World of Tanks || Can’t Win Them All… #3

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Double dose of T7 British gameplay!

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  1. Blah Blah streaming blah :3

  2. I hope you enjoy these replays where I have tried my best but not succeeded!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  3. Is for to be somes player is for to say is mission is for to be too hard.
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  4. 34th view

  5. ilarionas avgoustou

    yes you kill all the tomatoes..nothing special on the comet game

  6. Under 301 club!

  7. Anyone else having extremely high ping in WoT after 9.6
    I mean 130-650 ping :(

  8. Jesus game one is QB and his band of tomatoes against the world.

  9. 1080p 45 fps :D

  10. Should I go down the American arty line or the German arty line? Plz help!

  11. Cant win them all. or how being in a sea of red can bring down even the
    best players ^^

  12. MeAndMrMonkey Gaming
    Need some people to help with the poll
    , Thanks 🙂
    Not asking people for views or to watch me, just want the poll done
    properly :)

  13. If you read this I love you.

  14. Which Gun should I get on the T-54, cant decide if I want performance or
    that little extra bit of penetration? what do you think

  15. Yeah man, wot is great but the teams man …. just rage and rage and
    quitrage every single day :)

  16. oh look world of noobs

  17. how come the xvm patch 9.6 files are different from the 9.5 xvm files? i
    wanna change my sixth sense icon

  18. QB! what would you recommend between the soviet t-34-85 line or the german
    panther line?

  19. Your attitude QB is exactly why I recommend people watch your vids. Instead
    of always blaming the team, even when you do exceptionally well you still
    try to figure out what you could have done better. Great video.

  20. That freudian slip at 0:51

  21. EfficiencyBestMetric

    Can never win them all – My highest XP of all time is in a loss. Its just
    one more reason why WG needs to rework their MM and RNG values.

  22. I honestly feel that your teams greatly affect your win ratio, and are the
    biggest affect on your WR. For example, yesterday I was playing in the Foch
    155, I did 9100 damage and got 9 kills and my team did a combined 3000
    damage and 2 kills, so I just got overrun by three medium tanks(two tier 9s
    and a M48 Patton) and a Maus. I’m not disagreeing with you QB, its just
    that I get these games all the time, and you have a valid point, what do
    you think?

  23. To better explain to those people that complain about the matchmaker you
    can apply the 40-40-20 rule in World of Tanks or whatever team game you
    want. For those unfamiliar here’s the gist of it: from 100%(total battles)
    subtract 40%(the number of losses you couldn’t do anything to prevent)
    subtract 40%(the number of games your team would have won regardless of
    your contribution) and your are left with 20% of games in which your impact
    determines if your team wins or looses. The better the player the more
    games he can impact but no matter how good he is the percent of games he
    can “carry” (in World of Tanks at least) is at a maximum of 30% of games

  24. Cromwell is better :P

  25. You lost the first one simply because there are so many people playing with
    absolutely no fkin idea. Thousands of battles at low 40% win rates. They’re
    a detriment to anyone unfortunate enough to be lumped with them, and after
    thousands of games it’s clear they’ll never learn a damn thing.

    Not that the speds in the tier 8 fight were any better, lol. A slow vehicle
    like the AT is very much at the mercy of its team’s stupidity: can they not
    die uselessly in the time it takes for you to get there. T95 is a nightmare
    like that. They never wait to fight with you, they just lemming off and die
    and then you’re screwed.

    As for the hordes of reds learning, it’s not as thought WG expects/wants
    them to. You almost have to believe they designed their “let’s give the
    rewards earned by the good players to all the other useless ones so they,
    too, get exp and cr despite never having done anything remotely useful” so
    that once these turds have floated to the higher tiers in the WoT septic
    tank they HAVE to spend money or go broke.

    This game has gone to hell in terms of quality over the last few years. I
    suspect the majority of good vets of the game have quit and WG’s “chase the
    lowest common denominator gamer” is bearing its inevitable, rotten fruit.
    Certainly nearly everyone I ever played with from beta has long gone.

