World of Tanks || Brothers – Teamwork #17

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STB-1. Today I’m platooning with my Brother Zaonce and discussing how to improve your platoon play 🙂

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I remember watching this live on twitch. It was pretty epic

  2. subtitles: “a bus 10:48 a one person” wow youtube just wow

  3. Now i want an STB-1 as well

  4. Bo Danville (BountyHunter01)

    Well Qb really enjoyed your stream yesterday and what made it stand out was
    the randomness of it and the fact that the subs get to shine a little. Its
    great when you play with your own friends and understandable but
    considering how successful it was would you be doing it again in the
    future? :-)

  5. plz plz make another E100 video…i wanna learn how to use it without HEAT

  6. good video :-)

  7. While it’s amazing to see you have nice team gameplay, here on Asia server
    we can’t have that kind of a match. It’s a luxury here to be able to do
    teamwork gameplay where most of the players speaks their own language
    (insistently) or simply can’t speak English, or they turn off the chat.
    Most of the time, communicating is done by ping-ing on the map, and that is
    not enough at all. People do make platoons but they only do teamwork on
    their own plat – locally, with no regards of other teammates. Sometimes
    those plats will simply rush in ahead and getting killed, or disregards of
    other player’s HELP mark, or simply for trolling purposes. And goddammit,
    trolling plat in Asian server is massive!! Good things is, their customer
    services is pretty decent, been reporting 5 players and 2 plats for

    Good to know that you can have a decent teamwork with your bro :)) Oh and
    please do review of French’s HT line! I’m waiting to get to know these
    pesky autoloaders strength and weaknesses 🙂 Was grinding towards 50 100

  8. Le chiffonnier Fr3

    And the post game stats ???

  9. Can you review the new tier 8 premium reward tank Chieftan?

  10. So it cost money to watch the live stream? Gesus…

  11. Or you could just press Q and use the in-game platoon chat. It is there. I
    still find TS preferable though.

  12. Such a clutch track from Zaonce, on that E3. Very WP by both of you.

  13. Poor E3

  14. this tank is useless if your not in a platoon

  15. i hope 50k tomatos watch this video to learn something.

  16. Ok, and where is “Teamwork” here?
    Teamwork=i will let my platoon mate too take shoots from enemy and then i
    will make a “lot” of damage, 8kills and finish battle with 70% of HP and my
    mate with 14%. That is briliant, what a team result!

  17. LoL some people hate this tank

  18. Hey QB, WoT still has its own ingame voice system ! (I know lel)

  19. Dont forget the ingame voice chat

  20. Not only meds are good in team work, 3x IS7,E5,E-100 are unstoppable.

  21. many shirts you got :(((

  22. I could not find in the video the after-battle results. Usually, it is
    after the battle, but nothing here …

  23. oh god it was fo filthy.. poor E3..

    this replay need +18 warning :D

  24. Hey QB, is there any chance to see youtube video of your play on russian
    servers please?

  25. Great battle;

  26. GG Qb and Z. Nice to watch, once again!

  27. LOL (past tence) when he trollololold the e3 :3

  28. Surely the poor 121, whom everyone forgets about, ahs the worst gun
    handling of tier 10 meds?

  29. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Never saw an E3 get HUMILIATED like that :(

  30. İ watch gill 15 at china server video please give some advice for grill 15.
    Thx dude.

  31. I would’ve just quit the game if I were the E3

  32. i have a serious question. is the T67 and Hellcat not in the PS4 version?
    because i can’t find them nowhere in the game. please let me know if it is
    or not so i end this pain.

  33. u finally said when do u stream ty !!!

  34. IS7 should’ve never stopped, had he kept going and ram the T62, his team
    would’ve had a chance, but he played selfish and never let the 110E3 never
    get his tracks back. But hey that’s WOT, “me” first, until “we’re” all

  35. How mad would you be if you were that jagdtiger just getting maul’d and
    then they go behind you and set you on fire and waste your auto fire
    extinguisher when your already a dead man lol.

  36. Jonathan Pinkerton

    You can use a mic in game with your platoon. Just saying.

  37. Well done!

  38. Does he live far away from you?

  39. Brother face reveal!???????????? do you guys look same?

  40. That was almost evil what they did to the T110E3, lol.

  41. I’m a Scrub Lord, didn’t know about QB’s bruder

  42. I’m a Scrub Lord, didn’t know about QB’s bruder

  43. Relying on my team mates has gotten me killed so many times lol 😛

    It is good to have platoon mates that you know will do what needs to be
    done though.

  44. Great game and good info. Keep them coming.

  45. Saw this on the live stream as it happened, helping out a generous viewer
    who had questions about the STB-1. Great live action and superb live
    commentary and this nice after-action report.

  46. Lets see the live version. way better!

  47. Pretty nice idea for a new series. Maybe include the live gameplay so we
    can hear your communication on the fly?

  48. i dont know … i have 5k games in 121 and 800+- in wz120 gun depression
    has never been problem to me and sure it is advantage but nothing spatial

  49. That was great teamwork there. I miss the old time when I play with clan
    mate in our BC-25t and just kicking everyone’s asses. If only we don’t have
    obstacle in life , then we could still enjoy those good time. Anyway, great
    video as always.

