World of Tanks – Bulldozed

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Bulldozed – to be flattened by a Bulldozer. A title that rather precisely describes all of todays’ World of Tanks content.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Thx for featuring my Replay Jingles. As everyone else said it’s Kampfgruppe Lehr. And i’m from Germany.

    • Why are you using the long 88? Appose to the 105 I think that’s the fully upgraded gun

    • What a great game. Not really impressive by the amount of damage caused or gold ammo spammed 🙂 but superb judgment and tactics made all the difference. Kudos!

    • @elias lopez Because of the huge DPM increase.

    • Deutsche Gründlichkeit +1

    • DerPolygonianer

      Love the weird Way the German Military shortens everything. My favourite was the Mabuko. One of the Officers in Basic Training told us it’s the Marineangehörigen Bekleidungs und Utensilienkoffer.😂

  2. Don’t forget German Comedian Henning Venn 🙂

  3. Snooternacxious

    Most famous German, IMHO, Albert Einstein…

  4. Michael Koerner

    The oof was real when jingles didnt put 2 and 2 together to get Kampfgruppe Lehr…

  5. Why would you even use the 88 on the E50? Lower dpm, lower pen and longer aim time…

  6. It’s not that he’s crap – he does it deliberately for the algorithm. The Object 277 has a 13cm gun, not a 122mm Jingles!

  7. W.A. Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg, which back then was technically neither German nor Austrian but an independent arch-bishopric of the Holy Roman Empire, ruled at the time from Vienna by Franz I. Stephan of Habsburg-Lothringen. At the beginning of the 18th century Salzburg became part of Bavaria for a few short years but was mostly part of the Austrian Empire (Mozart had already died by that time). Hitler on the other hand was born in 1889 in Braunau, right on the border to Bavaria. He denied Austrian Citizenship, claimed that he was stateless, fought for the German Army in WW1 and became a German Citizen in 1932. Bavaria actually wanted to deport him in 1924 but the Austrian government denied him access and even gave orders to local authorities to arrest him, if he showed up at the border. In 1925 his Austrian citizenship was officially revoked by Hitler’s request. That’s why Mozart is considered an Austrian and Hitler a German.

  8. Santiago Acevedo Hernandez Gutierrez Sotto

    Sheridans in blitz have rockets lol

    Hi Jingles. Me and my brother are huge fans of your world of tanks and warships commentary videos. The link above is a game play of my brother. He’s a KV2 enthusiast because of your videos. It would be an honor for us if you would check out his gameplay. Hope you’re keeping well during this pandemic. Thanks for your time.

  10. Lieven Petersen

    The best (actually the worst) thing about wheeled lights is: They can REPAIR WHEELS ON THE MOVE. Yes really 70 kph no problem just switch the wheel really quick… -.- well I shouldn’t complain, I’ve stopped playing WOT years ago, so good luck everyone 😛

  11. The German/Austrian historical figure game usually uses Hitler and Beethoven.
    The saying goes that the most sucessful move the Austrians managed to pull off was to convince the world that Hitler was a German and Beethoven was an Austrian.

  12. Matthew Westhoven

    A German acquaintance of mine told me a funny nickname for Swiss and Austrians which roughly translated to “Canyon shitters”

  13. AzzaFrazzaBoBazzaBanazzaFazzaFoFazza

    C’mon now Jingles, we all know AUSTRALIA doesnt exist!

  14. I thought Paul Hogan was the most famous Austrian…

  15. ACTUALLY Jingles, the Object 277 is equipped with the 130mm M-65 rifle, and is one of two tier ten Soviet heavies with 490 average damage!

    You’re thinking of the Object 260, which _does_ have a 122mm main gun!


  16. Two WOT videos in a week! Wow, we are living large now. LOL

  17. Austrians are ethnically German, lines on maps don’t matter.

  18. Can I ask why the second battle is in the middle of a tornado

  19. Watch it Jingles, if you make too many Austria jokes Mr. Schwarzenegger may take his personal 1951 M-47 Patton (which he bought from the austrian army and which is the same tank he drove when he served in the austrian army) from California over to the UK to bulldoze your home

  20. ever since i was told about B4IT.ORG i stopped playing WOT….

    the game has become nothing but a cheat-fest imo

  21. WAIT a SEC here jingles, so your saying destroying all the sh!t inside and just outside the cap is actually a good thing?! then WHY do they call me a NOOB when i do this, i do this for ages at this point, not ever once someone said “it was ok” to be, no no always NOOB this, or NOOB that even some idiots yell at me because i broke down there possible cover?! can you believe it or not! but i’m the noob eh. well this video goes into the fav folder and every time some lame ass moron calls me a noob for doing this i’ll link this video to them, just maybe they will learn something that day.

  22. That first game is pretty much how the games are during lockdown. Close games are rare at the moment!

  23. kampf Gruppe Lehr

  24. I always go out through a building on that map. Generally not through ALL the buildings but at least one. And I watch everyone else very carefully drive around the buildings they should be demolishing.

  25. I knew you were gonna say Hitler, but I thought for sure youre gonna say Schwarzenegger to pair. Mozart threw me off hahaha

  26. WoT again…
    BORING… zzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. No Jingles, Mozart wasn’t a German. He was born in Salzburg which is in Austria. Similarly, Salzburg hasn’t been part of Bavaria since the 14th century. Now, it was part of the German Empire, but that was not Germany. So no, Mozart wasn’t German.

  28. Are you still playing WoT, Mr. Jingles?

  29. Once again, capping is shown to be the most useless thing ever. The team that defended won

  30. Players: “WG, are you trolling us with these wheeled vehicles?”

    WG: “Of course not!”
    *releases the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)

  31. I’m east prussian….

  32. The KGB Official

    man in WoTB this thing (and the tier 9 which is the T92E1) has ATGMs
    makes trying to play RU251 and Leopard Prototyp A a bit of a pain

  33. All the Canadian’s: “Ayyyy! What’s all this about Arnie being Austrian eh?!!!!!”

  34. Griffin Kennedy

    just saying, that amx was lucky because that didnt even directly hit him lmao

  35. Best Jingles video in a while.

  36. don’t forget the 0.4/0.5 dispersion on the move and the 0.2 dispersion when turning the turret, being able to autoaim at a target at the other side of the lake on lakeville and hit it on the move at 90kph

  37. World of tanks players: we would like matchmaking changed
    Wargaming: we completely understand. Here is an armoured car tech tree.
    World of tanks players: that has nothing to do with what we asked for

  38. Griffin Kennedy

    did anyone else get that “its free real estate” vibe when jingles said that the team left most of the real estate to the enemy lo

  39. Even after he killed the ebr 90 it still went back down the hill

  40. Lesbian Chicken

    Jingles got me

  41. NooblyHunter 203

    Jingles: “I hope you enjoyed it, cuz that’s it for today.”

    Me: *Looks at the time*

    Also me: *”D I N K L E B E R G ! ! !”*

  42. An E-50 video titled “Bulldozed” without a single ramming attack. Shame!

  43. Jingles are you ever going to play WoT again?

  44. the obj 277 has an 130mm naval gun, not the 122mm

  45. Don’t knock over trees in or close to the cap

  46. WOT, the thinking man’s… oops, I almost said it.

  47. 11:05
    Is that a tornado?


  49. Jingles: The most famous Austrian ever..
    Me: Schwarzenegger?
    Jingles: Mozart, who was German!
    Me: I am uneducated swine.

  50. I think his name is Kamp Gruppe Lehr…. Come now Jingles. You were better off calling him Dave as usual

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