World of Tanks || Caernarvon AX – is it worth it?

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World of Tanks – Caernarvon AX. The first British premium heavy arrives in a familiar flavour. Today I let you know if I think it’s worth it!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Another t8 prem tank….At least it’s not Russian?

  2. That tank is fucking horrible its just a bad Carnarvon and an even worse patriot

  3. I hate how q b just talked shit he never says it how it is
    It’s a fucking shit tank say it 380 m view range horrible gun handling and armour

  4. Woah woah woah woah woah is WG putting a balanced prem in the game? Oh yeah cuz its free ah

  5. honestly the rewards for each tier looks to be worth more than the vehicle is.

  6. I’m very sad I’m In college and I so busy at school that I missed 2 Marathon of free premium tank and I can’t play wot anymore

  7. It was the 20-pdr with 230 alpha that got me my only 2nd MoE in a tank. Maybe thats because no one play Caernarvon last time 😛

  8. World of Tanks isn’t worth it. … Switch over to WAR THUNDER.

  9. I find camping in this game quite rewarding especially if your team are a bunch of tomatoes. You get more XP for staying alive longer and farming up some damage from a distance.

  10. I wish that the ammo capacity got buff, from 50 rounds to 75 rounds, due to low damage (230).

  11. This tank seems to be weaker in almost anything compared to the centurion 5/1. even the armor on the centurion is better frontally together with the frontal turret.Yes a MEDIUM having better armor then a HEAVY on the same tier, let that sink in. combined with the cent 5/1 having much better speed. so we have a premium tier 8 heavy tank with worse armor, worse overall gun stats and much worse speed compared to it,s premium medium brother. cent 5/1 can do everything the carnarvon action X can. but miles better. this tank is a joke.

    • Except for the gun stats. Caern AX has better gun stats in everything except turret rotation and post firing dispersion(but the latter only matters for auto loaders at this tier.) 5/1 has better handling than other Centurions, but it still isn’t good for a tier 8 medium.
      Is the 5/1 that much better than the Caern AX? Mobility for sure, armor goes to the 5/1 simply because the turret is better when not hull down, but the gun is a clear win for the Caern with 500 more dpm and better all around gun handling.

  12. Brit or “naught” you got to keep the paint job it loos cool.

  13. Early in the vid, QB said that the shield would block HEAT and HE shells, not AP. 4TankersAndDog did an excellent test of the shield, and found that it’s pretty much useless versus HE. It only blocks HEAT. See:

  14. Long story short, it’s no OP Russian tank :/

  15. I don’t want jibber jabber. I want theory crafting!

  16. Yeah… In War Thunder I grinded to the Super Pershing, seeing how good it was in WOT, I made a grave mistake

  17. Shhhhh nobody tell Jingles he’s talking smack about the TOG

  18. Good thing.I am now thinking of stopping going after the marathon.Too much personal time for too little gain

  19. i pen s.conqueror turrets with heat no problem

  20. U did get it how in 2 days

  21. How abut ISU-130 review?

  22. Simple question. If you already have a fully loaded Caenarvon (32 pounder) would it be worth investing in the AX? – which of the 2 would you select if you had both?

  23. Played against that tank several times already in SH in my lowe and the 232 pen AP rounds go right through the turret with ease

  24. Tier 8 Premium T-29 the way I look at it

  25. Shite tank, no ones going to buy. Might as well give it out for free.

  26. It’s really fun to play light tanks when heavy tanks have the same or Better (wtf WG) view range -.-

  27. Speaking of a tog a friend of mine just recently 3 marked his tog on his stream…..cause he really enjoys the tank….??

  28. What? You bounced a jagtiger off the front of your tank? And then you were exposing yourself? Time for some therapy I think.

  29. So how come I never get games like this? At one point he stops on top of those staris and talks! And no one is attacking him! Its like he’s playing against bots. I don’t get it. If I were the only tank on that side of the map, and they spoted me, I’d get ripped a new arsehol…

  30. I feel like Centurion 5/1 is way better than Caernavon AX. The turrent is not really that reliable. Kinda regret buying it though.

  31. brit patriot..

  32. Težak je maraton treba dosta vremena da igraš, da bi uzeo nakraju tenk po meni wot propo

  33. 4:34 , the regular Caravan has 76.2 not 51.3 on the sides, so def better 😛

  34. I did consider opening my wallet for 1st time this year but no, not worth it. And there is no chance of me grinding more than an hour per day

  35. wouldn’t run out of AP so fast if you didn’t carry so much wallet ammo to be “competitive” lolol

  36. Fear Naught, motto of the Royal Tank Regiment.

  37. nice rewiew, but plz when you playing and showing a tank play with standard consumables, becous 99% of players dont play with premium consumables, sry for my bad english 🙂

  38. All free tank WG give all Bad.. Like alpine tiger.. 175, mm for tir 8??,

  39. That’s exactly the problem, with all the powercreep and OP tanks these days, something sensible like this gets skipped. So WG has to push out even more OP crap that messes up balance. It’s a vicious cycle that just doesn’t end. And that’s why people can’t be bothered to keep up with the game anymore.

  40. Well this tank is shity now !!!!

  41. you can play the excelsior…..

  42. I bought it and it’s not worth it is paper

  43. Dont ever speak of my Tog like that again QB

  44. I admire you, you are explaining that the tank is utter crap but the wording and the cadence is so good that when you compare the stats they sound as it will be enjoyable, good to use, competitive. WG PR department should pay you for this marketing.

  45. QB imo you need to start diversifying your content man, this game is getting stale

  46. This tank is still better than Tiger 2 hahah 🙂

  47. I mean if you get to stage 7+ it should be just worth buying for the credits and if you dont like the tank you can still sell it

  48. I have a weird question: what does action x mean? It’s easy to understand Mk x, but what is action x?

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