  50. teamwork: let your team take the hits while you do the damage…

  51. I ‘LIKE’ your videos before i even watch them HAHA!! ? Luv your vids!!

  52. <-------

  53. Thanks for showing the world brothers CAN get along, at least in games :)

  54. Why don’t Americas play chess?

    Because their missing two towers…..

  55. Zaonce is your brother? I never knew that

  56. TheGamer'sAdventures

    I think u can make the mic on all the time by putting the mic button in
    platoons on the Caps-Lock
    n if u wanna turn it off, just press caps again

  57. New online site called for making & sharing with the team –
    WOT battle plans. Quite good.

  58. Jacob Schifferman

    wait, what? QB has a brother?
    huh news to me :)

  59. Great video, please do more platooning guides

  60. Quicky has a BROTHER!?!?! O.O

  61. Hey QB, do you think you could take a break from playing the STB-1 so I can
    get my second mark of excellence? lol jk. Great game though

  62. so platoons with T49s and going full retard is bad?

  63. outplayed

  64. Fantastic Demo of Teamwork QB. Great Vid.

  65. The meta in WoT has gotten stale af. Fast, no armor mediums with big guns
    running rampant, spamming gold ammo. Fun fun fun. I vote for gold armor on

  66. OMG the sheer level of humiliation this poor e 3 had to suffer brings me
    back to think about how balanced tier 10 medium tanks are in the current
    meta. Best dpm, great penetration and (not with this obviously) top class
    accuracy values aswell and hey! Hulldown russian meds are almost
    impenetrable as well, if they keep moving which is no problem because of
    the first class gun stats.

  67. I would love to have this tank, but i know i have to get true tanks like
    the chi and all.. everything before tier 8 is well.. no thank you

  68. I hope that when QB hits 500k subs and 200k twitch followers he does think
    of us as a group and not individual people. I hope he stays down to earth
    and thanks every individual subs, donator, etc. I like how he is now and I
    don’t want him to change. What do you guys think?

  69. Love my E3.


  71. Can Your Bro Make A YouTube He Probably As Cool As You Are But Older Please

  72. You dont have to play for years to track a tank constantly and pop in and
    out shooting other tanks.

  73. Daumantas Jancaitis

    when you buy account your comments and videos become comedy.

  74. Would like to see what your older brother looks like, to see the

  75. Twitch Glitch still happening dude.

  76. uh, doesn’t the game itself have its own built-in VOIP system?

  77. Love the dpm of the ST 1

  78. VoIP are scary, specially hearing “a/s/l?” over and over or “What are you
    wearing?” :D

  79. Do you have t 34 85

  80. I love this series please make it more often Quicky!

  81. man Quickybaby still plays like a dick

  82. Пейо Пешов

    Hey QB ! Don’t you think that you have to change the intro ? *cough* Look
    at the video of OneAndOnly *cough* Well…i know how many people had asked
    you but i wanted to know.
    P.S. Sorry if i have mistakes !

  83. Yeah, I’ll give you that one QB; awesome game in the STB-1 ;P

  84. Hey Mr.Quickybaby, nice shirt! :)

  85. this made me want to tongue punch my gf’s fart box

  86. could you do this with 2 SPICs in a tier 10 game? I think not somehow.

  87. Unfair he kemp bush

  88. Gabgaming | One Command Creations

    5:20 I was laughing so hard xD
    This poor guy waited 80 seconds without being able to do anything

  89. My best friend and I are like that. We grew up together from birth till now
    30 years later. We have great teamwork skills in WoT.

  90. Gee… teamwork. Guess that’s why REAL tankers practice with their troop
    ALL the time.

  91. is z actually his brother?

  92. si il y a des français qui regardent la vidéo, je voudrai savoir, quel sont
    les mods pour la capture pour voir le temps qui reste, voir le taux de
    victoire des joueurs, le mod sniper, et le mod pour voir combien de %pour

  93. When will we get the new intro ? Please a epic one ;)

  94. You HAVE to try Crossout!!!

  95. meds are balanced

  96. I just have to smile a littel bit, her! meeting you in a match, not having
    xvm, but noticing that you had an ider of how to drive, cept you in a spot,
    because you noticed my winrat, until you lost, then finding out that you
    was a cellep, and that is why i don`t use xwm.
    But I love your passiv, aggressiv playstile bye the way :-)

  97. how do u do “your blocking my fire”

  98. E3: omg.. pls can we talk ..some one save meT T

  99. Repetition is the mother of mastery.

  100. monkeystandoffsucks

    Forgot about his brother tbh

  101. dobra gra you get fart or lack in this game mini babe:)sory for May languge

  102. Btw WP QB

  103. Zaonce is a nice system :D

  104. Hey QB, how did you get your name Quickybaby and QuickFingers?

  105. Search msimpson54 on youtube! He’s a friend of mine and puts up really good
    videos and I’m helping him out!

  106. hey QB nice shirt!!!

