World of Tanks – Brown Alert!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This one really made me laugh. I don’t want to spoil in the description, but stand by to see a who has the game in the bag if he can just keep his cool… NOT keep his cool and go full retard with hilarious consequences.

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  1. That Smurf 50B^^

  2. Why wouldn’t you just reload when you are down to 5 rounds?

  3. Capt. Jingles can you do a Circon video again? he put up several video’s about the Chi-to aka the Cheeto tank

  4. Ghost B.C. all in here.

  5. Just keep up the good work 🙂 After a hard day, u make me smile 🙂

  6. watching jingles while playing arty… not even sorry

  7. To the WT’s defense: It looked like that was this weird WoT bug where your gun doesn’t point the same way as your reticle. May be that he had his reticle perfectly over the BatChat all the time.

  8. 8:06 – B-C 25 t: Ready to fire. Shells in the container: 2 item(s).
    8:40 – Enemy name appears.
    8:56 – B-C 25t: Reloading! 38s left!
    9:20 – Lowe destroyed AMX 50 B

    Yeah. Probably shouldn’t said “Ready to Fire” but then reload later even though the enemy had already been spotted. Your ally was expecting you to use those shots left for at least some help.

    Oh well. The rest was fun to watch.

  9. Why did Jingles swap his CPU and graphics card? Seems weird to go from 6700k to an i5.

  10. Hey Jingles, I love your videos I use to love WOT but after all of this premium tanks came in this game has gone to hell what is your answered to this question. Have premium tanks made this game worst or better.

  11. “Is he gonna get out of the turret and throws baguettes at them?” Priceless ????

  12. hey jingles, do you play on wow vanilla server elysium? just wondering…

  13. World Of Tanks The Best Replays

    13:37 😀

  14. Hey guys and gals, just posted my first ever video on youtube. Check it out. It sucks, but ill get better. Thank you and have a nice day. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

  15. The comments to this video remind me of the “Loser Reads Hater Comments” Section of Filthy Frank. It’s just a cluster fuck of people who think they know what they’re talking about, people pointing things that don’t need to pointed out , out. People who want to be superior to everyone else by showing how special a snow flake they are by saying “I’d do this, and not this in this person’s position because I’m smarter and superior.” , and last but not least, there’s the people just echoing everything already said in the video. Ew.

  16. HunterKiller gaming


  17. Actually Jingles, it should be Code Brown not Brown Alert. Hankock needs to be removed.

  18. Jingles I’ve been watching your uploads since 2012 and you still make me laugh and entertain me o/ I salute you sir!

  19. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    that’s a very interesting going fact. if the French made more tanks like the German tanks then they could be more effective against st the germans. 😀 but I’m guessing they either disliked the designs so they made there own or just the German tanks were too expensive for manufacturing for their own gain.

  20. this is the 1st time too post a comment on your channel JINGLES…so forgive me if this is a noob question…i have the vid. on 1080p and it looks like the “green”team has alot of tier 8’s and the “red” team has alot of tier 5’s…is this a computer glitch or is that a real match…

  21. why i don’t have people like the WT driver in enemy team!!! still very good play by the bc driver gj

  22. What kind of crap crew does he have in this tank? His V/R was bearly 400m in a batchat….

  23. I am going to think there will be an engine fire on this game

  24. lately I’ve been playing wot on my Xbox as my PC is down and I get killed buy Russian exclusive premium tanks if I was on pc like the panzer 2j why is it pay to win I miss playing a game where I now I can win but at least i can still get the tog

  25. Never a frown with golden brown

  26. hahaha…aah. Great video m8 this really made me get off my chair shitting my pants from laughter! Thank you

  27. I dont feel bad for the 50b. I personally think his aggressive manner was possibly due to a bad gaming session, considering he is a good player. Seems he was playing “full tilt”, the bat chats BAD RELOAD was just the last straw to break the camels back. I try to log off when i feel everything is going wrong because its ultimatly up to you to not be a dick. which i am… sorry.

  28. Rolls face over keyboard……..fantastic.

  29. Good game, thanks for sharing!

  30. Invalidates Chem’s entry because it had “Autism” in the title. Goes ahead and uses the term ‘ retard ‘ in video description. Real smooth jingles XD

  31. Have you ever featured any A20 replays?

  32. I could just watch these for Jingle’s random hilarious remarks.

  33. Wow, double Radley Walters

  34. that moment when Jingles is talking about how slow at turning the tank is and they pull a flawless handbrake turn into concealment behind a wall…

  35. yes! I finaly have the pc version! now all I have to do is make it to t5 and get a VERY good game and I can send a replay to jingles!

  36. All these losers in the comments that are correcting you to make themselves feel important…

  37. Jingles! You are crap! The ammo bar shows the total ammount of shells including the once that are in the gun!

  38. god that 50 B was an arse in chat…

  39. Infes…. anyway thanks for a really entertaining and exciting game

  40. So glad you said those French heavy tanks were tiger II’s

  41. This could have done without the rape joke.

  42. Lol, glad the jerk had no words in the end.

  43. Nice one.

  44. Jingles really does like to talk about the days when there were no tier 10 mediums. I remember those days.

  45. No, autolosder are not op, never.

  46. I wonder if Jingles realises

  47. is there a problem with the wot premiums shop? i somehow just cant get my hands on the stalins hammer


  49. So amx50b had to tell enemies to wait until bat chat reloads and then attack,it was poor reload timing and he killed 50b.

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