  26. U can learn to use your tank in different ways

  27. QB is Jingles now ^^ ? He said 2559 instead of 2959 and 6897 instead of

  28. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    what’s the point in going to the southern flank on el halluf? the northern
    side’s battle will decide the outcome anyways

  29. well i think win rate has a lot to do with what tank ur in, because if you
    are in a very strong tank like the is3 then you will do better than an
    underpowered tank

  30. Teach me master!

  31. Why does it feel like I’ve seen this AT7 replay before?

  32. My tips:
    1. Learn ALL tanks weakspots.
    2. Always shoot on full aim.
    3. Watch your map 50% time of playing.

  33. what’s with the flag on QB’s Comet left turret cheek??

  34. You don’t need to platoon to get better.
    You don’t need to platoon to have a good win rate.
    You don’t need to platoon to be unicum.

    I play solo, and I’m unicum.

    Also, players who think you can’t do anything or can only do very little to
    increase your win rate against the BS MM are just scrubs making excuses for
    their crap skill.

    Tips to get better:
    1)Stop being stupid.
    2) Analyze every moment of your gameplay and try to find where you probably
    went wrong and just make sure you don’t do it again… Yes, it’s that

  35. Granted that there are numerous scenarios that only superficially appear
    unwinnable, but the fact of the matter is that there are also situations
    that are literally unwinnable due to factors outside your control. So what
    does this really mean? Ultimately, there will come times when the loss
    really is RNG’s fault, or a teammate’s fault, et cetera. When these
    situations arise, what is the reasonable reaction to them?

  36. The Comet game – you’ve basically showcased the main problem of El Haluf.
    I’ve had similar defeats multiple times. The problem is that the
    northwestern part of the map is too important. Whatever you do on the other
    parts of the map rarely matters. A group of 20 tanks goes northwest to slug
    it out and that’s all that matters on this map. The team that wins the
    corner mostly wins the game (i.e. bigger lemming train on the NW wins).
    I’ve had many games where I’ve basically soloed the entirety of enemy
    campers, and still lost because I couldn’t return back to defend the base
    after my team lost the corner battle.
    Not to mention that when you go down into the valley, you can easily get
    locked down by an enemy medium tank who had a similar plan as you. Or some
    camper TD who refuses to stop pointing his gun at the rock you’re hiding

    Btw., Ensk is 360000 m^2, not 600 m^2 :)

  37. i know why you couldnt win this game quicky , for unfair gaming like
    tracking the enemy on purpose must be punished hard , thats only a Coward
    way of winning and no skill in my opinion

  38. Hmpf, can’t watch your livestream from mobile but atleast i can watch this

  39. great job you never in any way could have won those 2 games but your best
    into it and that’s all that matters in that game lol.
    also I have an AMX50 B I have the tank but I would to see a few people
    doing well in it so I can get a better understanding of the tank


  40. I made the 666th like

  41. da majestic eagle /hawkeye

    SHIT man you are really fricken good at wot ;)

  42. I think your tactical decision to attack the other side rather than support
    the corner was a poor decision with such a poor team compared to the other
    team. Ordinarily it would be a good decision but with such poor players on
    your team you could have turned the tide on the corner and won the battle.

  43. 12:40 several shots go through the fence without destroying it.. mapbug ; )

  44. How’s your Blitz account going can we have a update?

  45. +QuickyBabyTV Are you ever going to do a review / battle in World of Tanks
    Blitz? THANKS :D

  46. why is the AT 7 tier 7 and the AT 8 tier 6,can someone explain?

  47. the second game would not be possible without tomatos because everyone else
    knows where to shoot a at7

  48. remember your win rate is over all your games. keep in mind of how you have
    been playing lately and check out the win rate on your newest tanks
    compared to the old ones to see how you have progresses as a player. keep
    motivated and play hard!

  49. if you get a “battle hero” medal like “top gun” you will get as much xp as
    if you whould have won

  50. I say watch good players, learn new stuff. For example tracking enemies
    makes huge difference. Also analyze your own replays. Especially for
    positioning and map awareness. Were you in the right spot ? Did you change
    location in time ? What could have you done better ?
    Problem is that people mostly play the same way all the time. You won’t
    change like that.

