World of Tanks || Can’t Win Them All #4

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing in the Czechoslovakian medium tank the Skoda T 50 realise that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t win them all…

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of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. tunnel vision baby :O?!?!?!

  2. After i watch u’r videos, i always jump into WoT with so much confidence.
    After 2 min of gameplay, i realize that my skill is , well … not enough

  3. kratos killsyou69er

    1:05 “goodnight sweet heart” XD 11:22 dat face when u cum

  4. Jonas Schoustrup-Thomsen

    Very informative video with good points. Keep up the good work QB I realy
    like the Can´t win thme all serie

  5. Holger Breidscheid

    This video shows again, how autstanding ( to avoid the word overpowered)
    autoloader are. Sure, they have a long reload, but nearly 1000 damage in
    less then 5 secs? We don’t need more of this tanks. in this period, I’m not
    able to reload my T-54 or any tier 9 tanks wthout magazin. You doing nohing
    wrong, but if you meet an autoloader, you are dead, or you loese 50% of
    your HP within 5 secs and you can finish your battle in the 3rd row.


    if you have time could you at least review the tiger 2 it’s the only tank
    that you did not review

  7. How are those top two vehicles fair

  8. I didn’t know you could pen a jagdtiger frontally while shooting his track
    and immobilising him :O

  9. It’s hard to hear you over your shirt.

  10. One of the best tanks in the game tier for tier = As good as the Cromwell
    B, T29 and the Conqueror in their tier.

    I don’t have one of these yet, but it seems to butter through 2/3 of my
    KV-4’s hp without a problem, and it reloads really fast.

  11. I wonder when your Object 260 Video will come. I thought you got it

  12. What about the players on the Asia server

  13. I cant win even though I take 7000+ damage on my Obj 140

  14. I like to call these ‘I can’t raise this baby alone’ games hehe!

  15. I have them all!

  16. They are awesome

  17. awesome shirt!

  18. quickybaby needs to use more gold and premium shells. Stop saving money,
    you get enough gold and are rich enough to afford premium rounds.

  19. Satanam Daemonicis

    Stop talking about the T110E5 being a great tank now, I don’t want WG to
    nerf it again. lol

  20. working on getting this tank. love my T54E1
    , never got rid of it after getting my T57, makes me want this tank even
    more. on the T 34/100 and I hate the tank. but is what it is I guess.

  21. It makes sense to me that the TD’s went back when the arty were attacked.
    TD are usually the first to turn around when that happens from what I have
    seen. Their usually not in time to save the arty. But it often means they
    can catch off guard the tank that was hunting the arty.

  22. Love your videos QuickyBaby, been improving massively since I started
    watching them. I hit a milestone today: I convinced somebody that I was
    cheating, as I destroyed a full-health VK. 36.01 (H) in my T-34-85 at 57
    health in close-quarters combat. He was a terrible shot…

  23. I have been grinding up the line. I think I am at teir…6? I would have to
    check. Anyway, so far every tank has been either mediocre, or not very
    good. The top teir ones look good from what I can see, but everything
    leading too them is at best, not all that good.

  24. This is me every game, I swear I do everything sometimes and still lose.

  25. what brand of laptop you quickybaby?

  26. I like the commentary on this video, it helps a player like me who’s
    learning the game. It’s good to hear how you evaluate situations as they
    are evolving.

  27. awesome vid love your channel, I play the on the X 0ne and Xbox 360.

  28. I farted so bad :(

  29. I like the kind of more in depth commentary/discussion of your actions in
    game as they are happening. One thing I might ask though is if you would
    consider doing it for other players. Explain what they could have done
    different, whether better or worse, and evaluate why a game became a loss,
    and what could have been different to make it a win.

  30. It’s really wierd to hear my language in your videos. 😀 (I’m from Czech
    Republic… Just in case somebody didn’t get it)

  31. you get a 3 shot autoloader at tier6, so by the time you get to tier9 you
    should be pretty good with the skoda’s.

  32. When shooting at the E75 got server lagged by about 100ms and also RNG to
    the right but server reticle? Also shouldn’t have shot so panicked :S

  33. Alexander Krikorian

    well the tier 9 czech tank is so much better than the lorr, which makes me

  34. what do u think about million complaints in general WoT chats about
    manipulated MM( balance)??

  35. I would love to see the stats on Assault for Seigfried Line. If attacking,
    I wonder what the % win rate would be. 15%? Maybe?

  36. nice try but good

  37. I dont usually comment, but i’d like to say that your videos are always top
    quality and you have a gift for smooth and informative commentary. Keep up
    the good work!

  38. can’t win them al
    agree but u could win that last one whit better shooting/driving and
    watching the map

  39. That Sheldon laugh at your own joke. 15.50 ish.

  40. Im at tier 5 now, its been a ok grind so far.
    at the moment the Tier 9 seams a bit to powerfull, but it can be as you say
    that its mostly only the really good players that got them yet, and that is
    the reason. But time will show :)

  41. quicky you should do an is8 review

  42. Qb nice commentary

  43. Nightwish “Tutorials” Gameplay

    Soon im gonna hit your replay site with my Type 62 gameplay (if i hopefully
    get a good game in it) :)

  44. Have seen this battle live on stream, yey

  45. Thanks for your Stream they are awesome !

  46. where is a new video of the 300K

  47. Watches video, ad after is of War Thunder. Lol

  48. I can’t believe I did not win the give away

  49. I think somethings have changed in the game recenly. I was Ok with my
    matches but in my last 200 one, i started to make it terrible because of
    teams. Instantly majority of my team dies and…Its not always possible to
    carry 13 vs 1 situtations.. This is so frequent these days..

  50. yes I want to see more battles like this

  51. where can I get world of tanks codes?

