World of Tanks – Bushmaster

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Q: When bushcamper not a bushcamper?
A: When he has to spot his own targets and doesn’t want to lose.

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  1. Bushmaster went out of business

  2. “Define Interesting”
    ‘Oh god, oh god we’re all going to die’

    Any Firefly fans should recognize this.

  3. Awesome match! Hope you are doing good Jingles. Take care.

  4. A tank to pick up chics.

  5. When DJ was close too the ennemi cap, should he have tried to cap or was going back to kill all opponents the good move?

  6. 12:42 ACTUALLY jingles, the bc 155 58 has only 3 round after the arty cha… ‘Points to salt mine’ I’ll keep my mouth…

  7. Andreas August Gebauer

    I love the 25 damage Obj 268 XD

  8. Morning y’all.. see the people in the TDs that camp are practicing social distancing. 60 meters per tank.

  9. he has almost 0 mini map slow

  10. Jagdtiger good armor ??? Jingles wtf ???

  11. Do we really want videos of pl moving 5m and sitting in a Bush all game


  13. I really love it, when gold ammo misses

  14. The opening clip was something out of a Hollywood action movie… only far better written and with better characters.

  15. Impressive!

  16. That S-tank bounce… So damn lucky!

  17. “This thumbnail, i recognize this from somewhere…”

  18. jaysus – that opening sequence – tankrobatics and he recovered the wobbly landing to get the kill?! Inconceivable!!! That alone was worth the price of admission.

  19. TIL how I play tank destroyers like these in War Thunder is exactly how most people don’t play them in World of Tanks.

  20. DJ and the deathstar sounds like an 80’s kids TV show.

  21. Ohh…. Why did he fire so many HEAT shells unnecessarily..

  22. Such an amazing game and yet he lost money? This game has a trash economy system wtf…

  23. He wouldn’t have made any silver (or hardly any at all) if he had premium account either.

  24. Pro tip: dont shoot HEAT at tracks.

  25. Jingles you sound like you got korona?

  26. no fair plane, he kemp bush!

  27. I just want a Maus video, it’s been like 4 years lol

  28. Stay safe please jingles we love you!

  29. The grille is awsome but the bush mechanics on console hamper its stealth. It never gets old when you harvest 750 hp from an opponent. Try brawling in town for laughs so funny.

  30. 2 kind of tank destroyer:

    1. One is slow, curbersome with heavy armor.

    2. One that is fast, low armor but have great gun and concealment.


    3. One that is fast, troll armor and awesome gun, like mister *Object 268 version 4* right here. 😉

  31. bushwanker

  32. That is what you call an elbow drop from the top rope.

  33. I remember playing the Skorpion when it was still new and I don’t know whether that changed by now, but back in my time, the thing was as stealthy as a hot air balloon crashing into a lighthouse. Also back then, they had basically cleared out all the shrubbery from all the maps, with a few token exceptions. Also not sure, but from what I have seen in recent replays, they seem to have reversed that strategy a bit.
    Long story short, I was so frustrated with trying to play the Skorpion as a stealthy sniper, that I gave up and started playing it as a support Medium tank, derping Heavies in the face at point black range and scurrying back into cover, while they were reloading. Was fun and worked fairly well, but chances of survival were slim.

  34. I’m trying to sleep jingles

  35. World of Tanks:Jaegerkorpset

    Give me a like, if you, like me…only came here, because you thought “The bushmaster” meant something kinky;-)

  36. Sloppy shooting from Grille, several times firing before being fully aimed when there was no need to and missing shots that were extremely likely to connect because of that.

    • I think he was rushing given the situation tbh, and it’s understandable. The tanks he was shooting at were moving around between buildings giving him limited time to shoot

  37. No we can watch a player camp in a bush all game. As long as you are commentating 😉

  38. Jaden Yuen Ho Tao

    The S-tank cheeze wedge is unique in World of Tanks because of the 3 calibers rule, and it its unique in War Thunder for A)not caring about your aphe, apcr, or apds shells and b)being able to survive with only 1 crew member

  39. people spam so much gold these days ive stopped playing heavies and take my waffles up front and tank with the heavies

  40. In the opening scene we see the SU-130PM? get hit with an Elbow drop by UDES 03 that Macho Man Randy Savage would be proud of and finished him off with a good bit of Shell-To-Face Action.

    Bravo Sir! The Macho King look upon thou and say “OHHHHH YEAAAA”

  41. When he’s a bushkemper

  42. Hey jingles, a fantastic video, speaking of tanks you don’t feature often, I was wondering if you would consider posting a Sheridan video, the Sheridan is one of the only tier 10 tanks I have and seems to be largely unpopular, I want people to see it’s a menace to be watched out for, thank you

  43. TD’s aren’t boring, they’re just very very good at social distancing. Not as good as arty though, they stay a whole map length away from each other.

  44. Bush Master Flash

    I looked at the title and pooped my pants.
    I thought this was going to be 15 mins of jingles ripping me a new one for being an asshat in battle chat. ( I am that person sometimes.)
    Thankfully it’s much more boring than that. 🙂

  45. DJ did well in his ‘Social Distancing”

  46. Татьяна Сушкова

    Тир! Удивительно глупые противники

  47. Oh jingles, you didn’t even mention, HE HIT AN EBR AND DID DAMAGE! 😀

  48. Just a little fun fact,the thumbnail of this commemorates the time when a player named messi in his grille 15 was boosted up into an otherwise unreachable position on the map from where he pretty much single handedly won them(his clan called RA1D if I’m not mistaken) the game and 100,000 dollars during World Of Tanks Blitz Twister Cup 2018.
    I saw it happen live and it was awesome.

  49. There is a video of someone in a US tank destroyer that played it the way it was supposed to be used. He fired a shot or two, then used his speed to relocate and fired a shot or two.

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