World of Tanks – Campers..

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  1. How does that not cause you stress…

  2. Please play the t110e5 I’m working towards it and I just really wanna see it in action please and thank you

  3. Wait, isn’t LR a purple unicum?  Shouldn’t he already have ‘gotten guud’?!!  And been able to win this?  I means IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO YOU WHETHER YOU WIN OR NOT – RIGHT?  Isn’t that what all the trolls say when people complain about shit teams?

    • bikebudha01 well people say same to me as well in randoms. You re purple you re Kazna go kill all and win. If you re good doesnt mean you re a God. Remember that. Plus RNG is shitting sometimes so hard it hurts. Check this replay of me playing 430U. Late game is what matters and end itself. Then you will know what I mean.

  4. Too funny!

  5. Realistic scenario.. God..

  6. Thoughts on loot boxes?

  7. I wish WG could buff the strv to be more competitive and encourage playstyle that isn’t sniping/camping

  8. Can u plz play the panther☺

  9. Ugh game like that really really are irritating. Game last night I was in strv s1 did 4.7k dmg and 1.8k assisted as bottom tier Lost by 9 tanks. Our top tier t110e5 did 0 damage and 705a had 1 pen. I’m like seriously guys how can you not get 1 single pen being top tier

  10. This might seem like a bit of a weird suggestion, but could you play tds like the wt auf pz 4 or the borsig super aggressively? Ive tried to do these with these tanks before and have had lots of success, but only about 1/5 tries actually seems to work for me and i usually end up taking a lot of damage and then im forced to fall back, but their are times like on the ice map arctic region where in my wt auf pz 4 i can fight enemy heavies in the south road and since theres a mountain its arty safe and i can out damage almost all of the tanks there with the superior dpm of the wt auf pz 4 and can out trade them as well, but im still kinda bad at it, so if you know how or know when you should be aggressive and when you shouldn’t i would appreciate the help.

  11. Arty thinks @Lemmingrush is a large target….

  12. Your Opinion about the IS-3A?

  13. I’m really loving these. Never fails to teach me something or make me laugh.

  14. Can u show a vid on how you play the 58 Mutz because since u have no armor how do you engage on any map? Go town or field?

  15. When will the campers in the forest of that map learn that the lake in mid was designed to counteract campers, especially if the enemy got the field? The days of magic forests are mostly long gone.

  16. Their team did NOT camp. Their team completely surrounded your team. They took the west side of the map and the field. While YOU were camping shooting targets outside your render range their T-55a drove around the hill and flanked you from behind. Typical wn-8 damage greed stat padding game you played helping your team lose. You play to get wn-8. You had the best view range on your team. You could have went west and pushed field to spot for your team. They were all in position to support but that doesn’t increase your wn-8 so of course not your style. Instead you kept falling back all the time using your teammates to spot for your free damage wn-8 stat padding. Their team played it perfectly and rolled you. Good wn-8 game. Too bad you helped lose.

    • I’m guessing you suck at this game lol.

    • The problem is when you spot them as hard as possible, they won’t or even refuse to shoot the target. That’s how WoT had become, you either cheese the damage or get no support in your effort of trying.

    • Gamer Extraordinaire

      Guys like you are the bane of this game.  You never pay attention, instead you feel like you are the only one who truly understands what is going on.  LR explained his primary objective, he took the hill, when there was no one there, he SPOTTED from the hill.  If he had left the hill, you would have complained he should have stayed there.  While moving to his objective, he shot outside of his view range – IN ADDITION to what he was doing.LR has some of the best game judgement around.  You should be quiet and learn.

    • You lost me at push the field

  17. Got tired of your narcissistic tendencies and the flat out fraud around you saying things are live when they clearly aren’t. Much better choices out there. Cheers!

  18. How do you feel about the revamped IS3A? And about how they’re only being sold in lootboxes?

  19. More like “retards”. Time and time again you see a lemming rush from hill into enemy campers. I knew this was a loss when no enemy was on hill and your heavies were still climbing.