  51. That constant factor crap is a line of bs.

  52. I sold my at7 because i get at15 nyt at7 was epic and i got many good games
    whit it

  53. Nice MM. T7 Car in tier 7 game…
    Or someone was just cheating?

  54. lol t7 car in the first game teir 2 in a teir 7 game derp platoon 

  55. Is it me or he really said “If we didn’t repair we would dead”
    Sorry to bother with this just I was thinking that am I the deaf one to
    hear such things or not…
    Whatever the case, love you QB great vid as always stay cool and keep up
    the nice work (both the streaming and these vids) 🙂 Learnt a lot while
    wwatching them and you and a couple of other youtubers and streamers keep
    me playing this game (E.g.:Jingles,Circon,Ike,SirFoch,PointyHairedJedi…)
    I wish you the best and I will support you however I can :)

  56. Very nice should i buy prot ?

  57. last battle i kill quicky :)))))))))))))))))

  58. hindsight is 20/20

  59. i got 2 marks on my comet, i need about 4% to get the thirdmark but the
    teams that have been on this past weak kills me, im not saying the team are
    incompetent but when its me vs 7-9 tanks, im just like guys im neither QB
    nor and i circonflexes lol

  60. Dear Quicky;

    I completely agree with everything you say here; about attitude, self
    criticism rather that blaming the team (which happens every game and
    usually the whining comes from a loser who is dead, has no skills but think
    they are Napoleon) as wel as the idea of learning to do the most even when
    losing but I do NOT agree with your comment about win /loss.

    Yes if you have your level of skill and can carry games then yes maybe for
    the few but my win rates have NO relationship to either my tanks or my
    level of input and I imagine that is the case for most of us.. As this game
    itself shows you can do great and lose or you can be terrible and the team
    win any way.

    I have some tanks with ace markings who have the worst win /lose rates and
    yet the best damage and kills ratios. These are the statistics that matter
    and they DO correspond with one’s success and failure as they directly
    relate to the results. With win rate you are merely 1/15 of the effort
    involved. With the reality of luck spread the fact is we do not ALL have
    average luck.

    This is poor logic. And the relationships between doing well or badly in a
    tank has NO relationship to my play. I usually get more kills and better
    results when the team lose (maybe I fight better under pressure; who
    knows?) and I am NOT a camper but die from too much aggression rather than

    To use statistic to compare the real deal is to take the kill/Death ratio
    add it to the Damage ratio and divide by 2. This gives what I call the
    combat efficiency rating which DOES directly measure the effectiveness of
    tanks vs tanks (to analyse the tanks that oneself does best in) as a player
    and player vs Player.

    These 2 numbers include both the team perspective (damage ratio; you cause
    more dam than receive = helping team win not lose) combined with the
    personal issue of surviving vs killing. Together this gives you a biased
    balanced view of the tanks effectiveness in your hands as a whole and does
    so directly without reaching for the vague and indirect meaning of averages
    over long periods.

    When I am consistantly great enough (like you QB) to be able to single
    handedly and consistently win games for the team by myself then may be you
    will be right and I will start looking at the win/rate!

  61. There is a simple theory to demonstrate why your winrate is only affected
    by you : if you say you have a low ratio because you have bad players in
    your team thats stupid, if you consider yourself as a normal or good
    player, then you will have 14 possibly retarded guys in your team and 15 in
    the enemy team -> so you should be able to win and get a better winrate

  62. Note no churchie vids. Because the entire fucking churchie line is
    bullshit. Med gun on a heavy, slow, relatively immobile tank with shit
    armour on all of then except the BP. Fucking fake russki devs.