  107. how do you do ‘your blocking my fire’?

  108. The stug and hetz have better rate of fire

  109. well thankfully you were in this Mach cause your platoon mate seems to have
    serious aiming problems

  110. Discord ftw

  111. This was amazing on Stream!!!!

  112. I’ve been asking u or jingles ur not doing it .-.

  113. Jonathan Wieringa

    Nice one qb!

  114. do a VK 30.01 (P) reply plz

  115. You played well but maybe if your showcasing the teamwork, you could show
    it in 3rd person view so we have a better view of the 2 tanks working

  116. that e3 driver is now in arkham asylum

  117. Why is your bro shooting gold ?

  118. These videos seem to just get shorter and shorter :(

  119. The Great Sluggo5

    Triple MAUS platoon…. noting like effecting a battle like 9000 HP
    combined, and the ability to win any corridor out of sheer HP.

  120. Can you do a review and how to take out t1 heavy

  121. is look like At The amx 30b

  122. wow . quickybaby shows us again , what a dastardly coward he is , not
    trying to face that t10 td face on 😛 or circle him

  123. kappa. what does kappa mean.

  124. Im early….so…
    Who wants a cookie?

  125. NICE TANK

  126. Are you going for the 3rd mark on your STB 1 QB? I only saw 2.

  127. Japan and Russia together wat………

  128. the T95 has better frontal armor, since the mantlet of the E3 is only 295mm
    🙂 but they share the 305mm on most other parts

  129. I feel sorry for the poor guy in the E3

  130. Yes, platoons of good players are one of the easiest ways to raise
    winrates. It’s one of the few ways to guarantee competent teammates. Lol.

  131. I liek dis

  132. Maxime De Launière


  133. jason li (gunfyre212)

    wow i never knew u had a brother.

  134. So it actually came into the public, well played, i really enjoyed the
    teamplay on stream! :)

  135. Zaonce is qb real brother?

  136. jean-pierre rojas

    Médiums OP … –‘

  137. Does QB check his comments even ?

  138. Do review of Grilee 15

  139. Willian Flores dos Santos

    the quickbaby already made ​​a video about t26e4 ?

  140. And that is exactly why i am using two repair kits in my e3 :)

  141. And that is exactly why i am using two repair kits in my e3 :)

  142. the most rewarding moment for me in WOT is when i leave it

  143. QB please could you do a video about the World of Tanks community? Id be
    interested to hear what you have to say about the way people behave in
    game, and online

  144. Panther International Shipping

    Saw this on stream!

  145. Sebastian Richter

    Meh, I can’t aprove this. It was definitely a Good Game, but it wasn’t a
    interesting video

  146. gg, quicky, u and ur bro r da best ?

  147. Usually when I’m playing with my lil bro it involves more screaming, kill
    stealing and PIT maneuvers.

  148. Nice Shirt

  149. Didn’t know you had a brother QB… Then again I’ve only been subbed for a
    few months

  150. Heat62a

  151. Saw this live 😀 gr8 teamwork!

  152. it passed 1 min when video was released and some idiots disliked and didnt
    eaven watch the video wow…

  153. T-62A or Obj. 140? Which is better?

  154. noticed that naked guy in the type 4 heavy on the enemy team?that was me..

  155. Zaonce is Persian for skidmarks¿

  156. The Pilot Penguin

    last i time i came this early….well

    im still paying for her

  157. i got 4 kills in 10 secs with e50, i rammed one while shooting another one
    and then i did the same within 10 seconds

  158. I wish I had a good platoon mate like that …… All my friends don’t
    really play wot, even if they do they are nowhere as dedicated as I am

  159. Well done! One of the best platoon battles in WoT.

  160. poor T110E3

  161. poor T110E3

  162. just got t28htc 15mins ago?

  163. Hey qb. nice shirt

  164. Hey QB. Nice Shirt!

  165. Hey QB. Nice Shirt!

  166. The E3 was probably really pissed lol

  167. I thought that quickbaby gave on team work its been so long.

  168. Zaonce is also in Elite Dangerous.

  169. What a master class in the power of voice comms. :P

  170. QB you dirty son of the tank :)

  171. All these comments just begging for likes. So annoying, like if you agree

  172. jørgen sæterdalen

    686th!!!:O lol

  173. Noice!

  174. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  175. Univers - UHCPlayer


  176. yay i’m early

  177. hey qb before I started watching your videos my pr in wot was 3354 and now
    that I have been watching you for a while it has gone upto 5498 so I just
    want to say thank you :)

  178. Let’s just comment before watch ?

  179. The Rusty Mechanic

    so many comments already no one cares if you are first

  180. Donald Trump Art Of The Deal With It

    3 man platoons are the best

  181. Robin3t LePlayer_1


  182. I like you playing with platoon

  183. 10th something:P

  184. Yay, another Team Wordk video

  185. first!!!!!!

  186. platoon night wooo

  187. first

  188. Stream FTW! :D

  189. first

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