7 tanks
    against me in my is6 and a leopard prot and they have 2 t9s left and
    everyone was caping that was so pussy like 2tanks vs 7tanks god

  26. No :(

  27. Wow your pretty much the best player in woT really i’d never made it with
    ny e100 ! its a absolute beast !
    And i just wanted to ask as you can maje a tank review of the T26E4
    SuperPershing. if your interested in i have a replay where i bounce E100
    shells and e75 shells + a E100 kill with an AP round :)

  28. What a shocking ending! I totally did not expect it to go that way ;-)

  29. Am I totally misremembering things? I believe(d?) the harder to get medal
    is Crucial Contribution; Brothers in Arms only requires a few kills +
    staying alive…

  30. Fak you E50M :(

  31. The lowest pen is on the Obj. 907 with 214 mm of pen..

  32. my first tier 10 was the maus cuz it was the only German tier 10 in the

  33. DontTurnAround Ever


  34. hey guys I made my first Counter Strike video, you can check it out if you
    want :D

  35. This is my feyforit havy tanks in the game

  36. Rafael Poveda Lizan

    26.000 XP to my first tier X (E100)

  37. Man i hate this kind of situations, when u made one stupid mistake, and u
    know u could win epic game!

  38. 1st Comment!

  39. You two absolutely clean the map. You, IK, and Zeven are tanking hero’s.
    Keep up the nice work. I like it the most that you explain what you are
    tactically thinking and what should be done – it’s helped my game a lot so
    thank you.

  40. Personally I hate playing against it. No matter what gun you have, you will
    bounce half your shots using standard ammo. And because of it’s ” low pen ”
    you will probably get spammed with gold on return fire. Just…

  41. my E100 is my first tier 10 still learning how to play the damn thing lol 

  42. Between you and Jingles we are seeing why capping is an excellent idea. Too
    many times now I’ve seen people leave the cap SURE that they can get the
    last kill and then wham! That tomato shows why stats mean nothing and wins
    the game. Winning is the point of the game, is it not? So the rating
    systems need to go back to counting capping much more than it any of them
    do now.

  43. Why is QB part of rynnäkkösopulit clan?

  44. Whaaaaat you are a RSOP o_O

  45. legen wir los !

  46. El Halluf is impossible on Xbox, they haven’t updated the map yet and it’s
    not worth attacking the enemy base at all (unless you’re top tier, very
    well armored, and there’s no arty). But this map is fun on PC, and I’ve
    just gotten my own E100 :)

  47. I love this tank, I just got it only about 60 battles in it. A BEAST and
    so much fun…

    Great work you two, always nice seeing you in tanks I drive also, too bad
    you didn’t win that one.

  48. Love these vids, even the heartbreaking loss. First t10 will be is7. Have
    the XP ground out on the is8, short a couple million credits though.

  49. Big missplay by u too when e50 m killed you…you should look at different

  50. You guys went full donkey at the end, Ike should have been waiting on the
    left to get that e50 that you knew would go that way and QB should have
    gone forward to get his side into cover and be ready for that E75

  51. worst pen at tier 10? no.. 183 has 5 worse

  52. Quickbaby, Do you have heavy lining in your E100?

  53. Haha of course you fucked up gg 

  54. people bitch about the pen on the e-100 but i was able to damage anything i
    met in the tiger 2 which has even less pen so i have no problem with the
    pen ive fired 1 HEAT shell in my 100 games and it bounced so i load AP and
    HE the majority of the time but i carry a few HEAT shells if im in the
    situation where im 1 on 1 against a jpz e-100 or a maus that could
    determine a win or a lose but i havent come across that situation yet.

  55. Why is your game voice german?

  56. QB you have infinitely more patience for stupid people than I do. God that
    T32 and IS-3 ugh just want to smack them.

  57. Qb just be aware that when mentioning profit I think you often have gold
    shells in storage that you sensibly bought at half price. After all you
    fired 15 shells with a ammo bill of only 11K :)

  58. it was my first tank and i feel it is still one of the most powerful tier
    10s on the battle field and can wreck any opponent with its monster of a
    cannon. the only tanks which i fear when im driving mine are the waffle 100
    the death star and the jpz e-100 and when you know how to position yourself
    correctly gold (usually HEAT) becomes irrelevant against the might of the

  59. Germans lose to Germans.

  60. I play on Xbox and the e-100 was my first tier 10… Hopefully someday
    Microsoft will let WG run the same servers for Xbox and PC just like war
    thunder on playstation

  61. That E 50 M was very stupid. He could kill them both if he has driven
    behind them, except of going straight towards them again.

  62. why do you use 45 fps instead of 60?

  63. “150 mm has an impact if you connect the shot,as we kill the enemy Tier X
    You did 181 DMG in the side of that E100 -_-.

  64. spoiler alert!!!!

