World of Tanks – Buyer Beware

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Skoda T-56, a tier 8 Premium Tank that never really existed but which you can buy in World of Tanks cost of an entire full price PC game. Worth it?

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  1. How Wargaming has been getting away with being greasy scumbags and charging $60+ for a tank/ship and using low drop rate loot boxes for this long completely blows my mind.

  2. Jingles. I watched a very good iphone tank game go to shit just like WoT is doing. It is sad and its a matter of time before the game is dead.

  3. ”Micro”transactions, more like ”macro”transactions

  4. what I love is that poor T6s need to fight this over powered T8 premiums still.

  5. This is the most attention the 416 has gotten from jingles, ever.

  6. “There are less and less tanks they can put into the game.”

    Meanwhile, Gaijin.

    • Gaining has a few years worth of vehicles to put in, especially WWII era where most play. Not including the one offs, prototypes, etc for events.

  7. ALL my battles is in tier10, with the Skoda t56 is where the extra credits is .love to out play 60tp and more

  8. I remember when this game was actually good and fun. Watching a black prince go up against space tanks like this reminds me why I haven’t played in years

  9. 2:10 – may I correct you about the stuff that they cannot put into the game?
    There are hundreds of tanks in WT that are not in WoT and were a thing?
    And I am not talking baout the modern tanks but WW2 stuff o0

  10. Wow what a coincidence. I just watched an episode of chicago fire , where someone mentioned buyer beware.

  11. Not playing this game fully since 2017 and then checking into it with a video like this is a fucking fever dream.

    The only tanks I recognised were the ones being stomped.

    Thank fuck I got out when I did and went to play a much more rewarding and nowhere near as fundamentally broken game *looks at notes* Oh shit no I didn’t, I went and played War Thunder.

  12. Jingles you said the Skoda T56 has the 2nd highest alpha in the game for any tier 8 tank. (4:06). I feel the desire to point out the ISU-152/K(750), Borsig(750, 490), WZ-111-1G FT(560), SU-130PM(520), Ferdinand/JP2/Skorpion/ISU-130(all 490), and as for none TDs there’s the VK 100.01 B and VK 75.01 K which both have 490 alpha. Not including arty (because no one should ever) the Skoda T56 comes in 11th place by tier 8 alpha dmg (when you exclude duplicates).

  13. Quesadilla Sombrero

    7:00 so you believe matchmaker is on the better end of the spectrum after buying a new premium tank? I can actually say I don’t agree with that statement, I’ve had many tier 10 matches and even then those games were decent. Not trying to be rude just saying that speculation is way off

  14. I know Jingles has had discussions on gold ammo and been dismissive of the premiums before, so this isn’t new, but I do like a bit more focus on their lousy money-gathering practices at Wargaming.

  15. The number of these tanks in MM that last couple of days has noticeably dropped. I think it is on par with the Defender for impact on a match. If your team is a pack of Donkeys it takes work to pull a win out.

  16. just another wallet sucker!!! well, no problem as I WILL NOT spend any more money on this RIGGED, one sided game and I know that WG doesn’t care and really, the FEELING is mutual!!!!!!!! Actually, its been what, four months or so since I’ve even played this ‘game’ so yah, no problem~~~~

  17. World of Paper Tanks.

  18. I ve been expecting at least a honorable mentioning of the 3601h who played really well.

  19. For the price of this tank you can download Sprocket and build your own paper tanks including a TOG 2

  20. With all that the player did (crucial contrubution, top gun, high calibur) he still only got a 1st mastery on what it a very expensive and fairly new tank. WG must have made thousends on that tank

  21. The only tanks i ever bought are the Tiger 131, ISU152-K and T34-85M

  22. Am I alone in noticing that in both WoT and WoWs videos lately the game audio often tends to become desynced (?) somehow about halfway through the video? 🧐

  23. Wargaming is ALL about GREED now.
    They are just as greedy as any corporation. However their products get shittyer by the day. Rigged flustrating as shit matchmaking system, broken premiums and revard tanks with NO weakspots, lootbox gambling in a pegi 7 rated game… I stopped paying for this game long ago.

  24. i don’t get it i buy the Tank for 25 Euro i don’t know but a PC game cost 60 euro i think i made a good trade ther and it`s not a op Tank

  25. So from personal experience, the only premium tanks that are worth it, are the Tog and the Box tank

  26. Whew, just don’t tell Jingles about gacha games, where you might NOT even get a for a price of multiple AAA games.

  27. As an old saying goes, there’s nothing more expensive than the free to play games. The lootboxes and microtransactions will ensure anyone hooked enough to it to spend way too much for their own good

  28. If you want to see how it was back in the day, just play the American tank lines. Many haven’t been updated with the meta, especially the heavies.

  29. About mathcmaking: It is the same with one of my favourites: the M3 Lee. At top tier it used to be a beast (not it is hardly average), but well, tier down and a few years of power creep killed it.