  63. I have curently found the T29 with the 105mm has increased from 45.90% to
    46.45% because with that gun and that DPM can make a difference BUT,BEWARE

  64. Dumb qb, look up the superjumbo in tankviewer. The very lower part is the
    only part where you can bounce. The lower hull is 139mm rounded, the upper
    plate is 150mm eff. Armor at best angle :-)

  65. Hey QuickyBaby I had a very similiar match in my IS where i almost carried
    my team but the enemy team was just that good,
    I uploaded it to your replay site. Its name is IS Topgun Heart Break :(

  66. Quickybaby a quick question. How much did you like the cromwell? Would you
    say it’s a good tank for its tier?

  67. William The William

    in the first tank’s post game stats was he burping the whole time?

  68. I don’t know if it is coincidence or the fact i am no longer playing on a
    5fps laptop since i built a computer capable of playing WOT at around 35fps
    but my stats have been slowly going up, however i find it hard to improve
    dramatically. So i am not sure if i am improving or if the vehicles i am
    now driving allow more damage etc and thats what boosts my stats. I feel
    like i try being the good guy and if only 2 people go down that flank i
    will try to support but in wrong machines, would i do better just going
    where i think i will do best or keep trying to do the best for the team?

  69. I wish they would just remove all the stats like wn8 and efficiency ratings
    all they do is cause your team to expect you to carry them if you have good
    stats or the people with good stats just shit on people with lower stats

  70. My tips for getting up ur W/R are: Platoon Up with a mate of ur clan or
    something ( which isn’t a donkey ) or play the type of tank u are good at.
    for example: I am very stronk at playing TDs and LTs so i play them more
    often than my HTs and mediums to get my WN8 and W/R higher… did u notice
    i didnt say SPG? yes? good boy.SPGS ARE FOR TOTAL RETARDS WHO FIRE AT LIGHT

  71. QB why don’t you play Cromwell? Why Comet is better?

  72. Lower plate on the E2 is stronger than the upper.

  73. Platoons ruin the MM. The enemy always gets a top tier platoons, my team
    gets a bottom tier platoon. Not fair at all.

  74. Another very professional video, really entertaining. 

  75. Shoot an e2 i the top of the hull not the lower glasis

  76. u should name this: “can’t play in higher tier then 7” – much more accurate

  77. Are you from Belarus???

  78. winrate isnt rng, here it is explained with math:

    your contribution in the game is X
    and the contribution of your team is random (RAN)
    and the outcoming answer is your winrate (Win%)

    it makes the following formula: X * RAN = Win%
    it basicly says: if your X is always very high, you have a higher chance of
    getting a higher win%, because you dont really need a high RAN.

    but ofcourse there is the thing that some days RAN isnt very high, so you
    will have a bigger chance of losing games, and some days its much higher.
    but X is always a constant, because its YOU playing, RAN is in every game
    something else. your winrate is (almost) ALWAYS UP TO YOU! :)

  79. When i started to play wot i had no idea of the game and how it works (also
    playing with a ping around 300-500 and frames of 10-15). But i had fun
    playing it with my friends. There i was a dark red noob. When i bought a
    new laptop i could play in good quality. Ive started getting interested in
    improving my skills when i was about 1,5k battles. Now im on 7k and my wn8
    increased from 300 to 1160 in this time. My wn8 for the last 300 battles is
    over 2000. My winrate goes up from 46% to 52%. Most time playing alone in
    randoms. Watching you play QB and many other good player and working on my
    skills made it possible and i have still to learn much about wot. I dont
    call tomatos noobs. I know how good i was when i started playing. But ive
    there are guys with 10k or more battles they are no beginners. And i have
    no idea how its posdible to have wn under 500 then. That are the real noobs
    of the game. My highlight was a guy with 8k battles and wn8 of 1!