  52. 15:20 how can this be a bad play from u? Every normal player would think
    that they camp on the hill or at least go for the cap.. not come back in
    they’r base, lol… but at the end.. u can expect everything from 45% (red)

  53. oh! again this shirt. how can i buy one or something like this? any link?

  54. an allie kill me for the “fun” rip my 2nd mark in t49 :(

  55. I enjoyed this video it really helps me to improve my game play when I get
    some others opions on there play style and what kind of options they have
    and decide to take

  56. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    How did you only fire 20 shots, with 20 hitting and 20 penetrating, when
    you missed and bounced several shots in the second replay?

  57. In the first one you just had, as foch might say, a potato team XD

  58. SuperPershingProductions

    nerf nerf nerf nerf

  59. Geometry Dash Warrek

    More videos like this please! 🙂 It really helps with situational awareness
    in battles (at least for me it helps).

  60. Shooting arty’s with heat is expensive…..

  61. Did you think I should go on t-150 line m6 line or IS line pls give me un
    answer :)

  62. QuckyBaby what is better leopard pta or the new chekaslovakian tier 9?

  63. QB gets rekt, we don’t see that often :)

  64. That´s a pitty! Yesterday i had a game in my Marder 2 picking up 8 kills
    but my team only added 2! I lost a 1v7 in the end!

  65. Am i the only one who see moon in the middle of the movie?

  66. Pierre Wot Player (striken60)

    BC25t or Skoda t50-51 ?

  67. Me and my bro were in a platoon i was in a tier 4 and he was in a tier 2 we
    ended up in a tier 7 game…… explain pls?

  68. Love this series, good work.

  69. the audio needs to be way louder

  70. what haappened to a daily vids

  71. There’s no difference if you win or lose in a match, as long as it’s
    exciting and you explain exactly what you think happened.

  72. Yeah, there is no power creep in this game at all. Balance team does its
    job perfectly.

  73. QB, what do you think about 4100 dmg in a m41 bulldog? I have send a replay
    to your tank replays site, i hope you check it out.

  74. The tier 9 and 10 are beast indeed but i also think that the tier 6 is
    beast too in the right hands!!

  75. The tier 9 and 10 are beast indeed but i also think that the tier 6 is
    beast too in the right hands!!

  76. Dear QB, at @3:52- – that is not a tier 9 self propelled gun….it is a
    tier 9 cancer…stop being politically correct for some few more viewers
    that enjoy playing cancer…

  77. You a great youtuber keep doing what you doing QuickyBaby.

  78. Dat face when you missed the E75 xD

  79. QuickyBaby. Another little tidbit I noticed in your game that you may have
    not noticed while doing your replay. Just before the tank destroyers became
    unspotted, for half a second you could see the tank destroyers making their
    way down the hill at 12:47. So close to victory and love the channel!

  80. The armor is just shit

  81. Could you do a guide or something for the m46 patton? finding it quite hard
    to use since the top gun has so low penetration. Every time i drive in it i
    just wonder why i didn’t drive my centurion since it feels better in every

  82. Yes.. Can’ t win them all…
    I play Blitz and platoon in my is 8 with a friend in e75… since we
    platoon, we lost 2 of 20 games. And some you just can’t carry…

  83. 301 club

  84. Play war thunder

  85. There is always hope…

  86. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Skoda is a bit overpowered at the moment, I wonder when they will rebalance
    it out….then again they still haven’t do anything towards the Centurion
    AX and it’s definitely one of the more powerful mediums at the moment.

  87. lol that t54E1 had a stock gun which has 5 rounds of 90 mm, not a 4 round
    with 105 mm

  88. I really wish QB didn’t spoil the ending in the title. Really ruins the
    replay for me knowing that the player is going to lose.

  89. I love Czehoslovakian tanks …. When im playing Arty !!! :-P

  90. I noticed that on my second match ;)

  91. jesus that’s some t-shirt must have got it for Christmas.

  92. QB do a meetup in SWEDEN PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  93. felix scott-copeland

    What sort of moron would dislike this quality video?! Jeez. These vids are
    the crème de la crème of wot.

  94. This tank is going to be nerfed along with the tier 10 one. I’d get it but
    it’s not worth the grind considering the incoming nerf.

  95. i see a test tank in the battle he caled pz 38 mutz

  96. Mr. spritzig spritzig


  97. You must think like a orange players when whey are against you 🙂 they
    follow you on 1 line

  98. QB loves the OP autoloader tank? Color me surprised.

  99. could you do another “good guy” video ?

  100. I see Pep’ reminded you to upload the video.

  101. I was just watching the stream.

  102. 3400 damage done in 5 minutes i never even reached 3400 damaged in any
    amount of minutes

  103. I’m early. Time for a joke.


  104. Skoda T50 is so awsome….

  105. Ooooooh I saw this game during your live stream!!!!!

  106. could you do the “Being the Good guy” series again,they where really
    nice… :)

  107. 95th like !

  108. 11th

  109. do you really think arty is fair, when you can’t shoot back at it, and when
    it oneshots you? why did you say that?

  110. Flaming Arrow Gaming

    4 min. ago!

  111. I’m early so I’ll tell a joke.

    The Conway’s turret

  112. Wow I’m watching this after 3 minutes u upload. and I’m eleventh

  113. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wanted to be the first one :/

  114. when you thinkyour first but get hit hard when you scroll down

  115. nice video qb

  116. What do you think of the new Czechoslovakian Tanks now we have had them for
    a couple of months?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with a huge giveaway inc Type 59, Type 62 and
    Cromwell Berlins!

  117. 9th :D

  118. yay !! new vid :))

  119. First! Kappa

  120. Furst

  121. First like :D

  122. Frist

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