World of Tanks – Caernarvon so gud tho

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Source: Anfield


  1. First like, what a hipster

  2. I just finished grinding it yesterday, damn its so good now

  3. Idk why people thought the caernarvon wasn’t good before the buffs, I agree it had plenty of problems and wasn’t the best, but in my opinion it was still usable as a fat med. I 2 marked mine in 42 games a couple years ago playing it like that. Where do you think it stands now considering T8 MM seems to be much harsher on NA these days?

    • PR0J3CTW4RRI0R It was one of the worst tier eights.
      “Oh you can snipe from the back like medium”
      But every tank does that better or can brawl better.
      There are better tanks for every role making the tank completely obsolete.

    • Alliterate alternating Illusions

      PR0J3CTW4RRI0R No no no it sucked before the buffs. A couple years ago it had no competition

    • Lmao nobody said anything about sniping from the back of the map, and if you play your mediums like that you’re wrong. You play it like a med because you can’t face brawl other heavies. You use your hitpoints and turret armor to work ridge lines and be a pest with your shitty alpha top annoy enemies to death. That’s how I made it work before the buffs.

    • PR0J3CTW4RRI0R It works ridges worse then mediums, lights, and some heavies.
      It had no place and no reason to be that bad.
      Why even defend it?
      It was the m4 45 of tier 8.

    • yo can u cats stop arguing. its blowing up my inbox

  4. that casual first kill

  5. Srsly that DPM makes me *H A R D*

  6. Also: Anfield, do you recommend running food on Charioteer without premium?

  7. doesn’t this have the highest heavy tank dpm now or something? Or am I wrong

  8. Ah wargaming, buffing a tank so it goes from being one of the worst tier 8 heavies to one of the best overnight

  9. so its good, but is it worth the awfulness of 3 Churchills to get to it?

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Lol seriously? Tier 8 MM on EU? uh nah^^ In my BC-12t i had 2 Top Tier games out of 15 Games^^ Rest was Tier 10 or 9 😀 bullshit

  11. meh i think QB’s video of today is much better XD he basicly admitted he is an XVM slave, the plays he make …. Stronk….

  12. Kinda wish they had buffed the 20pdr rather than adding the 32pdr.

  13. Sand River defence, basically you start effectively 5-0 up, 65% WR for the defending team, still not fixed by WG.

  14. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    It sucks if you get tier 10 battles all the time

  15. more Caernarvon please

  16. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    Now if only they’d buff the Churchills/BP… Like, just some small mobility buffs. Churchill 1 should go 28 (you know, like the russian one) let the mk.VII and BP reach anything over their current 20kpm speed limit (25 would be optimal, but even a 2kpm buff with better traverse would be acceptable… hell, why not just let the TOG go 18 like the T28P used to?) and suddenly you’ve got an entire line that’s that much less frustrating to play. It’s fine for them to have poor p/t ratio, can’t have them turning on a dime when flanked… but at least let them cover flat ground just a bit more efficiently.

  17. Hey anfield. I’ve just finished 3 marking my 140 i saved all the replays session stats are around 5k wn8. i was hoping you could do a 3 mark video with my replays thanks bb <3 <3 <3 <3

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