  80. Hi what td line should i go down?

  81. Friends… enemies… it’s not much of a difference in WoT really :P

  82. in my opinion, the only way to improve your WR is to try your best and
    focus on the game at hand, also, you can secure a win by capping so take
    your opportunitys

  83. If you spawn on the north you`’ll win the map easy 

  84. Does anybody else think the Valentine is really ops for tier 5

  85. Nearly 6K damage in the AT 7… dayum… I mean I loved my AT 7, but I
    never did anything like that. It was actually the firs tank I earned an MoE
    on, and I did well in it, but now I tend to play my AT 15A more, and I sold
    the AT 7 since I already have a Tort and Death Star with crews. The AT 15A
    doesn’t have the punch or dpm of the 7, but its even better armor and
    superior gun arc and depression make it a little more flexible, and over
    all I do better in that. I like the Nuffield TDs (except for the AT 8), but
    especially the AT 7, AT 15A, the 15, and the Tort, because they can all
    pull those aim around corner and permatrack/kill shenanigans. I made a
    Tiger II rage in my 15A just last week when I caught his front drive wheel
    as it poked the corner, anngled my tank, held the aim over the wheel and
    just held down the left mouse button until candy came out. He was
    PIIIISSSED. Couldn’t effectively hurt me since all he saw of my armor was
    228mm of sharply angled British steel. Did similar things with the 7, only
    just having the gun and that bit or armor protruding. That armor couldn’t
    stop everything that way, but when you picked your opportunities, it was
    hilarious. Great vids.

  86. If someone was interested in improving their statistics and WINNING MORE
    GAMES they need to do two things:
    1: Learn what successful players are doing by watching videos by QB and
    Jingles I learned SO MUCH that the game does not take the time to teach.
    2: Analyze the tanks that you use and play based on your play style.
    If you love to dive in and get messy on the front lines, play a heavy tank
    and learn heavy tank techniques. If you like the glass cannon approach,
    there are TD’s that fit that style. If you like using your brain and
    outsmarting enemies, Meds and Lights require a good deal of thought and
    Figure out what your gameplay style is and choose your tank accordingly.

  87. you did not go for the cap, rule nr one 🙁 the first one was a shame tho!
    gg, and love your vids :)

  88. Bican Marian Valeriu

    37 is ok…i get 20% all f**** day :(

  89. QuickyBaby is being humble he was clearly playing the first match by him
    self lol!

  90. Wish you seen my heartbreak 8k dmg and a loss

  91. Hey QB! Everything you said at the beginning of the first battle of course
    makes sense. Apart from saying the Comet is not viable in that setup in the
    north. It very much is. And I also feel it would have won you the battle
    considering what a great player you are. You can basically drive to that
    neat ridge in the north, be arty safe, and poke with your superior gun
    depression and sling shot after shot into all the heavies and mediums that
    go there to brawl. With low risk. As long as your team is engaged you get
    shots out. If people focus on you (and they tend to do it at times) they
    make a crucial mistake and your team can get damage in that normally
    wouldn’t happen. Did that many times on all tiers and it works great.

    You are in the heat of the battle for most of the time, still in charge of
    the engagement. That way you could always fall back to the base, defend,
    get more shots in. Pretty flexible.

    Your strategy could have worked too but was pretty much a one way ticket.
    Also, you could have anticipated that your team would probably lose the
    north without serious damage output there. Your chance was to cap and cap
    alone. So I would not recommend that. 

  92. didnt QB upload this before? i swear ive seen this video already on his
    channel. perhaps its called something else? or am i just having a huge
    deja-vu feeling? or perhaps im crazy if not a fortune teller and for saw
    this video at least a month in advance.

  93. How do you get those stripes at the barrel of the tank

  94. ive always believed that about win ratio, ALL my tanks are above 50% since
    about 10k battles, most well above, however my conqueror is at 41% (avg win
    rate 53%) I just seem to end up on the wrong side every single damn time.
    I was like ok well its just that this tank is so bad stock, now its fully
    kitted still doing 3k dmg per game roughly but still losing like crazy

  95. I personally think you should’ve backed up in the AT8 while engaging the
    T-44, which would’ve caused the JPanther II to have to move up and have to
    engage you from the front, while your friendly KV-5 coulda helped you. Keep
    in mind that’s just what I would’ve done :p

  96. Played 6 matches in my comet yesterday… All six tier 9 matches, come on
    WG, what’s the point in fighting E 75s in a comet .-.

  97. allmynickhvbeentaken

    I see Command and Conquer Red Alert on your desktop….great game, even
    greater soundtrack~!