  30. I’m quite happy playing tiers 5 & 6 for $0. (Even when WoT is typically putting me in tier 7 & 8 games . . . I’m nomonally a 50% player (+/- on any given day and tank) with typically having 80-90% crews (75% is all I’ll “pay” for to start with using in game credit) with more minimal skills; but I’m gaining on that, slowly.) It’s too bad that those who buy their way up the skill tree bad-mouth the rest of us. We are not poorer players just because we didn’t spend the money to get WoT to lean the odds more in our favor. And they should be more circumspect because, for the amount they are paying, they really aren’t that much better. In fact, one could even argue that they aren’t really better at all!

  31. Regular matchmaker will not make this tank any worse than any of the tier 8 premiums. It is OP as fuck. Jingles, If you are trying to save WoT from WG’s imbalanced premium tanks by discouraging sales, that is a battle you will never win. In 6 months time, there will be a bigger badder tier 8 premium, maybe even tier 9.

  32. Screw you 2.0 lmao 😂😂😂😂

  33. Hi Jingles,
    I would like to see this game from VK’s perspective. I mean, six kills and almost 3K dmg in tier 6 tank (and not very good tank)… That looks impressive! A real must watch 😀
    And great video as always 🙂

  34. it is true, that aren’t that many real tanks left to add… …that aren’t of American design
    the thing is WG is intentionally leaving out a great number of American designs, and prototypes, despite having promised to FIX the US TT since at least 2016
    their excuse is that they don’t have enough info of enough designs for new lines+fix old lines, meanwhile they have been adding premiums and “freemiums” of those same designs they did not have “enough info” about:
    AE Phase I
    Concept 1B
    ASTRON Rex 105mm
    TL-1 LPC
    T77 (actually made but turret was scrapped, according to Hunnicutt)

    it is also important to notice that in WoT Blitz they added the H.L Yoh tanks, something their NA office had researched 6+ years ago but the main office thought was not enough to add to WoT PC
    in fact the Blitz team even managed to get the British LT line 80% right – the Incompetent Camera Minion has pointed out they mixed the name of the 2 tanks at the start of the line – unlike the failure we see in WoT PC

  35. So, for $40 you can buy 100% of a good game or less than WG’s 1/800th or 0.125% of a good game (WoT has 800+ tanks). You choose how much value your money has.

  36. Thejigantic MugaBoop

    Birthday upload 🥳
    Thank you Jingles.

  37. I don’t know which I find sadder, the amount WG wants for a collection of pixels or those who pay that price because they think it will make them a better player. But then if the Marks didn’t pay that amount WG would not be asking that amount.

  38. To put the mobility into perspective: The T110E5 was considered to have pretty good mobility for a heavy tank when it was released. It’s top speed is 37 kph……

  39. 1:21 cough *Star Citizen* cough

  40. I found the pricing of premium vehicles in WOT/WOWS a rip off, I mean when I was younger I bought as I was young and impressionable, but not long after that I realized its not worth it, full price AAA game for a tank, that you cannot look on the inside and stuff. I mean say what you will about star citizen, at least their vehicles can be explored and is not just in an arena all the time.

  41. “The DPM isn’t good” may I introduce you to the T57 Heavy? Or the tier 10 Czechoslovakian medium tank?

  42. You definitely can blame Wargaming for putting fantasy tanks in the game. There are a lot of real tanks that haven’t made an appearance. Heck, you can fill out an entire tech tree just with variations the Panzerkampfwagen IV as it progressed through World War 2. There are tanks like the T-55 and Centurion in the game to put the timeline firmly into the cold war, so where’s the M60A2? What about the Israeli Super Sherman? Countries around the world have designed and built tanks at least as prototypes that are not represented in the game, and upgraded existing designs to keep them relevant. There’s NO excuse for fantasy tanks that never got past the napkin stage.

  43. World_Smartest_DoDo

    it more OP then the obj.252U

  44. Finally someone who understands WarGaming’s “bait and switch” marketing tactic. Good job old man.

  45. A WOT Jingles video… In 2013 when I retired at 64 Y/O, this was the start of my casual playing of WOT that has lasted to today. Yes I still suck and have less than 14k battles. I have gone through a couple Grand $, I now refuse to play Russian Tanks. But occasionally I have a decent to good game. Some players tell me I should either kill myself or get cancer. Have only been able to accomplish 1 out of 2. Some players are nice though and I try to remember to send appreciative comments after the battle. Jingles is a world class good guy. Thank You Sir.

  46. I considered getting this tank…but I just considered it…there comes a point where one just says no.

  47. “only 100 mm thick”
    Meanwhile is6 has 100 mm front

  48. I don’t know if it’s just me (let’s be real though, it’s probably pretty obvious) but I’ve been noticing that Jingle’s videos featuring Wargaming titles have become more and more – well, “depressing” lately – as if it sounds like he has a defeated tone. Yes, the “no-bullshit-fuck-Wargaming” attitude has been refreshing, but it’s also been pretty sad to witness as well.

    Unfortunately it seems that the reality of Wargaming evolving into a predatory company that has begun to develop a sense of hostility and resentment towards its long-term veteran players – across ALL three major titles (WoT Console, WoT PC, and WoWs PC) – is starting to set in for a lot of people.

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