    A heart break? *cries*

  65. Hey Quicky! How do I send you a replay? 

  66. I want to see a t57 and e100 platoon.

  67. great video, your co-op and tank is absolute beast

  68. You guys came really close! I know hindsight is always 20/20, but you both
    could have sidescraped that hill facing both angles and defeated any tanks
    that came around either corner. That would have been awesome.

  69. The only problems i have with this tanks is the police bar and the acc. I
    know it’s small but it’s too long and cant be compensated well for. Unlike
    the french td ( one of the foches) whose toumer has to be hit in the middle
    you can hit the bar anywhere and pen. The other thing is the bloody acc
    .39 or ,38 would be tolerable but .40 is dam annoying most of the time even
    when up close and fully aimed.

  70. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    E100 is 3rd heaviest in game QB, I use all AP in my E100 and average 3500
    damage, E100 is THE best, all you gotta do is aim and look for

  71. QB what is you equipment load out for your E-100?

  72. how can i send u my replay Type 62 in tier 10 game dmg 3500+ 1803 exp
    earned would like to share the replay

  73. Once in a Kv-4 I met another Kv-4 and asked if he wanted to platoon, he
    said sure. First two games we got Brothers in arms . :)

  74. What a great replay. While you didn’t win it did show how smart tactics and
    teamwork are extremely important. This is a textbook example of how playing
    smart is key to this game.

  75. Fun fact: The PzIV’s 75mm gun can pen that little disc on the back of the
    E100’s turret.

  76. It is always easier to recognize your mistakes AFTER you have left an
    intense game such as this. The difference between noobs and pros that I
    find has the most impact on your gameplay, is the ability to stay cool and
    play as close to 100% efficient as possible. You guys are a pretty solid
    bunch of guys, Great play this!

  77. good job but you will always have a lower chance to win when the enemy has
    a medium and a fast and powerful heavy 

  78. Lol, what the hell was that t32 thinking? ^^ I’m a newb, but seeing
    how ridiculously careless and sometimes stupid players can be even in tier
    10 indicate that I’ve got a good chance at becoming at least a decent
    player 😛 I’m doing ok at the moment, but my standards have become quite
    high since I’ve been watching jingles, quickybaby and circon for so long ^^

  79. I would like to see them do well in some average tank like the Tiger II,
    Caernarvon or the T32 when they’re not Top Tier. Also Tier 8 tends to be a
    good choice cause you can meet a lot of broken T10 tanks (like Wt E100 or
    something along those lines ^^) and you’re not in a low tier battle which
    are just unpredictable. I chose the tanks above as an example cause none of
    them has some brute strength like an is3 is still a very good brawler in a
    T9 match and a threat at T10. Btw I never fire gold ammunition in random
    battles (yes even in my E100 🙂 So you shouldnt need to either ^^

  80. In my opinion I think you should get the maus. I like the maus because it
    dosen’t have a big lower glacis like the e-100 and the gun has more
    penetration with ap. the maus also has more hit points and armor

  81. E100 is perhaps one of the more annoying opponents in this game.
    If I am able to go hull down with my STI.
    Most E100 will just auto aim for my mantle and pen it.
    It is tempting to lob gold back at them.

  82. i suck at this game :c im stuck on the cruiser 3 tank fully upgraded doe so
    it has the 40mm autoreloader cannon thingy

  83. It says brothers in arms in the title but it wasn’t one….

  84. Hey quickybaby, your coupon code for G2A isn’t valid anymore, thought I’d
    bring that to your attention.

  85. E50m isn’t weak

  86. Nice shirt.

  87. the Panther ll could have penned the little bar of armor on top of the
    turret :)

  88. I want to see QB play with…. KV1 in a tier 7 game with just 3-4 tier 5
    tanks in each team.

  89. such a sad end T.T

  90. it kinda looked like brothers in mars to me on the thunbnail

  91. They didnt lose the game when they expected the E50M going the other way (I
    knew that he was going around that corner), it was lost when they decided
    not to turn around after killing the WZ-111 and going straight back for
    their own cap. In doubt you always go for your own cap. QB even said, that
    the eastern flank was crumbling, and then killing E100, WZ-111 and KT was
    still right to do, but not going back is a really bad choice.
    And it only got close, because E50M decided to fire HEAT all the way at an
    angled E100 turret. There were so many options and opportunities to kill
    both QB and Ikzor that it left me dazzled, how the enemy managed to reach
    52% WR …

  92. 1:55 LOL

  93. Heat on a E50M, what are you? tomatoe?

  94. My first Tier 10 tank was the e100 😀 

  95. I saw lots of enemy stupidity, why they left cap? Mongols… Nice game btw.

  96. The pigeon…lolololololololol. very good

  97. Crucial a are so hard to get. I’ve only ever earned two, both in tier 9
    french tanks. The Foch and the 50 120.

  98. That end fight was rather…. heated ;D

  99. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    Review of VK 45.02 B? Please?

  100. Why does the live version and the youtube version show different exp
    scores? both qb and ik gets 700ish on the live version but both get 1100+
    on the edited youtube version??

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