  98. Couple days ago played in a tier 7 match in my T25AT on Prokhorovka. I did
    4.7k dmg and the next person on my team did only 772…I killed 5 of the
    enemies but there were still 4 to go. Could have prolly continued, lost
    most of my HP to an IS early on (he was alone and it was me, an IS, and a
    T43 could have bullied him NOPE. Didn’t realize my 2 allies next to me were
    gonna just sit there and wait for me to kill him).

  99. i want to c u hard core rage, u make it look 2 easy

  100. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    At roughly 1:40, I gotta admit, if that was me, I would have just taken
    hull shots for damage rather than tracking. The guy probably would have
    gotten away alive, but I don’t trust the average pubbie to take that guy
    out while I track him. But hey, that’s just me.

  101. how to get those british voices?

  102. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings


  103. QB the second game was awesome! 

  104. Sorry quicky but you are wrong, go watch 10 of your replays that are wins
    and try to tell me your team did not do at least a half decent job in 9/10
    of those replays.
    It is all luck, heck lately i have had a 70-80% wr in my e100, i am not
    playing it any different than i played it 2 months ago at 500 battles and
    51% wr, i have just had 200 battles where luck was in my favour.

  105. of course:p the comet in a desert map again :p:p

  106. defender medals…. honestly I expected more of you

  107. defender medals…. honestly I expected more of you

  108. QuickyBaby what programm you using in 10:13 ??

  109. awesome


  110. If you want to increase your winratio just play platoons lol. its obvious.

  111. So many bots so less reports :(

  112. Maniakowski Trolows

    Check out this awesome guide->
    with this tutorial *i just added 100$ for free on my steam account*

  113. “6897 damage, five kills…” (scoreboard says 5897)

    You did well, but not that well :P

  114. The AT7 was definetley the highlight of my expeirience with that line, its
    so awesome

  115. just incredible how good you are, especially in the comet/cromwell and the
    other quick and agile lights and mediums. keep up the great work, really
    enjoy watching your stream mate!

  116. Wouldn’t the AT 7 be bad at going around the left side of a building (left,
    respective to it facing the building)?

  117. just fire more gold

  118. Hey qb, it is completely bullshit that your winrate is completely up to
    you. Nobody can win a 1 vs 15 situation. Everybody is dependent of their
    team. So winrate isnt the best indicator of how skilled somebody is.

  119. Ah, yes the AT-line…I hate this tanks with passion, useless xp-pinatas.
    Do not get me wrong, you can get such games like shown in the video, but
    they are definitely the exception. Over 90 % of my games in the AT 7 were
    absolutely crap. This tank is just too slow to get in positions. It always
    went this way for me: Match started, my team rushed forward to either get
    obliterated before I get there or they just dominated the entire enemy
    team. And I was lurking behind them, with the impressive top speed of 20
    km/h, desperately trying to do damage. In the end, I just gave up the
    entire TD line. The amount of maps where you can effectively use this thing
    is just atrouciously low and so is the fun while playing these.

  120. I think that your performance and wr mostly depends on:
    1. knowing where to drive the tank you are in after the game starts..
    Having the right position is the biggest game decider in my experience.
    Also gives you decent result even if tomato red river dies on the side of
    the map before you can make some difference.
    2. Drive the tanks that can make the difference and are special in some
    (positive) way..most importantly you need speed to be able to race where
    you are needed.

    This “you are the only constant” is only partially right…its just not
    possible to carry in some tanks cause they are too team dependent…

  121. Jeremy Hans Patrick

    At 4:22 the 59-16 popt up and you looked the other way, if you turnt your
    turret at the moment the 59-16 popt up you could’ve killt him faster, which
    maybe is one of the reasons your team lost. WP quickybaby! 

  122. Most of the players in your team let you down, It’s down to the MM

  123. With the stats system being unreliable, why say a 37% chance win game is a
    ‘drama’ and/or not very likely win. Games of that % win chance are
    perfectly winnable.

    Just you can’t win them all. Be happy with that and hf :)

  124. You had T7 car on your team

  125. #QuickyBabyTV i have a link from my kv 3 6 kills

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