  20. Of course you bounced and bounced and bounced on that godamn T55.. absolute war gaming soviet fucking bullshit.. good try though.. and its tough when you have a team like that.. no one covered base.. they all camped at different moments that were advantageous to the enemy team.. seen it a bunch unfortunately. The pattons.. and the T30.. the only decent American tanks at that tier IMO.. However could’ve spotted from the other side though with your view range.. I think you seen the writing on the wall early on in this match esp after you got flanked.. and decided to spend your remaining life points working up your win8.. oh well woulda.. shoulda coulda..

  21. I hate campers -Anders Behring Breivik-

  22. The woods in the north are very strong on this map and encourage camping, the south is basically forced to dig out the north.

  23. Try the marder 3 with he it’s surprisingly effective and I want to see how he plays it as something different.

  24. I think the video could have been much more interesting if you had faced 3 tanks at the hill while your own camped in the back.I mean this video is more about how to behave when everybody camps, but Im really interested in how to behave when only your own people camp.

    a) Do i fight for keypositions and hope to motivate others by that?
    b) Or do i set up an ambush, for example by provoking some enemies only to flee and to take up a strong position at the side/back of my camperfriends to let them serve as cannonfodder and distraction.
    c) Or do i simply take the strongest position for my tank on the map and accept a lose to maximise damage?
    d) Is there another solution i did not think about?
    e) And what do i do in that situation, if i do not play in a med or mobile heavy?

  25. This generally is the main strategy used in SEA server, camp 2 win.

  26. i love this map with lights but but wen u get heavy tanks hug buildings is really bad xd

  27. I hate clickers! Crap I am one!

  28. And that is exactly why I don’t understand why people like this map. So many times it’s just a camp fest …

  29. Could you play the M41 90? I’m really struggling in this German light tank! Grrr.

  30. Hey lemming, I understand that the leopard 1 works best as an aggressive medium and not a sniper, but it would be great if you could show us some strong aggressive positions for mediums on maps

  31. Lemming, you should drive a t-10 (the russian heavy)

  32. One thing I noticed is you don’t seem to use bushes properly sometimes,
    if even a tiny tiny part of your tank is visible,
    for even a fraction of a second you will get spotted like there was no bush at all.
    (At least in my “experience” (its in quotes because you have more than I do.))
    I know because I am a master bush kamper.

  33. I feel for campers… I mean, if you’re in a campy tank you gotta camp. It’s a typical war action, I don’t think people should get so angsty toward campers. Even if the campers are lights, lights are supposed to hide & spot… & be inactive until the end game. If you’re a light with plenty of hit points you can win in the end game.

  34. Kudos to you for showing a train rekt team.

  35. When you have a team that doesn’t have interest in taking hill as quickly as possible. You knew the HTs are possibly bad and wargaming’s matchmaking wants you to lose 😉

  36. Lemming you need to get some merch. Sell T-shirts that say “It is what it is.”

  37. BestViewedWithCable

    Pro Tip: Spam Gold.

  38. It Is WhAt It Is ThO

  39. Hey, join the rush of rage and talk about the IS-3A (reTard)

  40. typical NA server, “GG campers” and “classic GG lemming train”, especially in tier 9 and tier 10 battles.

  41. Nice to see the Patton RNG in action for a unicum as well.

  42. Name of this map should be changed to ‘Campingovka’

  43. i kinda enjoy watching you get rekt sometimes because you start doing your laugh which I love. But also I learn a lot from salvaging losing games which now sometimes turns into good carries.

  44. The worst case I’ve seen of both teams camping was when we timed out with half of both teams still alive.

  45. in TD’s you have to camp … there is no other way playing than sit on the red line behind a bush ofcourse and shoot HE

  46. Welcome to World of Campers

  47. Teams like this are normal lets call it like that on EU nowdays. What happens is some good player decides it is the time to pull the plug and leave this game, sells his acc to some bot combine a lots of that kind with several trully new players who dont give a f about anything and what you get as a result is an epic battle between 2 bob teams and you as an unicum in the middle. Sad but true.

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