World of Tanks – Candy Cane Killer

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Because you NEVER need an excuse for another -2 video.

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  1. Was there an event on or are the T34S bots?

  2. Can’t start the day without my morning jingles!

  3. This is always the highlight of my week👍

  4. ToughAncientSpark

    If KV-2 is so good, why aren’t there more in battles?

  5. Nice to see the Adeptus Munitatorium approved KV-2 skin out and about.

  6. How do you pronounce the LeFH18B2?

    You don’t. 😛

  7. All the more reason to play the KV-2. Great commentary 👌!

  8. Karlchen Karolinger

    lefH = leichte Feld Haubitze = light field howitzer

  9. Jingles struggling with the volume control again. Bless him.

  10. Stalin won’t guide the shots of a kv2 with a machine gun strapped to the top. Needing a secondary gun shows a lack of faith in Communism.

  11. On console we have the drednaut kv2 its a tier 7 kv2 that goes 40kph and has the isu152 starting gun lol and yes it is a absolute monster altho it does better firing AP rather than HE with its 170mm of pen and 250mm of heat pen lol insane but its so fun

  12. The title had me hooked, the fact that she was playing my beloved “Stalin’s Hammer”, the KV-2 “Harbinger of Doom” was just icing on the cake.
    Damned good game Candy, well done indeed

  13. david and martine albon

    I see KV-2 in thumbnail, I click video.
    Simple as that

  14. Jingles literally showed her wows replay like 3 days ago in the fredich the great i think

  15. In this day and age it does not matter if you do are don’t have!! It’s how you relate to the sex that you are!!!! If you think your a female then you are!!! If you think your a male then you are!!!

  16. i think all of those t34s were bots? they were all clumped together in a pile on two opposite ends of the map

  17. Oh another KV2 video….

  18. Duh Jingles, its a T29, thats enought to keep anyone away from t7 and below

  19. Used to like your videos but would be better to be bit up to date, this is kinda funny but useless video as people would like to know more about latest things in wot..

  20. 11:07 Heh, K🅱️-2 >w>

  21. So Jingles no longer does WOT replays he does KV-2 replays?

  22. So I use to think that having better luck by not aiming, relying on the hand of Stalline was BS…
    I now have the KV2 and that infamous gun!
    Well it wasn’t… It’s true…all of it! Don’t bother…just turn the turret and click…

  23. I dont care how many KV-2 videos we get, as long as i can hear the old man laugh. that laughter is a global treasure~

  24. KV2 oclock…

  25. You can never have to many KV 2 replays.

  26. At 6:38 u said the only other person that had a kill was dead. And yet if u look at the board right above her. Someone is alive and had 4 kills

  27. The KV2: ALWAYS top tier. 👍

  28. Jingles !!! It’s Dave u Muppet

  29. … no light tanks? at all?

  30. Well done Candie Cane. You’ve done the KV-2 and the Imperium proud. The Emperor protects!

  31. 7:06 as if the KV-2 isn’t easy enough to spot, apparently Candy decided to add the exhaust-trumpet mod

  32. Everybody says, “who KV2?”, “what KV2”, “when KV2”, but never “”why KV2?”

  33. Candie’s other video is here, from a double video, she starts at 10:07

  34. 2:54 Yes I think we all remember when Rita learned that the hard way…

  35. KV-2 never a dull moment

  36. Jingles mentioning how the only other one to get a kill was also dead

    But there’s still someone alive with 2-3 kills (hard to tell on tiny phone screen) so uh. Jingles, are you going back to school with this online thing? 😛

  37. Look at the time its KV2o’ clock

  38. I couls swear in the results screen it said “KB”2?

  39. Dont get me wrong this guy played ok and i i allways like seeing KV-2 games but omfg this guy uses auto aim even at point blank range xD

  40. Wipe out the fascist states of murica

    One of the last reasons for me to play this shitty game is KV2

  41. F***ing KV2 again….

  42. whats so intersting about that match?

  43. again dislike, sound level

  44. back when you could fail platoon, I remember getting third place on my team in damage done, in a tier 10 match, in a KV 2. Boy was it so much fun to fail platoon in the KV 2

  45. Another enemy team throwing the match. At the moment Candy started heading back the enemy were at 21 cap points, but then suddenly they stopped capping, a few seconds later the Tog and the VK got back in the cap circle. If the VK had just stayed in the cap circle and then was joined by the Tog Candy would have lost.

  46. god damned after more than ten years jingles still cant say: 10,5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze 18 auf Geschützwagen B2(f) wich is the real name of the lefefefefe

  47. There seems to be some crackle, pop and general loss of quality from the 8 minute mark and on. Please recheck your audio recording software and equipment.

  48. Jingles Jingles! You are a playable character in a new game called Second Extinction!

    Like for Jingles to see! I promiss it is him spot on.

  49. Never enough KV-2 gameplay videos!

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